Suiting Up In: New York City Suiting Up In: New York City

Suiting Up In: New York City

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Getting fitted for a suit or tuxedo is probably not your most anticipated part of the wedding process—especially when the tailor reaches your inseam. “Hey, watch it, buddy!”

But with a little imagination and some careful planning, this nevertheless extremely important procedure can be a great excuse to spend some extra quality time with your groomsmen. Let’s face it: these moments will likely become a lot less frequent once you’re a happily kept man. So take full advantage. Clear your calendar for a day of hanging out with the fellas. Also, bringing the guys with you ensures that everyone sticks to the program. You can also easily sell them as this being a warm-up/pregame for the bachelor party.

Downtown Manhattan, with its high concentration of great things to taste and experience, is an ideal setting for just this sort of thing. There’s almost too much to do.  Lucky for you, we’ve charted out some nearby activities to do along the way. Herewith, a suggested itinerary for a fun-filled fitting day for you and your boys.

  • 11 a.m. Perk Up

    379 Grand Street, New York, NY, USA
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    Skip the absurd line for New York City’s most overhyped croissant-doughnut hybrid that we dare not mention by name and instead get yourselves a real doughnut at the original Doughnut Plant. Since 1994, this unconventional bakery and espresso bar has been cranking out the most creative rounds in town, with flavors ranging from carrot cake to the chocolate-pudding-filled Blackout to the blowtorch-kissed Creme Brulee. Just remember that you will be fitted for new pants within a few short hours.  

  • 12 p.m. Look Sharp

    33 Crosby St, NY, New York 10013, USA
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    Get everyone in the mood for looking their best with an expert trim and clean shave at Fellow Barber. A cut above your average neighborhood chop-shop, this place smells incredible from the moment you walk in, and service is top-notch with highly skilled barbers wielding the sharpest tools in the business. It doesn’t come cheap: a regular cut costs $50; a cut and shave is $95. But hey, the route to holy matrimony is no time for penny-pinching. Treat yourself! The shop even offers a $30 hangover treatment, involving a series of hot- and cold-towel applications that is sure to rouse any groomsman still reeling from the prior night-out.

  • 2:00 p.m. Chow Down

    27 Prince St, New York, NY, USA
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    Before moving on to the main event, it’s a good idea to fit in a quick bite. A slice of the Spicy Spring at Prince Street Pizza (27 Prince St, 212-966-4100) is just the thing. Each doughy square comes loaded with spicy fra diavolo sauce and curly pepperonis. One bite in, you’ll understand why locals line-up at all hours for this sloppy neighborhood favorite. The shop itself is tiny, with no seating, only a narrow counter for quick eating. So maybe order a whole pie for the group and take it over to nearby Elizabeth Street Garden for a fresh-air nosh. Just don’t forget the napkins. Now mangia!

  • 3:00 p.m. Get Fitted

    424 Broome Street, New York, NY, USA
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    Nobody does wedding parties quite like Indochino. Every location includes a “groom’s lounge” where your buddies can hang out comfortably while you choose the right looks. The shop offers more than 100 different styles of fabrics and 30 different choices for customizations, including individualized lapels, jacket linings, and even monogramming. Meanwhile, on-site tailors will perform about 14 measurements and customizations so everything fits to a T. (The proprietors of this stylish showroom in Soho recommend that you book an appointment about three months before the wedding date to allow plenty of time for any alterations). In three weeks or less, your outfit is shipped directly to you. Minor alterations are included at no additional charge within 30 days. All told, the fitting process will generally take about one to two hours, depending on the size of your party. Some groups bring in their own beverages to help pass the time. Just remember to keep it classy.

  • 5:00 p.m. Shoot Some Stick

    128 Elizabeth St, New York, NY, USA
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    Now that the important part is over, everyone can relax and cut loose. Tropical 128 is the perfect spot for this. Part-tiki bar, part-pool hall, this kitschy hangout is about as unpretentious as they come in downtown NYC, with multiple billiards tables and old-school arcade games to entertain the whole group. Sip on beachy cocktails while you look forward to honeymoon that’s coming up real soon. And don’t forget to buy a round or two for your crew, after all you dragged them into this!