Bringing Paris to New York Proposal

Manuele and Patricia met at a restaurant where she was working at the time.  The couple shares a love for travel and has visited Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and more together.  When speaking to Manuele, it was obvious he was smitten with Patricia, stating that he knew she was the one from the first day he saw her.  He loves everything about Patricia and wanted to give her a dream proposal.

Manuele revealed that Patricia’s ideal date would be to take her to dinner for Paris.  He also mentioned that her favorite color was pink and that she loved macarons.  He really wanted to blow her mind with this proposal and wanted to propose in New York, so we came up with the concept, “Paris in New York.”  We obviously needed the ever-iconic Eiffel Tower, but to make it extra special we decided to create it out of moss and Patricia’s favorite pink roses.  Standing 9 feet tall against floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city, we knew it would take her breath away.  To add a real French flare to the event, we hired an accordion player that performed in a beret and black and white striped shirt.  Of course, a day out in Paris wouldn’t be complete without stopping by a Parisian café for some Champagne and macarons, so we made sure to include those as well.

Manuele told Patricia that he was taking her out for dinner that evening.  Instead, she stepped off the elevator and VOILA! She was transported to Paris.  She couldn’t believe her eyes when she walked down the pink rose petal pathway towards the Eiffel Tower.  What did Patricia have to say about the proposal?

“I was the most happiest girl this Friday getting proposed to in front of the most gorgeous Eiffel Tower I have ever seen! I am head over heels in love with what you and your team did! It was my dream come true. So much work has gone into that beautiful set up and I loved everything about it. The champagne, macarons, the chairs and the table were perfect. I felt like I really was in Paris. The candles that were placed next to the grass wall were gorgeous and those rose petals were stunning! Accordion player was the perfect touch I can still hear those beautiful tunes in my head! Everything was absolutely perfect it was the best experience of my life.”

Written by Michele Velasquez

Michele Velazquez is a Proposal Planner and owner of The Heart Bandits.   Her team has helped hundreds of men propose to their girlfriends and her work has been featured in New York Magazine, New York Times, Anderson Cooper Live, and more.  She is regarded as the expert in all things marriage proposals and romance! For more information about The Heart Bandits, visit

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