How to Hook Up at a Wedding

As a single guy at a wedding, you have two goals: get drunk and score. The open bar takes care of the first. The second requires a little more finesse. Do you want to get her number or just get it in? Doesn’t matter. These same 10 rules apply.

1. Look good, feel good

Duh. You’re at a wedding, not a tailgate. The better you look, the better you feel and more confidence you project. Confidence – not a distinct “musk” – is your ultimate weapon in attracting a female.

2. Approach early

From the engagement party to rehearsal dinner and big day, you’ll have multiple opportunities to meet the bride’s single friends. Use earlier events to lay the foundation – when in doubt, “How do you know the bride?”

3. Approach often

Reintroduce yourself at cocktail hour. Offer a drink at the reception. Dance with Nana within eyeshot of your target and flash a smile. Make plans to meet at the dance floor or after party. Do just enough to stay on her radar.

4. Approach alone

You think, “Power in numbers.” She thinks, “Pack of five creeps leering at me.” Not a good look. Show confidence by leaving the wingmen behind.

5. Don’t get stuck

Keep your options open. Mingle. Make an impression and move on. Let’s be real – weddings last hours and you’re not that interesting.

6. It’s a celebration, bitches!

Remember your two goals? Girls have goals too: get drunk and DANCE. So you fist-pump like nobody’s watching, then catch that girl watching and pull her over.

7. No, seriously, dance

Lurking on the sidelines doesn’t make you mysterious. It makes you the one asshole not having fun. Who doesn’t have fun at a wedding? It’s your only job! Do your duty. DON’T do the following:

8. Grinding

Wasn’t dancing in high school, still isn’t. For god’s sake, man, that’s someone’s daughter (whose daddy may be in attendance and watching you, Focker).

9. Drinking and dancing

Your frat house is the only place this was ever acceptable and Nationals shut that dump down years ago. Dancing with bottle in hand says, “My buzz matters more than your attention and I don’t care if I spill this on your dress.”

10. Close the deal

In the coat closet, your hotel room, or after a few earnest dates. The choice is yours, but the key is constant – you have to ask. Take your shot and speak up because by now she’s starting to wonder why you haven’t already. At the end of the day, women prey on confidence. So even if you have none, just fake it ‘til she’s naked.

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