10 Groom’s Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind

While you should definitely weigh in on the official wedding cake decision, if things don’t end up going your way (so…many…buttercream…flowers), all is not lost.  You still have the option of an additional Groom’s cake.

The Groom’s cake originated in Victorian England, but was picked up in modern times by the American South.  Now, the tradition has taken off and grooms everywhere are having their cakes and eating ‘em too.

The limits on Groom’s cakes are almost nonexistent (exercise some judgment- no, boobs are not a good choice), so all colors, shapes, and themes are a go.  Some couples prefer to have this cake at the rehearsal dinner rather than at the wedding reception (so its awesomeness doesn’t make any other cakes feel bad).

Here are some best in class Groom’s Cakes.  But you can top them if you try.  We believe in you.

Ferrari Cake

Best cake on wheels

Gotham City Cake

Best use of superhero theme

2 Player Cake

Best gamer cake

Star Wars Death Star Cake

Best use of sprinkles

Backpacking cake

Best cake that looks nothing like a cake

Beatles Cake

Best use of song lyrics

Roulette Cake

Best cake for getting lucky

Game of Thrones Iron Thorn Cake

Best cake to not sit on

Dr. Who Phone Booth Cake

Best cake for time travel

Whiskey and Cigars Cake

Best cake that isn’t actually a cake

Want more?  We got it.  Stay tuned for Groom’s Cakes editorials each month on The Plunge.

Written by Ariel Guterman

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