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The 5 Best Registries For Kitchenware

Every couple has a silver thread that ties them together. Whether it’s the same Instagram humor with shareable memes or the insatiable quest to see the world, common interests are not only what causes initial attraction — but what cements connection.

For some soon-to-be-married duos, a culinary palette is at the heart of their relationship. In fact, if you ask certain folks, food can be considered a love language of its own. If you and your partner communicate via recipes, and have an unspoken dance in the kitchen during meal prep, your registry should reflect that.

While nearly all online destinations will feature some sort of option to add must-have kitchen goods, it’s better to center your efforts towards companies that cater to the foodie. Here, the best registries for kitchenware, along with what to consider before you sign up:

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Sur La Table Registry

For the foodie couple nursing an addiction to Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

sur la table registry

Saying ‘I do’ to the love of your life is a special time, that is hopefully only once-in-a-lifetime. And though the wedding registry can feel like one of those items you ‘need’ to check off and move on, the foodie couple may want to pause and savor the moment. (No pun intended.) That’s where Sur La Table goes above and beyond.


If you know all there is to know about the best Japanese knives, the latest-and-greatest kitchen gadgets, and the exact right tool for every baking recipe, then you know Sur La Table is a dreamland for the at-home chef. They have everything you can imagine, and for couples, they really up the experience. You can schedule an in-store experience that allows duos to come in before the store is open to register for what they need. The salesperson will walk through the various sections, making recommendations for your specific kitchen requirements, and then — wait for it! — they’ll cook you breakfast. No joke! As a bonus, couples can also register for cooking classes that keeps that newlywed romance alive. 


The registry, of course, is meant to be what your guests can go off of when they choose what to buy you to celebrate your big day. And though you and your partner may have a bit more wiggle room with cash, the same isn’t true for everyone you invite. If your list tends to be more strapped for cash, Sur La Table isn’t the best idea. Though some items are affordable, most are on the higher end. Because they are a tad more boutique than a big-box retailer, shipping times will also vary.

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Cuisinart Brew Central Programmable Coffee Maker

Your mornings don’t begin until you’ve had your cup of Joe. And though you may not bring one another coffee-in-bed anymore, you can set this maker to do the romantic gesture for you. Win-win!

Bed Bath & Beyond Registry

bed bath registry

For the open-minded couple hungry for collaboration

And the beyond, of course, is the kitchen! Whether you have your eye on a brand-spankin’ new KitchenAid, or you’re dreaming of a crystal set of your own, this site has a plethora of options. 


Before you invest in anything high-quality for your haven of a kitchen, you like to ask people you trust for their recommendations. This is where Bed, Bath and Beyond comes in mega-handy, since it offers a feature to allow guests to add items they personally love and enjoy. This could open your perspective to multi-use an effective kitchen goods you never considered. Though couples would prefer if everything on their registry was fulfilled, it’s okay if you have a few lingering items, since Bed, Bath and Beyond also offers discounts to couples for anything left post-wedding.


Though, yes, this site has much to choose from, it isn’t as expansive, as say, Amazon. The digital interface for registry also may not be as savvy for sophisticated couples who spend most of their time online. Shipping for product isn’t as standardized as other places, so items may arrive in various speeds, from a few days to a few weeks.

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KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer

Congratulations, you’ve made it! Or, at the very least: you are about to get your dream baking appliance. Of all of the items couples register for, a KitchenAid is pretty much iconic. We recommend this classic, in a bold red.

Williams Sonoma Registry

williams sonoma registry

For the stylish couple with a couple art museum memberships

When you imagine a kitchen that’s straight out of the pages of a glossy magazine, you probably envision goods from Williams Sonoma. As an upscale registry option, this store offers a hands-on experience for the couple with an eye for culinary design.


In addition to being able to shop in-store or online, you can also request to have a salesperson walk you through the various departments and make recommendations for your home. Unlike many other options — like Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target — Williams Sonoma offers many personalized options, which could create timeless heirlooms that can be passed down for generations. In addition to professional cookware, they also have a vast selection of pantry must-haves and dining room decor, creating a well-rounded registry for the stylish couple. Your guests can also receive a free gift wrap in store, or pay a small fee online. After the big day, anything left in your registry is discounted 10 percent.


If you’re trying to offer a wide variety of price points for your guests, Williams Sonoma isn’t the most strategic option. While the options are beautiful, handcrafted and trusted by foodies, it also falls on the more expensive side. For guests who don’t live nearby and are shipping gifts, standard rates apply, regardless of registry, which can add even more expense.

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Wüsthof Gourmet 16-Piece Knife Set

Every chef knows they are only as good as their knives. So since you’re cutting the cake and making it official, take this as an opportunity to upgrade your set. This chef-recommended 16-piece from Wüsthof will improve your skills, stat.

Target Registry
target registry

For the fun-loving couple that isn’t too fussy

If you’re part of the millions of people who can’t resist a Target splurge, consider building your registry here. For the kitchen, Target has everything from dining essentials to table decor, and seasonal spices, making it an easy option for those who want to build up their home base.


Did you know Target was the first company to offer those nifty registry guns where you can scan in store? Now that you’re #engaged, you can go to town, scanning every last pot, pan and fork you dream of. They also offer a universal registry tool, which allows you to add items to your registry that aren’t sold on Target’s website. So, if there is something you want from Amazon, Etsy, or most any other major retailer, you can house the link on your Target page. After you have wed, they also offer a 15 percent discount on anything left.


There are some chefs who aren’t too picky about their tools. And then, there are the boujee ones who want the very best of everything. If you’re in the second camp, you probably don’t want to choose Target for your kitchenware registry. They are meant for the more budget-mindful shopper, and not someone who wants something imported from France or Italy. Also, if you want someone to help you with the registry process, Target won’t be much help, since they don’t offer in-store assistance.

Add this:

Black + Decker Slow Cooker With Sous Vide

Considering most households have two full-time professionals, you need kitchen appliances that work for you, not against you. What’s super-cool about this slow cooker is its ability to whip up something delicious while you’re out of the house. Or, if you want a fancy night in together on a Friday, the sous vide feature elevates your menu.

Crate and Barrel Registry

crate and barrel registry

One of the most fun parts about getting engaged is the fact you get to build a new life with your one-and-only. Even if you have already been living together for a while, there’s something special about it becoming ‘official’ — and Crate and Barrel offers that unique touch. Especially for foodies, who can drool over the fun colors and modern designs.


As a middle-ground between Williams Sonoma and Target, Crate and Barrel offers a wide variety of options for the cooking-loving couple. Not only are there kitchenware finds Instagram-worthy but an easy-to-navigate website makes it simple for guests, too. In addition to cool flatware, stemware and utensils, Crate and Barrel also has gorgeous place setting, bringing your vision to life. Anything that’s leftover after your guests go through your list is discounted by 10 percent, so you complete anything missing.


For those looking to upgrade their mixer and frying pan, and have a specific brand in mind, Crate and Barrel might not be the best match. Though they do offer gorgeous decor-like items, for the serious cook, the options may feel lacking. And if you want to do your registry scanning in person, you might be out of luck, since the store only offers 90 locations across the United States and Canada, so their might not be a nearby brick-and-mortar near you.

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Le Creuset Signature 3.5-Quart Oval Dutch Oven

Another classic mandatory buy for every kitchen is a dutch oven from Le Creuset. These highly-rated ceramic beauties are ideal for casseroles, bread-making and much, much more. What’s even better is the superior quality will last you a lifetime.

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