Paparazzi Proposal

Here’s a proposal so awesomely original that it not only caught the attention of the New York News Service, but also got the couple a spot on Anderson Cooper and an all-expense paid vacation to the Caribbean.

What made this proposal so interesting?  It started with good ingredients.  Nancy looks a lot like Kourtney Kardashian and was constantly getting confused with her.  Andy wanted to propose to Nancy in a way that made her feel like a celebrity for the day.  We dabbled in the idea of a Flash Mob (an emerging trend at the time) or a red carpet event.  But Andy and The Heart Bandits came up with an even better idea.

Andy and Nancy were visiting New York so we agreed that Central Park would be the perfect setting for the surprise proposal.  As the couple strolled through the park, a paparazzi suddenly popped out from the bushes and asked, “Are you Nancy?” “Tell us about your trip to Miami!”  She kept walking and then another paparazzi jumped out and asked her more questions that only a true, snoopy paparazzi would know.  The strangers shouted out Questions about her job, her likes, her future goals, and more. Nancy was in shock just laughing, and enjoying her moment in the spotlight.  Slowly, she started to put it all together and realized this was all part of Andy’s over-the-top marriage proposal.

As she kept walking, she was in for one huge last surprise.  Both of the couple’s families started running towards her holding signs with messages from Andy.  Andy’s brother Mark stepped forward with a sign that asked Nancy to marry Andy.  She said yes and the rest is happily ever after history.

As Andy says in the video, “If you aren’t proposing this way, you aren’t proposing at all!”

Written by Michele Velasquez

Michele Velazquez is a Proposal Planner and owner of The Heart Bandits.   Her team has helped hundreds of men propose to their girlfriends and her work has been featured in New York Magazine, New York Times, Anderson Cooper Live, and more.  She is regarded as the expert in all things marriage proposals and romance! For more information about The Heart Bandits, visit

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