5 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Don’t Suck

Alright fellas, it’s that time of year again.  The time when you walk down any store aisle and experience a sea of red candy heart-shaped boxes, creepy stuffed animals, and cheesy Valentine’s Day trinkets. You wonder to yourself what is the right gift for your girlfriend.  More importantly, you wonder what gift is going to keep you out of the doghouse.  And then it hits you!  You are going to give her the gift she has always wanted…. You are going to propose!  Great idea dude, but please tread lightly.  A Valentine’s Day proposal can end up being seriously cheesy if you don’t come up with a great idea.  Here to help are the Proposal Planners from The Heart Bandits with 5 proposal ideas that don’t suck.

Red Hot Proposal

Rent a Red Porsche in light of Valentine’s Day.  This is finally your chance to rent a hot sports car and seize the moment. When you pick her up, have a dozen red roses waiting on her seat.  Drive down the coast or other scenic route and end up on a hilltop or somewhere away with an awesome view.  Propose at the top. If she says no, nobody will be around and you will already have a getaway car!

Fake Ninja Attack

Fake out proposals are all the rage this year.  So as you are walking her to your ho-hum Valentine’s Day dinner, a group of Ninjas surround you.  You tell your girlfriend you got this and do a fake fighting scene.  You obviously end up the victor and you propose after she realizes you are her hero.  Make sure you don’t mistake the fake group of ninjas with real ninjas or your screwed.

Guitar Hero

Every girl swoons over a guy with a guitar.  Take some lessons starting today and learn a romantic but easy song to play.  Invite her over for dinner and have a ton of candles lit (girls love candles).  You pick up the guitar and serenade her with a special song and propose.  If things don’t work out, this is a great skill to have in your playbook for future dates.

Girls Love Guys Who Have Great Skills

Take her on an adventurous date and show off one of your skills like rock climbing or waterfall repelling.  If she didn’t realize you were ‘the one’ before this then she certainly will when she sees your biceps bulging as you navigate that rock.  When you get to your destination, show her your soft side by surprising her with a romantic picnic and propose to your life long adventure partner.  Note, make sure your girl likes athletic activities or this could be an epic fail.

Chalk It Up

Chalk is cool!  You use it on your hands when you lift weights so why not use it for your proposal? Take her to a vibrant public place like a promenade or town square.  Walk around checking out the shops.  You all of a sudden see chalk art on the sidewalk that has romantic sayings.  You keep walking and see more and more.  The sayings keep getting more personalized to your relationship with the last one asking her to marry you.

Michele Velazquez is a Proposal Planner and owner of The Heart Bandits. Her team has helped hundreds of men propose to their girlfriends and her work has been featured in New York Magazine, New York Times, Anderson Cooper Live, and more.  She is regarded as the expert in all things marriage proposals and romance! For more information about The Heart Bandits, visit

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