Ask Your (Unofficial) Best Man: When Worlds Collide

My fiancée and I can’t agree on a honeymoon getaway. She wants to go to a beach getaway and I want something a bit more urban. What are some locales that fit both?

Landing on a honeymoon that feels fun and exciting for both of you can be tricky. Luckily, finding cities along beaches is not exactly difficult. Honolulu is famous for its surf-friendly stretches of sand, while also having a bustling, cool restaurant scene around the city streets. No, it doesn’t have the rich history of a London or Berlin, but it’s an urban area where there are tons of things to do that won’t end with you dumping sand out of your sneakers at the end of the day. As for the Mrs., Waikiki Beach is one of the nation’s coolest, most historic waterfronts, and is still the relaxing getaway for her.

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