The Best Proposal Ideas in Mexico The Best Proposal Ideas in Mexico

The Best Proposal Ideas in Mexico

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With gorgeous weather, striking scenery and a romance rating that’s through the roof — mariachi, anyone? — Mexico is an affordable and accessible place to propose for most visitors from the U.S. and Canada.

Tip 1: Avoid Mexico’s high seasons (winter and Easter, usually) if you’re hoping for a more intimate, low-key proposal. 

Tip 2: Crime in Mexico is often overblown by American media, but there are some areas you might want to avoid, namely the border states and places with cartel ties. Check government travel advisories for more info.

Getting there: With nonstop flights to places like Cabo and Cancún available from the U.S. and Canada, there’s never been a more convenient time to propose in Mexico. And why wouldn’t you want to? Not only does it have perennially great weather — of course, it depends where you go; the coasts are relatively reliable year-round, though you’ll want to be cautious during hurricane season June through November — it’s also affordable and romantic, and the food is pretty much unrivaled (sorry, Singapore). Basically, proposing in Mexico is a recipe for success. And once you’re there, you can even build in a post-proposal mini-break to other destinations like Mérida, Isla Holbox, or Bacalar. 

So, what are you waiting for? Here’s our list of the best places to propose in Mexico, plus some unique proposal ideas to keep you feeling inspired.

10 Best Places to Propose in Mexico

  • Best Secluded Proposal in Mexico: Cenote Nicte-Ha in Tulum

    Cenote Nicte Ha, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    The Yucatán Peninsula is covered in more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. They prefer to call them cenotes, though, and these freshwater sinkholes make for some of the best secluded proposals in the country … if you pick carefully. Skip the big names like El Gran Cenote and Dos Ojos in favor of the lesser-known, water-lily-covered Cenote Nicte-Ha, which costs less than $10 to enter. Perfect for those social-media-friendly drone shots, you might want to hire a professional to capture the big moment. Or arrange an underwater proposal if you’re feeling adventurous — loads of companies offer proposal packages in Mexican cenotes. (Photo by @beatrizvgama)

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  • Best Rooftop Proposal in Mexico: Baja Brewing in Cabo San Lucas

    Baja Brewing Company, Gallery District, Centro, San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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    Everyone looks for softly lit, romantic rooftop restaurants when it comes time to propose, so do something a little different and get down on one knee at Baja Brewing’s rooftop brewpub in the Cabo Villas Beach Resort complex. Dine on an eclectic pub grub menu including not-so-Mexican classics like shepherd’s pie and wood-fired pizza, and sample the eight-strong range of artisanal brews — Baja Brewing was a Mexican beer pioneer — before proposing with views over the Cabo coastline.

    Really set on that movie-worthy rooftop marriage proposal? Soon-to-be fiancé(e) not really into beer? Then you can’t go wrong at The Cape, a Cabo San Lucas rooftop bar and lounge. (Photo by @bajabrewingcompany)

  • Best Beachside Proposal in Mexico: Playa del Amor in Cabo San Lucas

    Playa del Amor, Auroras, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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    There aren’t many swim-friendly beaches at the very end of the Baja California Peninsula, but Playa del Amor (aka Lover’s Beach) is one of them. Make a day of it and whisk your partner to the shore for swimming, sunbathing, and maybe even a cold beer or two before dropping to the sand as the sun sets and asking that all important question. Large rocks and hidden corners make it easy to find a private spot if you’re not about that public proposal life. Just don’t accidentally make your way over to the neighboring Playa del Divorcio, which might make for something of an inauspicious start to married life. (Photo by @olilaraoficial)

  • Most Artsy Proposal in Mexico: Casa Josefa, Mexico City

    Casa Josefa, Norte 45, Industrial Vallejo, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
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    If you’re not into beachside destinations, head to the bustling Mexican capital — one of the best cities for an artsy, urban proposal — and pop the question in Casa Josefa. This renovated art deco building, which you can rent on Airbnb, is situated slap-bang in the heart of Roma, a trendy neighborhood thronged with bars, restaurants, and all kinds of cool hangouts. Plus, it has all the classy, photo-worthy backdrops you’ll ever need for your post-proposal photoshoot, too. Rates start from $300 a night. (Photo by @casas.gemelas)

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  • Best Restaurant Proposal in Mexico: Harry’s Steakhouse in Cancún

    Harry's Steakhouse & Raw Bar | Cancun, Kukulkan, Hotel Zone, Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    Popular among bachelor parties by day — maybe you can come back? — Harry’s Steakhouse in Cancún by night is the ideal place to pop the question. Not only are the outdoor booths with views over Nichupté Lagoon intimate and romantic, not to mention ideal at sunset, there’s also a pier that stretches into the water. Stroll out with your soon-to-be husband or wife under the guise of snapping a simple photo, then pop the question after wining and dining them on house cocktails, lobster, and steak. Just make sure you give your camera to a competent-looking photographer first. (Photo by @robertopalazuelosbadeaux)

  • Best Nature Lovers’ Proposal in Mexico: Isla Contoy Off the Coast of Cancún

    Isla Contoy, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    There’s nothing like a secluded tropical island on which to pop the question, and luckily Mexico has tropical islands galore. By far and away the best — especially for nature lovers — is Isla Contoy. Not as well-known as Isla Mujeres, prettier than actually kind-of-ugly Cozumel, and less overrun with influencers than Isla Holbox, Isla Contoy is a haven for more than 100 species of birds and is also a nesting spot for sea turtles. There’s also a limit to the number of travelers that can visit per day, so find an approved tour operator and secure your spot well in advance to ensure your romantic island proposal goes off without a hitch. (Photo by @junio.msantos)

  • Best Adventure Seekers’ Proposal in Mexico: Xcaret Park in Playa del Carmen

    Xcaret Park, Solidaridad, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    For an adventurous twist on asking the person you love to marry you, propose at Xcaret Park and combine a fun day out with a life-altering question for a super chill, not-at-all nerve-wracking experience. Ziplines, underground caves, freshwater cenotes and an on-site archaeological ruin are all to be found at Xcaret Park, which is admittedly not the cheapest water park in the region, but you know what they say: You get what you pay for. We recommend popping the question at Mexican Wine Cellar, in the Mayan Village, or atop the Scenic Tower. (Photo by @xcaretpark)

  • Best Jungle Proposal in Mexico: Mamasan, Tulum

    Mamasan, Quintana Roo 15, Zona Hotelera Tulum, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    Tulum is one of the most popular Mexican destinations of the moment, but you can still steal some intimacy when it comes to your proposal at Mamasan, a striking rooftop jungle bar. Ensconced among the treetops, it lets you combine epic views with an unbeatable atmosphere while sipping on signature (and aptly named) cocktails like Fresco Amor (a fruity tequila number). When you feel like the time is right — probably about two cocktails in — drop to one knee and ask the most important question of your life: “Shall we split the check?” Just kidding. It’s “will you marry me?” obviously. (Photo by @mamasantulum)

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  • Best Holiday Proposal in Mexico: Torre Latinoamericana, Mexico City

    Torre Latinoamericana, Historic center of Mexico City, Centro, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
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    The Mexican capital is one of the most festive places to propose in the country, especially if you’re not keen on the idea of schlepping to smaller towns like Atlixco, Puebla. While there certainly won’t be any snow to speak of, the city center during the winter holidays is garlanded with cheery lights, decorations, and sometimes, an outdoor ice rink. Though you can take your chances with a Disney on Ice (rink) style proposal, we recommend escaping the crowds and grabbing a table at Torre Latinoamericana’s 41st-floor restaurant and bar. There, as you look over the twinkling city below, you can pop the question in relative peace. (Photo by @miraltomx)

  • Best Instagram Proposal in Mexico: Cobá Pyramid near Tulum

    Pirámide Nohoch Mul, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    Chichén Itzá may be the most iconic pyramid on the Yucatán Peninsula, but it’s old hat to get down on one knee there. Besides, why propose in front of a pyramid when you can do so atop one instead? At Pirámide Nohoch Mul in Cobá, just 90 minutes from Playa del Carmen and 45 minutes from Tulum, you can do just that. But remember that you’ll likely be surrounded by a healthy number of strangers if you choose to do it this way, so make sure your would-be wife (or husband) isn’t averse to the idea of a very public proposal first. (Photo by @loreangelini)