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10 Creative Ways to Propose, With Video Examples

Coming up with a good, creative idea is hard enough. But coming up with a good idea that involves asking your soulmate to spend the rest of their life with you, one that won’t get messed up in the execution process? Now that… that can seem impossible. 

Take a quick look at these 10 creative proposal videos, and you’ll see that coming up with a memorable proposal idea isn’t actually impossible. It just takes a bit of planning and a group of friends or family members who truly believe in you and your partner. We’ve combed through all of the craziest, most creative proposal videos you can find on the web today, and these are our top 10. 

If you’re here looking for proposal inspiration, then take note of this one detail we found in all of these videos: the proposal focused on what the groom knew the bride would love. When in doubt, going back to what makes you and your partner tick is important! It doesn’t matter how fancy it is or how much money you spend on it. This is between you and your bride: make it about you two. Here are a few videos to inspire your memorable proposal. 

Isaac and Amy’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal 

With over 5 million views, we know that we’re kind of late hopping onto this immensely popular and memorable proposal that involves lip-dubbing, couples choreography and a killer wedding-themed track. The sweet video starts with the future groom sitting his girlfriend down in the open trunk of his car with a pair of headphones. As he slowly drives off with her in the back, the music starts, and a huge group of their friends and family come out and lip-sync to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” It’s a heartwarming production, and you can tell that everyone involved is really excited to participate in their friends’ special day!

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Logan and Jenna’s Central Park Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

When it comes down to it, the most memorable proposal is the one that shows that you’ve been paying attention in the relationship. This groom decided to bring the fireworks to his future bride in the most unexpected way by having a huge flash mob to Katy Perry’s “Firework” in the middle of the day in Central Park. It’s noted at the beginning of the video that the bride has been obsessed with fireworks since she was young, and this was a fresh new take on how to get sparks to fly on a seemingly average afternoon. And of course, she said yes!

Timothy and Audrey’s Meme-ified Proposal

If you and your lady are internet aficionados, then this kind of proposal is right up your alley. Timothy explains how much he loves his partner, “Love Actually” style, with a series of memes that explain why he wants to propose. It’s very funny (she’s giggling the entire time), but also incredibly thoughtful. Who knew that memes could make us tear up? 

Chris and Pam’s Stolen-Car-Turned-Proposal

Chris calls himself a dramatic person in this video, and it’s easy to see why. Within a short, five-minute video, he literally finesses a fake stolen car scenario, picks up his future bride in a limo, and then has the driver give her a map which she used to find him waiting for her at a photo-worthy gazebo. Expertly-placed hidden cameras made it easy to see the whole proposal go down, but you can tell that neither of them care. This moment is clearly special to both of them, and you can definitely tell she appreciates the amount of effort he put into this proposal. 

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Robin and Klara Take Their Proposal To New Heights

When you’re dating a helicopter pilot, it might be hard to think of a new and exciting idea that tops literally being able to fly. That’s why Robin took his future bride’s profession into account when he chose his method of proposal. Over the radio, he proposes, and she has to answer by landing on “yes” or “no.” While Robin cracks a joke that he make the “no” small so she wouldn’t land on it, it’s obvious that she was ready to say yes regardless!

Dean and Jennifer’s Year-Long Proposal

This one would take quite a bit of patience, but the pay-off is amazing. In this video, Dean took a short clip of himself every day for an entire year singing to Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me” and Pharell Williams’ “Happy” while he holds up a note saying “Will you marry me, Jen?” It takes some serious commitment to continue with this bit for a whole year, so you know if he can do this, he’s definitely able to take on the whole marriage thing! Not only is this kind of proposal low-budget, but it really does highlight how committed he is to her. 

Matt and Ginny’s Movie-Worthy Love Story

Movie dates are super common, but movie proposals? Not so much. That’s what makes this particular proposal so special to watch. There are a few TV shows that make something like this look easy, but it’s cool to know that it can be done in real life, too! 

 Puppies Make Good Ring Boxes

Skip the box, use a puppy to propose. If it’s not something the bride is interested in, then there’s no need to go all out and crazy to ask her to marry you. Plus, the puppy and the ring are a one-two punch combination that is sure to blow her out of the water. And who could say no to those puppy eyes (yours and the actual puppy’s)? 

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Chris’ Surprise Musical Proposal At The Happiest Place On Earth

Good proposals take a lot of planning — and according to Chris, he said this process took him 5 months to plan! The best part about this surprise proposal is that the couple actually met at Disney World, so bringing it back to where their relationship began was key to making this proposal so meaningful. He gets major kudos for having someone create and recite an entire fairytale to have the couple act out before he proposes!

Mark and Sarah’s Virtual Reality Proposal

If you think you can’t create the perfect proposal in real life, then why not create the perfect one using virtual reality? Mark partnered with a VR artist to create a magical world that showcased some of the special moments from the couple’s lives. She thought they were going to go for a cool date night, but then he surprised her with this entirely personalized VR proposal — and this video shows everything she saw from her perspective! 

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