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The 10 Best Off-Registry Wedding Gifts

While there are registries for everything — from travel to housewares and cash — sometimes what you really want to give can’t be found on a traditional website. Or, the happy couple didn’t provide any sort of guidance on what they needed, so you’re on your own to brainstorm and research. Perhaps, you are very close to the bride or groom, and you want to gift something more personal than say, a toaster. 

Everyone approaches buying a gift for a wedding differently but how much should spend should be based on a few factors. For casual affairs, $50 per person (so if you bring a date, you double it), while black-tie celebrations can run $150 per guest. Of course, there are exceptions and you should always exercise judgement but it’s important to have a ballpark.

If you are looking for options that are unique, different and off-registry, consider these interesting gift ideas:

Artifact Uprising Photo Book

Though now they’re happily married, the journey to the altar was likely full of adventures. From those first few months of dating to the time they decided to move in together and get engaged, every step cemented their bond. Now, with a little Facebook stalking, you can gift them a book of all these special photo memories. 

$149 at Artifact Uprising

Krug Grande Cuvee Champagne Brut

Truly, there is no celebration too small that warrants bubbles. But when you finally meet the love-of-your-life? It’s worthy of a bottle of champagne that’s as rare as their relationship. That’s why the gift of Krug is a special gift that the newlyweds can enjoy right after their big day, or in a year, for their first lap around the sun married.

$219.99 at Drizly

Massage For Two

Wedding planning, while a one-of-a-kind time in your life, is also mega-stressful. And it can cause the couple to bicker more often than they normally would. So once the vows have been exchanged and the cake has been enjoyed, it’s time to come down from the chaos. Reward the newlyweds with a (much-needed) massage for two with this gift card via Massage Envy. 

$100-$180 at Massage Envy

The Night Sky Print

The bride has a birthday, so does the groom. But they also have plenty of other important dates: when they met. When they got engaged. When they said ‘I love you’ — and the list goes on. If you’re in their wedding party, you probably are close enough to know what mark on the calendar is significant to them. If so, you can order this beautiful and modern print that illustrates what the sky looked like during that time. 

$60 at The Night Sky

Fruit and Cheese Club

They’re always the ones who host parties for every holiday — from St. Patrick’s Day to the Fourth of July. And they are the first ones to remind their pals when it’s long overdue since a night of boozing and laughing. Help them out with their impressive spreads by gifting a year of fruit and cheese from Harry and David. 

$399.99 at Harry and David

Purple Mattress

These days, more couples are thinking realistically about the items they actually need in their homes. And while they may have every last pot and pan, they are in desperate for an upgrade in their bedroom. One idea is to suggest they register for a mattress, like this one from Purple, and have the friend group split the cost. They get what they want — and you get to stay on budget.

$649-$1899 at Purple

Our World Travels Decor

Part of the fun of finding your lifelong adventure buddy is seeing the wonders of the world through their eyes. In fact, the couple gets more joy jetsetting with their special person than they would through solo travel. That’s why this map will strike a meaningful chord for them. By personalizing with their name, they can check off where they’ve been — and what’s next on their bucket list.

$34 at Etsy

Bottles For 1, 3, and 5 Years

Of course, saying ‘I do’ is a wonderful (and impressive) feat. But so is making it through the first year of marriage, which is said to be one of the hardest. Getting through five — when you may have two children? — that’s something to be proud of as well. That’s why we love this personalized, three-bottles-of-wine box that gives the couple a reason to celebrate all milestones with carefully-selected vino that will age as they do. 

$99-$490 at Artificer Woodworks

Sonos Home Speakers

Technically speaking, you could register for these. As the leader in sound, if your pals care about music, they’ve probably craved one of these sets for a while. So why not make their dream come true by chipping in with some friends and getting the whole system for their home? That way, when you call and leave a voicemail, they can hear you in every room. Or ya know, they can listen to their favorite jams, too.

$199-$1359 at Sonos

A Lemon Tree

What sets apart a good relationship from a great one is their ability to get through the ebbs and flows that life will inevitably throw their way. Sure, it’s trite but when a couple can make spiked vodka punch out of lemons, it speaks volumes about their bond. That’s why giving them a tree — yep, a tree! — that will grow with them is a sweet sentiment. Plus, if they can keep the thing alive, maybe they’re ready for a dog? Or a baby?

$69.99 at 1800 Flowers

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