Top 5 Nontraditional Honeymoon Hotel Rooms


Bubble Rooms at Attrap’Rêves in Allauch, France

Escape from the real world and spend your honeymoon together in your own little bubble.  Your crystal clear bubble pod is privately secluded, allowing you to enjoy the nature of the French countryside to the fullest, while still maintaining perfect privacy.  Sip champagne while soaking in the large open-air Jacuzzi, which you can reserve for private use.  If you so choose, the city of Marseille is just 15 minutes away, while the famous village of Cassis is a short half-hour trip.


Finch Hatton Suite at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

This one’s for the hardcore animal lovers.  There aren’t many places where you can literally share your breakfast with Rothschild giraffes (seriously, you open the windows and they stick their heads in!), so if you’re looking for a unique honeymoon experience, this is it.  The 1930’s inspired Manor is located on 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest, close to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (where you can meet and feed baby elephants).  Your stay is bed and breakfast style, so all meals and drinks are included.


Northern Lights Rooms at Icehotel in Sweden

The sculpted ice furniture and décor is only the beginning of what makes these hotel rooms unique.  Each room is a livable art installation, with animated northern lights ceiling and wall projections.  Every spring, the hotel melts, and every winter, artists recreate a new rendition of this ephemeral masterpiece.  During your stay, go dog sledding, ride horses, take a snowmobile tour, and visit Icebar for your first drink “in the rocks” (yup, even the cups are ice).


Poseidon and Neptune Underwater Suites at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai

Forget living like royalty and try living like a god in a 3-story, 1,776 square foot suite that features amenities like a private elevator and 24-carat gold-flecked soap.  Both underwater suites feature floor to ceiling views of Ambassador Lagoon (the largest aquarium in the Middle East), which is home to over 65,000 marine animals including exotic fish, stingrays, eels, and sharks.  In addition to 24/7 private butler service, your room comes with private cabanas at the resort’s pool, beach, and waterpark, as well as two complimentary dolphin encounters.


The Treehouses at Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa

You can’t get much more romantic than a night under the stars.  Add lanterns, a comfy canopy bed, and tapas for 2, and you’ve really got something.  Each of the three breathtaking glass and wood tree houses feature different viewpoints of the African wilderness.  For the best view of the open plain, choose Chalkey’s Treehouse.  If you’d rather sleep above the treetops, the Kingston Treehouse is for you.  All three have full bathroom and shower facilities, and safety features like drawbridges and radio communication.  And yes, you can check “outside,” “in a tree house,” and “in the presence of large African cats” off your bucket list.

Written by Ariel Guterman

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