The Best Honeymoon Ideas: Prague Guide The Best Honeymoon Ideas: Prague Guide

The Best Honeymoon Ideas: Prague Guide

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Before You Dive In

Why go? This elegant, sophisticated, history-laden city oozes culture at more affordable prices than Western Europe — if you know where to look. 

Best ideas: Pamper yourself with a honeymoon package at Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa, go garnet shopping and ensure your eternal love under the statue of a dead poet.

Good to know: There are going to be other tourists. Lots of them. And with lots of tourists come the scammers.

The enchanting honeymoon destination of Prague is no longer a secret, but the place to go in Europe 30 years ago is still the place to go in Europe today. You may just find yourself rubbing shoulders with a few more tourists and wondering where the bargains are. Although firmly on every tourist’s radar, Prague’s charm is not lost in the crowds. With a bit of planning and the right timing, you can honeymoon in the captivating Prague of old with an assortment of modern luxuries.

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Travel & Getting Around in Prague

The currency of the Czech Republic is the koruna, not the euro, but prices in tourist zones can easily match Western Europe. However, most Czech people can’t afford these prices and they have to eat and sleep, too. Stray a bit from the Old Town and Prague Castle for reasonable food and lodging and you won’t sacrifice quality. 

Getting around Prague is incredibly easy. The Old Town and Lesser Quarter are very walkable and the city is well-connected with trams and a metro. Uber rides are also much cheaper than you’d find in the U.S. while trains can take you to anywhere else in the Czech Republic you’d like to visit.

Nonstop flights are available from Chicago, Philadelphia and New York, though some of the routes are seasonal. Summer sees the most tourists and highest prices, but the blossoming spring, autumn colors and white winter make Prague a great choice for all four seasons. 

Take notice though: Scams and scammers abound in Prague. Don’t change money on the streets and only use ATMs at reputable banks (avoid Euronet ATMs). If you have to change money, even some brick-and-mortar exchanges are ripoffs, so know what the exchange rate should be. As always, keep your belongings secure and watch out for pickpockets.

Honeymooning in Prague: Pros and Cons


  • Charming city loaded with history
  • Reasonably priced (if you know where to look)
  • Very walkable and well-connected by cheap public transit and Uber
  • Luxury hotels become affordable during the off-season
  • Extremely reasonable Airbnbs
  • English is widely spoken
  • Large, quiet parks to escape the crowds


  • Hordes of tourists, especially in the summer
  • Some hotel prices skyrocket during the high season
  • Scammers and pickpockets are prevalent  
  • It’s not just a favorite of honeymooners — Prague gets more than its share of bachelor parties, backpackers and the party crowd

Prague Regions

Like many European cities, Prague is divided into districts starting from the center and numbering outward.

  • Old Town (Staré Mesto)

    Old Town, Prague 1, Czechia
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    (Photo by @topworlddestination).

    Home to most of Prague’s famous sites and squares, these streets lined with Gothic architecture are where you’ll do the majority of your wandering. 

  • Lesser Quarter (Malá Strana)

    Lesser Quarter, Prague
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    (Photo by @wayne_nally_images)

    Opposite the Vltava River from Old Town and connected by the famous Charles Bridge, don’t let the name “Lesser” Town fool you. Prague Castle resides here, along with magnificent churches and an array of more affordable hotels and restaurants than across the bridge.

  • New Town (Nove Mesto)

    New Town, Prague, Czechia
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    (Photo by @ninokins)

    This shiny, “new” 14th-century neighborhood does feel a bit more modern than the previous two with the prevalence of trams, the metro and some modern architecture. 

  • Vinohrady

    Vinohrady, Prague 2, Czechia
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    (Photo by @irina_my_trip)

    While the above three neighborhoods see the vast majority of the tourist action, Vinohrady has become a favorite of the international community, as evidenced by the variety of restaurants and cuisines. 

  • Žižkov

    Žižkov, Prague 3, Czechia
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    (Photo by @cityofprague)

    Žižkov is a budget-friendly part of town with perfectly adequate dining and lodging options. Its famous TV Tower, which resembles something out of Star Wars, is widely regarded as one of the ugliest buildings on earth. 

  • Holešovice and Letná Park

    Holešovice, Prague 7, Czechia
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    (Photo by @cityofprague)

    Most new development is happening here in Holešovice, so you can expect to find chic cafes, trendy bars and eccentric art galleries scattered among abandoned meatpacking buildings. Letná Park and its beer garden are also worth a visit. 

  • Best Attractions & Activities in Prague

  • Prague Castle

    Prague Castle, Hradčany, Prague 1, Czechia
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    (Photo courtesy of Prague Castle)

    Looming watchfully over the city like a father sitting two rows back in a movie theater on his teenage daughter’s first date, Prague Castle is easily the city’s main attraction. The question is not if you should visit the castle but rather how you should visit it, because nearly every one of the eight million annual visitors to Prague will be doing the exact same thing.

    Summers and weekends predictably see the largest crowds — enough to make what should be an enchanting visit to the world’s largest medieval castle resemble a New York City subway station at rush hour. 

    The solution is to go early. Very early. The ticketed areas of Prague Castle may open at 9 a.m., but the free castle grounds open at 5 a.m. in summer and 6 a.m. in winter. Arrive before sunrise and enjoy a magical stroll through the squares and courtyards of an alluring castle while the sky changes colors and the sun rises above the city below you. It’ll seem as if you reserved the entire castle just for you two.

  • Charles Bridge

    Charles Bridge, Prague 1, Czechia
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    (Photo by @philipprichter)

    Odds are, you’ll end up walking across this 15th-century bridge that connects the Old Town with the Lesser Quarter, but be sure to appreciate it as you do. For 400 years, this pedestrian-only stone bridge was the only way to travel between Prague Castle and the Old Town. On one end, the Old Town Bridge Tower has a viewing platform that offers perhaps the best views of Prague, but at a cost. I’m not referring to the $4 entry fee — you’ll have to climb 138 stairs to the top. The rest of the bridge is lined with statues of prominent religious figures. Be sure to return for photos at night, when the bridge is majestically lit with Prague Castle in the background.

  • Sandeman's Free Walking Tour

    SANDEMANs NEW Prague, Free Walking Tour, rue de Paris, Old Town, Czechia
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    (Photo by Brian Biros)

    This three-hour tour leads you through Prague’s Old Town and all its tumultuous history. What sets Sandeman tours apart is that they are highly entertaining, and — if you’re a cheapskate — free. In reality, they are tip-based, which means the guides are highly incentivized to be amusing and intriguing. 10 euros per person is the average tip, while anything more will make the guide happy and is still well worth the money.

    One site you will pass on this tour is the Astronomical Clock, which your guide may mention is rated the third-most-overrated tourist attraction in Europe — Paris’s Mona Lisa and Munich’s Glockenspiel hold the top two honors. Much more entertaining than joining the massive crowds on the hour every hour for a performance worthy of a music box is hearing your guide mock the production and the underwhelmed reactions of those gathered to see it. 

  • Karel Hynek Mácha Monument

    Monument of Karel Hynek Mácha, Petřínské sady, Prague 1, Czechia
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    (Photo courtesy of, The Official Tourism Website for Prague)

    Karel Hynek was a strikingly handsome romantic poet who died at the young age of 26, just days before his wedding. On May 1 — a day the Czech Republic dedicates to lovers — couples come to kiss under his statue on Petrin Hill, which legend says will make their love eternal.

    Even if you’re not honeymooning on May 1, the tradition has extended beyond that single day. And unlike other romantic sites like the Eiffel Tower that are crowded with other tourists as well as gypsies trying to sell you flowers and/or steal your wallet, you will likely be the only two here. 

  • Prague Old Car Tours

    Prague Old Car Tours, Prague
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    (Photo courtesy of Prague Old Car Tours)

    These vintage vehicles set the ambience for a historic tour through Prague. Starting from $75 for a 40-minute tour, the guides are warm and knowledgeable and will customize your trip if you wish. This is an especially good option on colder days when you can cuddle together in the back seat under a blanket. 

  • Garnet Shopping

    Granat Turnov, U Lužického semináře, Malá Strana, Czechia
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    (Photo courtesy of Granat Turnov)

    Even though you’ve already recently made a pretty hefty hardware purchase now sitting on your new wife’s finger, a piece of jewelry bearing this semiprecious Czech gemstone may be the best memento from your honeymoon. While Prague’s many tourist areas are lined with shops selling them, counterfeits are common. Reputable dealers at Granat Turnov or Halada stores are your safest bets for the real thing, but you’ll still need to bargain hard. 

  • Sedlec Ossuary

    Sedlec Ossuary, Zámecká, Kutna Hora, Czechia
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    (Photo by Brian Biros)

    About an hour outside Prague, you wouldn’t expect this small, fairly average Catholic church to attract tourists. But when you descend to the lower level, you’ll see why it’s famous: the bones of nearly 40,000 people are arranged in artistic patterns and formations. Some skulls are piled high in pyramids, other bones are arranged into a coat of arms and the highlight is the chandelier that contains every bone in the human body.

    No, this isn’t the work of a serial killer. Centuries ago, the cemetery surrounding the church was a sought-after burial site because it had been sprinkled with soil from the holy land. To make room for more recent bodies, older remains were exhumed and the skeletons were eventually made into the decorations you see today. They say the attraction is a reminder of the inevitability of human death. The so-called Bone Church may not seem like your typical stop during a honeymoon, but it’s surprisingly not as eerie as you’d think, and it’s too fascinating to pass up. 

  • Karlovy Vary

    Karlovy Vary, Czechia
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    (Photo by @karlovyvarycz)

    If the crowds in Prague are too much, two hours by bus or car will land you in the spa town of Karlovy Vary. The natural hot springs that attract visitors today are the reason the town was originally settled.

    Pop inside Vrídelní Kolonáda to taste the thermal waters for free (yes, this is completely normal), including the hottest spring, Vrídlo, which clocks in at 161 degrees Fahrenheit and shoots 40 feet into the air.

    Though hot springs and spa treatments are the main attraction, the Moser Museum, which showcases a rich history of glassmaking, is also worth a visit. Karlovy Vary can be done as a day trip, but there’s no reason to hurry back with all the hotel spa options. 

  • Best Hotels, Resorts & Airbnbs in Prague

    High season is summer time, when prices at many hotels double that of the off-season. Rate changes in smaller, independent hotels and apartment rentals aren’t nearly as drastic.

    If marriage already has you thinking of warming up your Dad jokes, you’ll get opportunities here with “Czech-in” and “Czech-out.” Maybe even a “Czech yourself before you wreck yourself” line to the wifey. Don’t worry, it’s too late for her to run away.

  • The Grand Mark Prague

    Best Value The Grand Mark Prague, Hybernská, New Town, Czechia
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    (Photo courtesy of The Grand Mark Prague)

    Vibe: If the details of a fine hotel — from a finely appointed bellman to an attentive concierge — matter to you, this is your best bet to find it at a reasonable price (outside of high season). The peaceful garden with its meandering peacocks and spa-worthy bathrooms with large bathtubs also set this hotel apart from the rest.

    Price: Winter rates drop to $170 per night with spring and fall prices hovering just above $200. Summer rates more than double that. If you stay here during the colder months, the spa’s Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room will warm you up at the end of the day. 

  • The Emblem Hotel

    Best Amenities The Emblem Hotel, Platnéřská, Old Town, Czechia
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    (Photo courtesy of The Emblem Hotel)

    Vibe: Primely located at the edge of Old Town, this swanky hotel gives you complimentary use of its top-floor spa. The 452-square-foot suites each have their own unique twists. The Terrace Suite features a large private outdoor area, while the Library Suite has a secret passageway through a bookcase that leads to an attic bedroom and copper bathtub.

    Price: Winter rates start at $100 per night with suites in the low $300s. Add at least $100 per night in the summer. For a real honeymoon treat, reserve the private rooftop terrace and Jacuzzi for $95, including a bottle of prosecco.

  • Hotel Julian

    Best Rooftop Terrace Hotel Julian, prague
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    (Photo by Hotel Julian)

    Vibe: The common areas are what set this cozy hotel apart from other midrange hotels. Have a drink on the rooftop terrace watching Prague Castle light up at night, then get comfy near the fireplace in the living room. And don’t miss the rustic charm of the Golden Times Restaurant.

    Price: Rooms start at $65 in winter and $100 in summer — the stylish touches of a Deluxe Superior Room are totally worth the $20 upgrade.

  • NYX Hotel Prague

    Most Affordable NYX Hotel Prague
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    (Photo courtesy of NYX Hotel)

    Vibe: If you’re looking for Eastern European edginess without the grunginess, check out the chic NYX Hotel, located in the midst of Prague’s first district. The art feels like refined graffiti and the color schemes are refreshingly upbeat. Its restaurants match the contemporary theme, and include a breakfast served with bubbly.

    Price: Rooms start at $70 in the low season and $120 in the high season. 

  • Airbnb: Charming River Apartment With Castle Views

    Best Complimentary Breakfast Svornosti CP 88m2 Anděl, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha, Czechia
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    (Photo courtesy of Airbnb)

    Vibe: Prague has a large supply of incredibly affordable Airbnbs. Around $30 to $60 for a completely decent apartment is normal, but splurge on this beautifully appointed gem on your honeymoon. Enjoy some wine on the balcony, a nice comfy sleep in the king bed and a morning espresso back on the balcony, then head to the restaurant around the corner for an included full breakfast.

    Price: Rates from $56 a night.

  • Airbnb: Sunny Riverside Apartment

    Best Views Prague, Czechia
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    (Photo by Airbnb)

    Vibe: This charming two-bedroom apartment comes with an epic rooftop terrace overlooking the Vitava River that’s perfect for chilling out and watching the sunset after a long day of sightseeing.

    Price: From $119 a night.

  • Quisisana Palace (Karlovy Vary)

    Best for Spa Lovers Quisisana Palace, karlovy vary
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    (Photo courtesy of Quisisana Palace)

    Vibe: When you arrive at the thermal waters of Karlovy Vary, you won’t want to return to Prague that same night. Plan ahead and book an overnight at Quisisana Palace. And don’t miss out on the spa — the sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room can be reserved for your private use and access is included with most massage treatments. 

    Price: Ornately appointed rooms and suites start at $130 per night with breakfast. 

  • Honeymoon Packages in Prague

  • Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa (Romantic Package)

    Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa, prague
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    (Photo courtesy of Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa)

    On arrival from your included airport transfer, you’ll be impressed by this 16th-century building and its ornate rococo architecture. From there, you will only continue to feel like royalty in a luxury room with romantic perks like rose petals, sparkling wine, a fruit basket, couples massages, daily breakfast, daily wine tastings, dinner vouchers, unlimited spa use, early check-in and late checkout.

    This complete honeymoon package starts at $940 for two nights or $1,178 for three — pricey, but you’ll get your money’s worth. If your bank isn’t broken yet, ask about a last-minute upgrade to a Prestige Suite. Even if you pass on the package, don’t pass on the hotel. Rooms start at $140 in winter and $200 in summer. 

  • Sweet Prague Gourmet Dinner River Cruise

    Prague Boats
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    (Photo by @prague_boats)

    There is a seemingly endless selection of river cruises, from a quick crowded boat ride for $20 to luxury dinners for well over $100. The most intimate option and best suited for your honeymoon is the Sweet Prague cruise by Prague Boats. For $97 per person, you’ll spend three hours drifting down and up the Vltava River on a spacious boat, listening to mood-setting live piano music and enjoying a gourmet, three-course, a la carte dinner with drinks. 

    Don’t bother spending the extra $30 for the forward cabin. The view isn’t much better and when you want to take pictures and embrace beneath the evening glow of Prague, the rooftop will be open. 

  • Best Restaurants & Bars in Prague

    Czech food is heavy on meats, gravies and stews. But Prague’s emergence as an international city and its affordability relative to other prominent European cities has made it a hotspot for fine, eclectic cuisine. You could have avocado toast for breakfast, a traditional beef goulash for lunch and a Michelin-starred dinner all within a couple blocks.

    Opt for the local wine on the menu. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the dry and semi dry white wines produced here in the Czech Republic. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of Czech wine in the U.S., it’s a simple case of supply and demand. Czech winemakers can’t even produce enough wine to meet the demand in their own country, so outside of a few upscale wineries, they see no need to export it. 

  • Alcron Restaurant

    Best for a Big Night Out Alcron Restaurant
    View Map

    (Photo courtesy of Alcron Restaurant)

    If your budget can handle it, make this your fanciest honeymoon date night spot. This Michelin-starred restaurant serves only eight tables in a luxurious, intimate setting. At $100 per person for the six-course chef’s tasting menu and another $75 for the wine pairing, your bank account may take some time to recover, but you’ll remember this dining experience forever.

  • Pepř a Sůl

    Best Family Run Restaurant Restaurant Pepř a Sůl, Krátkého, Prague 9, Czechia
    View Map

    (Photo courtesy of Pepř a Sůl)

    This family-run restaurant has everything you could ask for: delicious Czech cuisine from generational recipes, sizeable portions, warm service and affordable prices. It’s worth straying from the city center to get here. Finding a disappointing item on the menu would be a challenge, but if you need a recommendation, get the roast duck breast ($14). 

  • Petřínské Terasy

    Best for Skyline Views Petřínské terasy, Petřínské sady, Prague 1, Czechia
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    (Photo courtesy of Petřínské Terasy)

    This is as romantic a setting as you’ll find in Prague, an elevated outdoor terrace nestled in the midst of a park, with greenery views in the foreground and the stunning Prague skyline as a backdrop. You’ll find reasonable prices for traditional dishes made with beef, pork and chicken, and there are even vegetarian options. Even if you aren’t hungry, come here for a drink and the ambience. 


    Best Brunch Menu VENUE, Havelská, Old Town, Czechia
    View Map

    (Photo courtesy of VENUE)

    If your wife is missing her favorite cafe, bring her here for brunch food and barista-made coffee that meets the standard of any upscale cafe in the U.S. — at half the price. The chicken and waffles are a huge hit, but they also have vegan and gluten-free options. Show up early or you’ll be waiting in line. 

  • Vegan's Prague

    Best for Vegans and Vegetarians Vegan's Prague, Nerudova, Malá Strana, Czechia
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    (Photo courtesy of Vegan’s Prague)

    On the surface, the heavy, meaty Czech food in this city doesn’t appear vegetarian-friendly. But with Prague emerging as a premier international destination, more cuisine choices have followed, meatless included.

    Even still, you wouldn’t expect to find quality vegan food near the city center with a view of Prague Castle, but that’s exactly what you get here at Vegan’s Prague — and much of the menu is gluten-free, too! Be sure to inquire about that day’s Buddha Bowl before committing to anything else.

  • Karlovy Lazne

    Best Megaclub Karlovy Lazne - Nightclub, Novotného lávka, Old Town, Czechia
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    (Photo courtesy of Karlovy Lazne)

    Prague’s iconic five-story nightclub in a 14th-century bathhouse is at the top of the list and the bottom of the list for nightlife options, depending on who you ask. Each floor has its own theme and music genre, covering mainstream, dance, oldies, hip hop and chill. However, the bartenders seem to believe their job is much more important than handing out drinks and someone needs to tell the security guards the Cold War is over. If you’re looking for a party night out and can stomach the crowds and pretentious staff, this Megaclub is a site to see, albeit with a cover charge.

  • Hemingway Bar

    Best Creative Cocktails Hemingway Bar, Karoliny Světlé, Old Town, Czechia
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    (Photo courtesy of the Hemingway Bar Prague.)

    When the novelty factor at Karlovy Lazne wears off — or if you had no interest to begin with — the Hemingway Bar is a block away and makes the best cocktails in Prague. Its inventive menu, talented mixologists and classy vibe do justice to the famous author and namesake who almost as famously loved his spirits. Be sure to make a reservation — even as a bar, they turn away most walk-ins to maintain the atmosphere. 

  • Bottom Line

    You can’t choose much better than this idyllic medieval city for a fairy-tale honeymoon. You’ve already fallen in love with each other, but expect to fall in love once again with Prague.