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Filling Your “Date Night” Jar With Guy-Friendly Ideas

One of the standard pieces of marriage advice you hear these days is that a couple should continue to “date” after the wedding. This nugget of wisdom is so common-place (indeed we’ve written whole articles about it) that it’s inspired books, movies, and life hacks. We’re going to talk about one of those hacks today: the “date night jar.”

The logic behind a regular date night is obvious: routine kills romance. Sometimes, you want to do something other than your usual get-into-your-PJs-and-watch-Netflix routine. The problem comes when you have to decide what to do. Most couples have a hard time figuring out what to make for dinner, much less planning an entire evening out. The date night jar allows you to stockpile ideas at your leisure, so when the moment arrives, all you have to do is pick one and go.

Below you’ll find some ideas to get you started. We’ve tried to come up with ones that are “man-friendly.” That doesn’t mean they’re only interesting to guys, just that they won’t make an average guy cringe on the inside when suggested.

Fly In A Glider

You’ve seen them: those motorless flyers that are towed by a regular plane, then released to slowly glide back to the ground. Not only do gliders offer amazing views, but their lack of engines also make the fight completely silent. The Soaring Society of America shows the closest place you can go to find a flight.

Test Drive A Supercar

A couple in racing outfits next to a Formula 1 car

There are race tracks that will let you get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren–or pretty much any other car you’ve dreaming of since you were a kid. You can do this year-round in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Spring Mountain, but if you can’t make your way out there, there’s also a tour that goes across the country.

Take An “Around-the-World” Bar Crawl

Pick a spot where the bars are close enough to walk to and, and in each one, order a drink that comes from a different country. Beers, cocktails and wine count, so sip a Stella from Belgium, a mojito from Cuba, or a cabernet sauvignon from France.

Rent an ATV

Ride the nearest sand dunes on an ATV. Even though you might think there aren’t sand dunes nearby, there are actually places coast-to-coast where you can make it happen.

Take a Woodworking Class

If you thought you’d never get to use a saw on a date, think again. Woodworking spaces offer classes where you can build something simple, like a cutting board or a stool. Make some memento from your night together. She’ll appreciate the romance, you’ll appreciate using all the cool tools. Who knows? Maybe you’ll go full Ron Swanson and become a dedicated woodworker.

Home Brew Some Beer

If you don’t want to actually leave the house, try a brew-your-own beer kit. This actually ends up being two dates: the one when you make it, and the one, a few weeks later, when you drink it. If you’re more of a wine couple, you can get an at-home wine-making kit instead.

Practice DIY Self-Defence Techniques

Self-defense is a great skill for both of you to have, and there are YouTube tutorials that help you teach yourself some basic techniques. Make sure you have plenty of space to practice and be careful. You do want to end up tangled in each other’s arms. You don’t want bruising involved (unless bruised in each other’s arms is your thing.)

Shoot Some Skeet

You could go to a gun range, but skeet shooting adds another layer of sport and competition, and feel more like a couples activity, less like a solo deal. (Also, you can pretend to be an English Lord and Lady, shooting grouse on your country estate.)

Indoor Skydive

A woman tries indoor skydiving while her boyfriend looks onIf the idea of jumping out of a plane is too intimidating, get the feel of skydiving without all that height. iFly has indoor skydiving tunnels, with locations across the country.

Chase A Twister

Did you know there are storm-chasing tours in Tornado Valley? Tornado season runs April through June and, while they can’t guarantee you’ll see a tornado, there’s a good chance you’ll see a supercell thunderstorm, which is the least common but most severe type of thunderstorm.

Burn Some Wood

If you or your fiancé/spouse are crafty, you can get a wood-burning kit. Create masterpieces of folk art in your spare time (or at least pretend to).

Visit A Sex Shop

A neon sign advertising a sex shop
@greendub via Twenty20

If you’re looking for a sexy date night idea, it makes sense to shop for something you will literally use for sex. Encourage your partner to take the lead – not only will it make her more comfortable, it will give you a chance to learn more about her fantasies, which can work for the benefit of both of you.

Play Dirty Dice

If you already own a pair of dice, this is a free date night idea. Get your pair, and for one die, assign an action to each number, e.g. 1=kiss, 2=massage, 3=lick, 4=tickle, etc. For the other die, assign a body part to each number. Roll the dice. Do what the dice tell you to do.

Listen To Some Old LPs

@LAMPhotography via Twenty20

Fire up your turntable and play those old Styx albums you found in the basement. Or go for something a little more sophisticated: 1950’s Sinatra or some Gerry Mulligan cool jazz. Pick the right tunes and this date night can get hella romantic hella quick.

Do A Mud Run

That’s not a metaphor for butt stuff (unless you want it to be), but it does involve getting dirty. Dirty and sweaty and physical.

Buy Something At A Police Auction

A tiny toy police car on a gravel driveway
@Y_sokolovskiy via Twenty20

Your local police department will sometimes hold auctions for seized or unclaimed items, which can range from jewelry to cars. Even if you don’t snag a deal, it’s an interesting way to spend an afternoon.

Spelunk Together

Find a nearby cave and explore. If your girl is outdoorsy, she’ll appreciate this spin on regular hiking.

Play Some Video Games

Find something she’d be willing to play, whether it’s Tetris or Halo, and either take turns or play together (depending on the game). If she isn’t a gamer, it could be a way to turn her into one.

Go Ice Blocking

Think of ice blocking as sledding in the summer. Find a store that sells ice in blocks and buy a couple. Find your nearest hill, making sure to take a towel. Climb the hill, put the towel on top of the ice block, and slide down the hill. It’s a cheap date with a lot of laughs.

Shut Yer Yap

Have a silent date. Go out to a museum, or stay at home for dinner and a movie. The rule is that neither of you will utter a word all night (unless its an emergency, obviously). The best way to express yourselves when you can’t talk is through physical touch, so who knows where it will lead?


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