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The 11 Funniest Proposal Videos

Ah, the proposal. One of the most heartwarming, tear-jerking, “awwww”-inspiring moments in a couple’s life. The proposal itself might only last a few minutes, but the memories and stories you’ll both tell about it will last a lifetime.

Proposals can be beautifully romantic, sappy, and… hilarious. Some proposals are funny on purpose–maybe a strong sense of humor is one of the things that has always bonded you and your girlfriend–and others are funny because as perfectly as you may have strategized this moment, sometimes life just has other, funnier plans.

Whether the hilarity was intentional or not, The Plunge has put together some of the funniest proposal videos out there to help relieve some of the pressure of this big moment. After all, life’s too short to be taken too seriously, right?

The Stunt Fake-Out

These two clearly have a strong sense of humor! The groom-to-be makes a lovely little speech on a rooftop about his girlfriend and how long they’ve been together, and asks a friend to toss his ring to him. Only then does his hand-eye-coordination fail him — he falls plummeting off the side of the roof! Not to worry, though. What looks like a tragic fail is just a particularly naughty prank, as the boyfriend landed on a strategically placed stunt mat with a special question written on it. His girlfriend might just have to manage her heart rate before she can answer it.

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The Hypnotist

It’s most men’s worst nightmare to have their girlfriend laugh in their face when they propose, but not so for this professional hypnotist. In the video of his proposal, he hypnotizes his girlfriend, making it so that her reaction to any question he asks will be to laugh uncontrollably in his face. After a few more hypnotic tricks, he releases her so she can finally deliver her honest answer.

The Disbeliever

The funniest thing about this proposal is the girlfriend’s utter disbelief from moment one, which gets increasingly charming and hilarious as the video goes on. Whenever her soon-to-be-fiancee tries to get a word out edgewise, she can’t help but interrupt him with a declaration of “Is this real?” or “This is not real!” Lucky for her, it was, and lucky for him, she finally believes it by the end.

The Disney Musical

Disneyland is known as the happiest place on earth, so what better place to begin a lifetime of happiness with your significant other? Plenty of Disney enthusiasts plan proposals (and even weddings) in the Magic Kingdom, but this one is a little different. Before the girlfriend has a chance to respond, a musical–that’s right, and entire, rehearsed, musical number–happens around her. It’s hilarious, heartfelt, and honestly pretty damn impressive.

The Apple Toss

Apple orchards are a typically romantic date spot, especially in the fall when they’re lush and full of growth. It’s no wonder this man decided to propose to his girlfriend in such a lovely spot; he probably didn’t expect her to throw a half-eaten apple at him in response, though! In her defense, it’s probably not ideal to be asked such a big question with a mouth full of apple. 

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The Public Refusal

Ultra-public proposals are a beautiful, exciting gesture. You want the entire world to know just how much you love your girlfriend, and you want her to have an adrenaline rush she’ll never forget. However, there’s one terrible, dreaded response that can happen– she might say no in front of thousands of people. 

That’s exactly what happened in this video, and the announcer does his best to keep it cool. While the situation must have been terrible for both parties at the time, hopefully they’re able to laugh about it with the rest of their viewers now.

The Knockdown

Wrapping yourself up as a present delivered to your girlfriend’s door for the big moment — sweet, right? Sure, unless she gets so spooked by the giant cardboard box on her door that she pushes you down her front steps. Ouch! Don’t worry, no fiances-to-be were actually harmed in the making of this film.

The Doggone Fail

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they’re often an integral part of a relationship. If you and your girlfriend have a dog together, it’s no wonder you’d want your beloved pet to be a part of asking this special question! Just make sure your furry friend isn’t intending to sabotage any part of your grand plan (or just make sure you keep her on her leash). 

The Trainwreck

Proposing on the site where you and your girlfriend first met is a romantic classic. It’s a little bit trickier if that site is a crowded shopping mall, and if, say, the mall’s train ride for toddlers is scheduled to go right through where you’re standing during the big moment. And if the janitorial staff decides that cleaning the floor two feet from where you’re planted need to happen right then. And if your girlfriend hits you with your hired musician’s ukulele when you’re trying to pop the question. Better luck next time?

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The Meme Appreciator

If you and your girlfriend are what the kids call “Extremely Online,” she’ll probably get a kick out of hearing you pop the big question by way of a meme collection. Don’t use the internet anymore than that though; screens have no place in one of the most intimate and exciting moments of your lives. If you know which memes make her laugh, print them out on cue cards like the guy in this video.

The Selfie Mode

In this charmingly wholesome video, a man was asked to film a proposal but passed the phone off to his grandfather because his hands were full. Not all too familiar with how phone cameras worked, he accidentally filmed himself the whole time instead, capturing a charming and wholesome reaction in this hilarious technology faux pas. He may not be asked to film too many more big moments in the future, but he’s certainly made his mark online with this one.

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