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Your suiting style is a great way to express your unique personality; color can suggest traditional values (black tux), modern thinking (blue tux) and a risk-taking rebellious soul (skull-and-crossbones pattern). Thus, picking the right color for your suit or tux isn’t as simple as you think. Sure, black and blue are easy enough to understand, but what does mauve and mustard say about you?

No matter what kind of tux you plan to wear, The Plunge has your back. We’ve put together this guide to show you how dozens of other men have worn their suits and tuxes. It should give you ideas, a starting point. Ultimately, the big question is: What color do you want for your suit or tux?

Black Suits & Tuxes

A black suit or tux is classic, timeless, and anyone will look good in one—if the fit is right. This is the perfect color for grooms that want to evoke a sense of refinement.

Think: Black jacket (velvet welcome) and pants with a white shirt (cufflinks preferred) and any kind of tie (bow-ties look fancy). Tie-clip optional.
Bonus points: Using your tie, pocket square, and boutonnière to add a splash of originality/color.

Wedding day black suit

Photographed by Jeremy Chou

The classic style in black suit groom

Photographed by OUE Skyspace LA

Wedding day black suit

Photographed by Posh Moments Photography

The classic style in black suit groom

Photographed by Aimlee Photography

The classic style in black suit groom

Photographed by Nicola Dixon Photography Co

Wedding day black suit

Photographed by M2 Photography

Wedding day black suit

Photographed by Jillian Rose Photography

wedding photos outdoors

Photographed by Chelsea Denise Photography

Blue Suits & Tuxes

A blue suit or tux takes that classic feel and adds punch. This color works for grooms who want to be both classy and stylish—a little different. And there are dozens of blues in the spectrum.

Think: Midnight, vibrant, or pale shades of blue.
Bonus points: If the bride has a complementary color in her ensemble—remember you two will be photographed a zillion times together.

Photographed by Fox + Sloane Photography

Photographed by Ashley Baumgartner

Photographed by Cottonwood Road Photography

Photographed by Let’s Frolic Together

Photographed by Mary Costa Photography

Photographed by Jamie Hardin Photography

Photographed by Sarah Glick Photography

Gray Suits & Tuxes

Gray suits or tuxes are a good in-between option for those who want something other than plain black, but aren’t ready to leap into color either.

Think: Deep charcoal or pale shades paired with a white shirt.
Bonus points: Finding a suit with an intricate weave like tweed to add textural interest.

Photographed by Awake Photography

Photographed by Nicole Leever Photography

Photographed by Adrian Wood

Photographed by Sarah Goss Photography

Photographed by Susan Alyse Photography

Photographed by Victoria Gold

White/Tan Suits & Tuxes

Suits or tuxes in white and tan are for grooms who aren’t afraid of extra attention. But you’ll definitely want to ask the bride for permission before you don her traditional color.

Think: A monochromatic ensemble or just the jacket.
Bonus points: Adding a patterned shirt if you’re feeling frisky. But remember: Are you sure you will be glad you wore that shirt ten years from now?

Photographed by Art & Story Studio

Photographed by Peterson Design & Photography

Photographed by Lindsay Hackney

Photographed by cara robbins studio

Photographed by Meraki Wedding Photo

Unusual Suit Colors & Patterns

A brightly colored (or floral) suit is for grooms who throw caution to the wind and who are not afraid of standing out.

Think: Orange, green, mauve (see the first image below) and suits with some serious flower power.
Bonus points: Since you’re steering away from tradition anyway, why wear a tie? In one case below, the groom appears to have opted out of wearing a jacket. Now that’s a statement.

Photographed by Aurelia D’Amore Photography

Photographed by Chelsea Abril Photography

Photographed by Hana Gonzalez Photography

 Photographed by Cyd Weeks Photography

Photographed by Dewitt for Love

Photographed by Elke Van den Ende

Photographed by Loric Gonzalez

Photographed by shanell photography

Photographed by La Bohème Photographie

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