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7 Wedding Trends Taking Off in 2019

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Some wedding “trends” have been around so long they’ve become the norm. Think: comfort-food buffets, writing your own vows and developing signature cocktails. That’s old news. This year, we’re seeing non-traditional experimentation focused on leveraging technology and creating unique ambiance. Below are seven trends to consider for your big day.

1. Wedding Drones

To some people, drones bring to mind aerial invasion not a happy day of matrimony, but flying cameras can capture amazing footage from above, which is perfect for big groups, outdoor weddings and even indoor ceremonies/receptions (if the ceiling is high enough and the venue allows it).  

Tip: Spend more on a quality drone since you won’t have a chance to re-do the big day. Your drone operator should have a good amount of practice; otherwise you may just capture blurry footage of your aunt’s shoulder. Or make sure your videographer contract includes drone footage, too.

2. Smoke Bomb Exits

Instead of lighting ordinary sparklers like some middle-school student, have your best man or groomsmen add dramatic puffs of bright, popping colors to glorify your union. Seeing clouds of yellow, green or red clouds smoke makes for superb Instagram moments. Deploy a bunch of smoke bombs during the reception and you have a mini-rave, albeit with a few less-hip relatives heading for the fire exits.

3. Gin Cocktails with Herbal Healing Powers

Sure, cocktails have always been served at receptions, but we’re seeing two types of upgrades: 1) gin is now the default base (not vodka or Champagne) and 2) the drinks make use of herbs and adaptogens (plants or herbs that support your adrenal system), including mint, lavender, sage, oregano, and coriander.  These have a cooling taste, especially when mixed with citrus, jasmine, and cranberry.  

4. Private Vows

Some people just can’t memorize and recite vows in front of a crowd. Or they worry that they will come across as cheesy. If that sounds like you, then consider having an intimate moment before the wedding ceremony by reciting your personal vows privately before launching into the general, traditional  vows (“in sickness and in health,” etc.) at the actual ceremony.

5. Decorate with Light Boxes

Want your wedding to have a vintage cinematic sensibility? Broadcast the event using old-school signs or light boxes that can include your names, nuptial dates, and even a little humor (“Gettin’ Hitched”). Purchase a few and you can place them in several areas of the reception area to lend a cohesive feel.  

6. Host Both a Band and a DJ

In the past, you had to choose one or the other, but nowadays some brides and grooms are hosting both bands and DJs. The advantage: You can play all of your favorite hits with a DJ and then liven up the mood/dancing with a live pop, rock or jazz band. The DJ can keep the music flowing in between band breaks and Champagne toasts. And you may save a few bucks by not having the band play throughout the entire day.

7. Brightly Colored, Inventive Cakes


A wedding cake with red roses on its top

Wedding cakes have come a long way from the days of classic white cake with the tacky bride and groom sculptures on top. More modern confections boast bright colors with twisted and geometric shapes (hexagons, weird circles), patterns (polka dots, stripes, checkerboards) and themes (sports, music, nature). Some couples get several different cakes to mix up the look and flavors. Others serve one type of cake to the inner circle (perhaps with an edible photo of the couple) and a different cake to the rest of the attendees.


Bottom Line

Breaking with tradition in key areas can make your wedding more like the party you always wanted to throw and less like a cookie-cutter event.

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