Reader Question: “How Do I Keep My Proposal A Secret When The Ring Box Is Bigger Than My Bulge?”

First of all: if the ring box is bigger than your package, you’ve got other problems to worry about.

But if you’re confident that your girl has seen past that issue, then I would say you’re all good to propose.

And let me tell you how that’s gonna go…

You save two or three months salary for a ring. (And be warned bro: this can actually take years, especially depending on how many times you decide you’d rather have the latest Apple whatever-it-is instead.)

Once you do have your ring… Hell, that’s a whole different ballgame. Where do you propose? How?

No, a jumbotron proposal won’t work for your girl. She’s seen too many of those viral YouTube videos with the guy that does a fake music video; and she would love that.

So you work your ass off and create a unique proposal plan. And you think you’re all set.

But you’re wrong.

The engagement ring box that came with the ring sticks out of every pocket you’ve shoved it in. Thing is like friggin 4 inches all the way around. No way you can fit that in your pocket without your girl noticing.

As usual, though, your Unofficial Best Man has got your back.

Check this out: it’s called the Ring Stash. A thin and durable engagement ring box that easily fits in your pocket.

Now you can put your ring in your pocket (or other small spaces, cause hell if we know what you’re planning) and have it be secure, unnoticed, and free from clingy lint, melting M&M’s, and whatever other crazy shit you may be subjecting that precious diamond to.

Still don’t trust us? Take a look at these guys, they weren’t fools like you:

Player 1: Jonathan

Jonathan wanted everything to be a total surprise. He took his girlfriend to Coronado beach in San Diego and “stumbled upon” a romantic picnic setup. As soon as they found the picnic, he pulled out the Ring Stash, presented the ring, and she said yes. With a Ring Stash hiding in his pocket, good ole Jonathan didn’t have to worry about his girlfriend being suspicious that he had something in store for her.

Player 2: Chris

Chris planned to take his girlfriend on a romantic tour of New York. He took her on a horse drawn carriage around Central Park, got off the sick ride, and walked to Bow Bridge. Lots of opportunity there to lose a ring if Chris was just keeping it in his pocket without the box. (Because where would he put that bulky box anyway, without it sticking out like a sore thumb?) At the bridge, he pulled out a Ring Stash and proposed.

If you still don’t like the idea, then we’ll just kick back and leave you with these two basic pieces of advice on proposals: you want to surprise her, and you don’t want to lose that ring.

You thought that was obvious bright guy? Then you might want to consider the Ring Stash.

Marvin Velazquez is a proposal planner at The Heart Bandits and inventor of the Ring Stash. He and his wife, Michele, launched both companies with the hope of making the entire proposal process a whole lot easier.

When Marvin talks about inventing the Ring Stash, he says: “I had the problem of a bulky ring box when I proposed to Michele. I thought that I had a great plan and her dream ring, but since the ring box was so enormous I had to resort to placing the ring in my pants by itself with no box… Though she said yes and I didn’t drop the ring into the ocean, not having the ring box added so much stress to an already stressful situation.”

And now you can have a (less) stressful proposal.

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