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The Rock: Real Ring Stories | Jason and Sally: A Rare Rock for Romance

Surprise Her or Get It Right?

When considering his proposal, one of the first questions a groom has to ask is: do I choose a ring myself, or do I get her help picking it out?

For entrepreneur Jason, it wasn’t much of a dilemma. “It was pretty obvious we were going to get married,” he says “We had already talked about it, so that kind of negated the surprise elements anyway. I knew that Sally had a very particular tastes about certain things, and it was such a big purchase I didn’t want to take the risk of getting it wrong.”

Pink Stone In Sight, Fiancées Delight

Jason–who founded his own food delivery app called bringmethat.com–met Sally–who founded her own international telemedicine startup called Docflight.com–a few years after both attended Harvard, when mutual friends set them up. Things moved fast. “Normally, you wait a week or so before going on another date but we very quickly went on a second and third date.“

A year and a half later, Jason was ready to propose, but he needed to figure out the ring first. “Sally was pretty transparent about the type of ring she wanted, which is why we ultimately went with a pink diamond. I’m glad that I asked her, because I never would’ve guessed that myself. I didn’t even know that pink diamonds existed.”

Until fairly recently, pink diamonds were for serious (and seriously wealthy) collectors only. While naturally occurring pink diamonds have occasionally been found in Brazil, Russia and South Africa, the vast majority come from one place: the famous Argyle Mine in Australia.

As anyone with a basic knowledge of economics will tell you, when supply is low, demand is high. “It’s not only people getting engagement rings who are looking for them,” says Jason, “but serious speculators buying them up as investments.”

The rareness of the diamonds dictated how picky they could get. “It’s not like with white diamonds, where you can pull all these different levers and a dealer can give you exactly what you want. We had to talk to a lot of jewelers, and even then they couldn’t always give us exactly what we were looking for. Still, we feel really lucky to have gotten the stone we did. ”

Color Over Clarity

When it comes to color diamonds, the depth and richness of the hue is more prized than clarity. The intensity, along with the carat weight, is what determines a color diamond’s value.

“Given our budget,” says Jason, “we wanted as much color as possible– which meant that we had to sacrifice some other things. We had to sacrifice size a little bit, and clarity.”

“We were fortunate enough that we got a fancy purple pink diamond.. The color is pink, but a little hint of purple actually makes the color look better. “

Once they had the stone, Jason stepped back, deferring to Sally when it came to designing the setting. “We worked with the guy who actually found the diamond for us, Joey Calderone from Bader & Garrin.”

“Sally likes a more classic Victorian-era style, and she and Joey worked well together. He created a CAD design of the setting, and printed a 3D model for her to try.”

The Ring: Decoded

Putting the Ring to Use

Jason and Sally had a beautiful ring, but no actual engagement yet. Though Sally obviously knew the proposal was coming, Jason wanted to keep her in the dark as to when.

“I proposed when we were on the vacation in the Azores, these beautiful islands off the coast of Portugal. We had planned the vacation independent of any idea of proposing. So when I did it on the second day of the trip, as we were walking along a cliff by the ocean, it was a little surprise for her. She knew it was coming at some point, but she wasn’t expecting it then.”

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