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The Rock: Real Ring Stories | Tessa and Rob: A Touch of Whimsy

Smooth Sailing

Hospital pharmacist Rob met wedding industry executive Tessa when the two were both still students at Northeastern University. “We vaguely knew each other,” says Rob “and everything progressed organically.”

“We stayed together through a lot of more legitimately stressful times–moving apartments, finishing up school, launching our careers.”

“There are a lot of quirky things you discover about someone when you live with them for a decent amount of time,” says Rob. “Most of them just end up becoming normal, and you appreciate them and, eventually, you realize that’s part of the reason you’re with them. Both Tessa and I love to joke, and poke fun at each other from time to time. It can be brutal, but it’s always endearing.”

Leave It to the Professional

When it came time to pick an engagement ring, Rob knew to leave it to the professional–in this case Tessa, who was already part of the wedding industry. She saw a ring that she felt perfectly represented their engagement and future together. “I fell in love with it, and basically just told him that was the one to get,” says Tessa.

“I wanted her to have something she would always love (hopefully myself included), and as she had found it already, I didn’t see a reason to deviate,” says Rob.  “It seems quite common now that both parties are involved in choosing the ring.”

“In a way, what seems to me most thoughtful about it is that he respected what I wanted and didn’t throw a Hail Mary for the ring,” says Tessa. “ There’s nothing wrong with that.  When someone in the relationship finds something that they think fits and represents them, that’s what they should get, whether it’s modern and flashy, or unique and unconventional.”

The Ring: Decoded

Perhaps the ring’s biggest selling point is that it is literally one-of-a-kind.

The Proposal

“Well, since Tessa knew what ring she wanted, I figured the proposal should at least be a surprise,” says Rob.  “She kind of knew I was going to get that ring–because it was one of a kind and I didn’t want to risk it being bought by someone else. But she didn’t know when I was going to propose.”

Rob didn’t go for any big stunt presentation, though. “I figured I would surprise her after work, in our new apartment, just the two of us. I got down on one knee. We had recently moved to New York, and having that personal moment, in a new place, with a new chapter of our lives about to start–that felt pretty symbolic.”

Tessa’s reaction? “I was just so happy to actually have it on my hand. After the fact, we found out that it had been featured on various wedding websites, so I’m glad he got it before someone else did. Guys, listen to your ladies!”

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