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Watch Zameer Kassam Put Your Story Into A Ring

The Process: Before

If you’re on this site, you know this one awful fact: “thinking about getting engaged is one of the most overwhelming feelings.”

These words come from Ryan, one smart dude that went to Zameer Kassam Fine Jewelry to make that “overwhelming feeling” into something not only manageable — but fun.

He met Kealan, his now-wife, at a party at Providence College eight years ago. After years of a long-distance relationship, the two finally moved together to New York City. After a year, Ryan just couldn’t wait any longer.

But the process of finding a ring — as we all know — is frustrating as all hell.

Ryan was asking himself, “Who do I trust to make this special? What do I get her? I couldn’t decide on anything.”

And here is where Zameer Kassam comes to the rescue. (Guy needs like a superhero cape, I swear.) Because he completely understands the ridiculous wringer dudes gotta go through to get that special piece of jewelry.

Listen up here, my man, keyword is special.

Zameer is on point when he says that guys who are about to propose are “madly in love, and they walk into the store and every single one of those rings looks exactly the same! An incredibly personal, intimate moment is celebrated with a ring that 5,000 other men have!”

Alright, read those words and think about this logically: your girl is special, what you got with her is special, and that ring should be just as unique.

So Ryan met up with Zameer following a reference from a colleague. And it all went up hill from there.

The Process: During

We would say that the process of creating the ring is easy as cake. But knowing you, making cake is probably more difficult than this.

After meeting with Zameer,” says Ryan, “I felt comfort instead of this intense dread. I was actually excited about this.”

That’s because Zameer’s team is working with you during the whole ring design and creation process.

Ryan went through all the steps that every Zameer client goes through:

1. A sit down with Zameer and a gemologist for a free “diamond tutorial.” (Ryan found this helpful and no doubt you will too. Like honestly bro, how much do you know about diamonds?)

2. Meeting with Zameer and a Storyteller. Okay, pay close attention here: this is essential to the awesome (and dare we say the dreaded word?) intimate final product. But don’t sweat it. Storytelling isn’t like you sitting there and giving a whole fairy-tale rundown of your relationship. It’s just you chillin’ with Zameer and talking about the girl you want to marry. Key parts of the ring design will come from even the smallest things you stumble upon during this conversation.

3. Meet with a designer and a Storyteller, who map out the design right in front of you. Parts of your relationship turn into meanings hidden in gemstones, carvings, codes, and symbols within the ring itself. Yeah, that’s some Lord of the Rings shit.

4. Then it goes into the hands of master artistes who sculpt your ring to perfection.

Total elapsed time from beginning to end of ring creation: 1-3 months.

Total amount of time you actually need to be there: a few hours, max.

We did the math for you: that’s probably the same amount of time you’d spend pulling your hair out in a jewelry store where all the rings look the same.

The Ring: Decoded

The Proposal

For all you dudes out there about to propose, you know Ryan got it right when he says, “One of the hardest things in the world is, after having the engagement ring, to just have it sit there in your pocket.”

He had it all planned out, and even though Kealan wasn’t feeling well that day, Ryan was so antsy that he finally convinced her to “get some fresh air.”

Of course she didn’t suspect a thing — and, Ryan says, it was probably one of the only times he was able to surprise her.

He proposed to her on a spring day in Central Park, a true NYC proposal.

Naturally, the adrenaline was too great for her to really notice the ring at first. But then she sat down on a park bench and really looked at it.

She understood what it all meant,” says Ryan. “She understood how special it was too, that I took the time to do that and to show her I knew her so well.”

One Year Later: What It All Means

Kealan and Ryan married in a Catholic ceremony in Providence, Rhode Island last summer, near where they met eight years ago. The Zameer ring was on her finger when she said, “I do.”

At the end of it all, the ring is “much more about how he feels about her,” says Zameer. “Their story is all in the ring: when he thinks about their song, about going to church together, about the river. It’s all emotion.”

And if you know one thing by now, it’s that your chick loves emotion.

She will want to wear it forever,” says Zameer. “And so will your kids, and grandkids. It’s a story to be told forever.

So yeah, you can buy a ring in a jewelry store like any other ole guy. Or you can give your girl, your forever-girl, a ring that holds your story for her, and your future-family, to keep forever.

About Zameer Kassam Fine Jewelry: Zameer began his work with jewelry and gemstones working at a family jewelry business in Vancouver. From an early age, he saw how frustrating the ring industry is for guys. He always saw them wandering around, asking “What am I looking for? What makes her happy?” And Zameer knew that picking out of a showcase … Well, that wasn’t anything special or meaningful; and it made the whole process even more stressful.

The goal of Zameer Kassam Fine Jewelry is to create a unique, meaningful, personal piece of jewelry that can be worn forever; using a process that is fun and simple. Zameer’s purpose, and the purpose of everyone he works with, is to create a wearable, intimate story that your special someone will love. “We culminate your story in a discreet, classic way,” says Zameer. “We create rings that we know stand the test of time.”

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