Mandapa Is Offering Honeymooners A New Kind Of Love Ceremony

In between the lush green landscapes of Bali, luxury is ready at any corner for travelers and newlyweds on their honeymoons. Planning a honeymoon can often be more complicated than you think with meals and rooms and flights and all kinds of other lovely little things for one another.

The process has been streamlined though at Mandapa, a Ritz Carlton property in Indonesia, where the hotel has just unveiled a new package for honeymooners called “Enchanting Love Journey” – a romantic experience combining a traditional Balinese commitment ceremony and a sumptuous private dining experience for two. The Enchanting Love Journey encourages couples to express their love for one another while creating lasting memories of their romantic journey together in Bali.

After just finishing a wedding, an event that took months upon months of planning, financing, and resourcing, wouldn’t it be nice to replay the ceremony where it could be an intimate moment between the two of you? You don’t have to watch for your youngest sibling to be diving head first into the open bar, or to make sure Uncle Dave isn’t talking too much to your college roommate. Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too in the hotel’s beautiful ceremony in historic harmony with Balinese tradition. Of course, for those looking to cut out the mess of wedding planning, the simple, elegant, romantic ceremony could act as one’s own wedding too.

Before the ceremony, the couple will be given a canvas on which to write messages affirming their commitment and love for one another. They will then be ushered – along with the canvas – to the resort temple for a Grahastha ritual, a purification ceremony that aims to cleanse the body, mind and soul followed by a guided wedding ritual. Grahastha is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning “time to marry” and signifies a stage of the Balinese circle of life where one is ready to start a family. During the ritual, the canvas with their affirmations will be blessed by a priest with the hope that whatever they wrote will come true.

The intimate ceremony is an authentic look into Balinese culture, and a great way to kick off a relaxing vacation filled with the excitement of being newly married. Afterward, the hotel is full of incredible dining options, luxurious villas to retire to at night, and a myriad of things to keep you going during the day from the beautiful beaches to the lush green jungles.




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