The Best Honeymoon Ideas in Capri, Italy The Best Honeymoon Ideas in Capri, Italy

The Best Honeymoon Ideas in Capri, Italy

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Why Go? Swimming in history and about as gorgeous as the Italian seaside vacation of your dreams, Capri will transport you through the millennia and convince both you and your new spouse that this is a union meant for the ages. Plus, it’s got beautiful architecture, world-renowned food, and lots of limoncello.

Best Ideas: Climb Monte Solaro for awe-inspiring views, visit the Gardens of Augustus down below, and take in history at Ville San Michele. But most of all, take your new spouse by the hand and go on our secret walk!

Good to Know: The only way to get to Capri is by sea and there’s only one road for cars, so leave your automobile behind. This isn’t an island of sandy beaches. You’ll be spending more time gawking at the amazing views, eating well, and living the local life.

No words can describe the breathless beauty of Capri, or “L’Isola Azzurra,” “The Blue Island.” Its mysterious grottos, inimitable views, and wild nature, which sharply contrasts with the luxury villas and exclusive boutiques, create a unique mix of natural and historic wonders — and a perfect retreat for lovers. 

We’ll guide you through the world-known attractions of this surprising island, but will also suggest a few ways to run away from the maddening crowds with a personal touch and familiar approach to what has been “my place” since I was a kid. It’s an island that keeps enchanting me each time I come back.

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Traveling & Getting Around in Capri

Capri is known across the world for many good reasons. I’ll just name a few: its incredibly turquoise sea, stunning views of Naples Bay and the Amalfi coast, ancient history with beautiful Roman villas, and a fancy nightlife that every year attracts celebrities along with a lively crowd of local and international tourists. 

The best times to visit the island are during the shoulder seasons from May to early June and from September to early October. That’s when the weather is mild, the sea is warm, and the island is much less crowded than during the summer months. 

The only way to reach Capri is by sea. Ferries depart from Naples and Sorrento and, in the summer, there are also routes from Positano, Amalfi, Salerno, and Ischia. For most of the year, non-resident vehicles are forbidden on Capri. There isn’t much use for cars on the island as there is only one road and excellent public transportation, so it’s better to leave your car on the mainland. The closest international airport is Napoli Capodichino, and all the main international airlines fly there from the U.S.

Honeymooning in Capri: Pros & Cons

The Pros:

  • Easy connections to other famous Italian attractions, like Naples and the Amalfi Coast.
  • You can easily find amazing places to stay and all kind of eateries, ranging from celebrity-style, overly expensive spots, to low-budget, high-value restaurants.  
  • The natural beauty juxtaposed with the homes of the elite make for a memorable honeymoon.

The Cons:

  • If you’re coming to Capri for long stretches of sandy beaches, prepare for disappointment. The beaches on the island consist of pebbles or solid rock. 
  • The weather can turn sour abruptly, so get ready to face heavy rain and strong winds (especially in April, May, and October) even on what started as a sunny day. 

Capri Regions

Here’s something most tourists don’t know on their first visit to Capri: The island boasts not one but two beautiful towns: Capri and Anacapri (the Ancient Greek prefix “ana-” means “up” or “above,” as this is the highest part of island). You’ll be able to visit both towns during your time in Capri, but before deciding where to stay, you need to know that each one has a different character — so it’s key to understand the differences between them.

  • Anacapri

    80071 Anacapri NA, Italy
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    If you prefer a quiet, laid-back atmosphere, head to Anacapri. While both of the main towns get crowded during the summer, Anacapri always maintains a more tranquil feel. The streets and the pulsing heart of Capri town — La Piazzetta — are constantly vibrant, but you’ll find plenty of quiet alleys in Anacapri. (Photo by @im.rapunzel91)

  • Capri Town

    80076 Capri, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
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    Of course, that’s no surprise that Capri town is often overrun with tourists since it’s closer to Marina Grande, where the ferries dock, and most visitors will make their way to the charming Piazzetta or hang around the town center before their departure.

    If you’re looking for exciting nightlife and exclusive boutiques — pretty much every luxury brand has an outlet in Capri on the fancy Via Camerelle — you’ll have plenty of options in Capri town. If you want to avoid big brands and go for something you can only get here in Capri, visit 100% Capri for great linen, clothing, and home accessories, and Da Costanzo, the one and only maestro of flat Capri sandals. In Anacapri, explore artisanal workshops full of local handicrafts. (Photo by @beachesandhotels)

  • Best Attractions & Activities in Capri

    You’ve probably heard frightening stories about how many tourist traps there are in Capri. Well, they’re all true, in most cases. If you plan to stop in the Piazzetta for breakfast and you dare to sit at one of the outside tables, be ready to pay up to five euros for a single coffee. To avoid these tourist traps, follow my insider tips — I’m Neapolitan, so they can’t fool me! I’ll list a few places you still shouldn’t miss, but will also warn you about the main risks you face as foreign tourists. 

  • The Faraglioni from the Gardens of Augustus

    Via Matteotti, 2, 80076 Capri NA, Italy
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    Not only are they stunning, but the Gardens of Augustus, located just a 10-minute walk from Capri’s central Piazzetta, have one of the best views on the island of the towering sea stacks — The Faraglioni, a symbol of Capri — just off the coast. Pose in front of the Belvedere or on one of the beautiful ceramic tiled benches in the garden for a perfect snapshot of you and your new spouse. (Photo by @2snailsinabubble)

  • Via Krupp

    Via Krupp, 80076 Capri NA, Italy
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    From the Gardens of Augustus, you can access a few panoramic, flower-decked terraces overlooking the Faraglioni on one side and the Bay of Marina Piccola and Via Krupp on the other. Via Krupp was established at the behest of Friedrich Alfred Krupp, the owner of the great German steel mills. He was fond of marine biological research and loved to go to Capri with a yacht he moored in Marina Piccola Bay. To easily reach the boat from the suites of the Grand Hotel Quisisana, he built this splendid panoramic road carved into the rocky ridge and dominated by the Gardens. Via Krupp has often been closed over the years because of the risk of falling rocks, but you and your adventurous wife can be lucky (and brave) enough to enjoy its long-awaited reopening, expected to be in 2020. (Photo by @danicaspi)

  • A Romantic Stroll from Pizzolungo to Tragara

    Via del Pizzolungo, 80076 Capri NA, Italy
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    One minute you’re surrounded by crowds of tourists. The next, you’re in a peaceful little lane with only the sea, sky, and flowers for company. Here’s the most authentic Capri, just for the few couples in the know who want a quiet, romantic stroll. This walk takes you from the Piazzetta to the Natural Arch and along the spectacular Pizzolungo coastal path before drawing to a dramatic close beneath the Faraglioni rocks at Punta Tragara. By far the most impressive of the seaside homes along the route, Curzio Malaparte’s Villa dominates the promontory of Capo Masullo. The Pompeiian-red building overlooking the sea is considered one of the finest works of modern architecture in the world — it’s closed to the public but you can take photos of it from the path leading to Tragara. Take your love by the hand before you start on this journey back in time and through the best Capri has to offer. But don’t tell too many other people about it — it’s our little secret! (Photo by @lulualtobelli)

  • Villa Jovis

    Via Tiberio, 80073 Capri NA, Italy
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    Capri has never failed to attract visitors, especially Emperor Tiberius, who was so in love with the island that he built his own holiday retreat, Villa Jovis, or the Villa of Jupiter. Situated on the cliff top overlooking the Bay of Naples, the Sorrento Peninsula, and the neighboring islands of Ischia and Procida, this once palatial retreat is the largest of the island’s 12 Roman villas. Though the details of its actual history are rather gruesome — seriously, don’t look up what Tiberius actually did there to amuse himself before you go there with your wife — it’s still a striking and romantic backdrop for honeymoon selfies. (Photo by @rbrandfass)

  • Funicolare di Capri

    80076 Capri, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
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    You’ll never forget your first view on Capri and for most visitors, this is the sweeping panorama from the terrace just outside the funicular stop at the top of the cliff. Having just arrived on the island, you and your spouse climb the cliffside in its historic cars, exit from the top, turn around and find the whole of the Bay of Naples in front of you. This is your first “This is going to be an amazing honeymoon” moment. (Photo by @anastasiia_kudrik)

  • Villa San Michele

    Viale Axel Munthe, 34, 80071 Anacapri NA, Italy
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    Few homes have such a perfect setting, but Villa San Michele’s magic lies not only in its beauty but in its personality. It was the home of Swedish doctor Axel Munthe, who immortalized its concept, construction, and his life there. The house and gardens surrounding it are filled with his personal collections, ranging from priceless archaeological artifacts — Roman, Egyptian, and Etruscan antiquities — to 20th-century art. The view from its gardens, framed by vine-draped pergolas and marble statues, are breathtaking. If you want an iconic, Instagrammable spot, stop by the Sphinx. If you’re fond of classical music and theatre, the Villa offers an annual season of incredible concerts and performances on its panoramic terrace. (Photo by @anniexoxo)

  • Monte Solaro

    Monte Solaro, 80071 Anacapri, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
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    From Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri, a chairlift — and for the bravest, a one-hour footpath — lead up to the summit of 1,930-foot Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island. From here, you can see not only the whole island, the Bay of Naples, and Amalfi’s peninsula but as far as the mountains of the southern Calabria region. The lift has 156 chairs and, with an ascent time of only 12 minutes, gives you 360-degree panoramic views. After the journey, relax at Canzone del Cielo, an American bar and solarium open since the 1950s. (Photo by @super.italy)

  • Instead of sticking to typical and often cheesy honeymoon packages, I would suggest these two wonderful tours, which are popular but not obvious, and can be enjoyed in small groups.

  • Nesea's Five Senses Tour of Capri

    80076 Capri, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
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    Organized by Nesea Capri Tours & Events, this tour lets you experience the island with all five senses: see the colors of the Blue Grotto, touch the towering Faraglioni, hear the sounds of the Mediterranean, taste traditional island limoncello and smell the scents of Capri-made Carthusia perfumes. It lasts three hours and starts at about $400 (360 euros) per group with a maximum of six people. The tour happens on a traditional gozzo boat and includes a stop at the Blue Grotto — the $16 (14 euro) entry ticket is not included — a limoncello tasting, and a visit to the artisanal Carthusia perfumes workshop, where you can buy marvelously scented souvenirs for your friends and family. All the while, expert local guides will share with you the history and legends of the island. (Photo by @neseacapritour)

  • The Trail of Forts Hiking Tour

    Sentiero dei Fortini, 32014 Soccher - Paiane - Casan - Arsie BL, Italy
    View Map

    To truly get off the beaten path and test your hiking skills, the Sentiero dei Fortini, or “Trail of Forts,” in Anacapri runs along the western coastline starting from the Blue Grotto and heading to Punta Carena Lighthouse. Once you reach the lighthouse, consider stopping for lunch at Lido del Faro for an outstanding plate of ravioli capresi and a unique sunset view.

    The hiking tour is perfect for those who want to experience the wilder side of the island. Comfortable shoes and a bottle of water are strongly recommended. It’s offered by Nesea Capri and starts from $200 (180 euros) per group with a maximum of 16 people, lasts four hours, and includes the services of an English-speaking guide who can tell you all about the history of the forts along the excursion. (Photo by @labbeeeerun)

  • Best Hotels & Resorts in Capri

    In Capri, you can find all types of accommodation, from romantic and affordable bed and breakfasts to super-expensive five-star resorts, and small boutique hotels. Here’s a look at some of the coolest and most valuable options, with a special thought for you, honeymooners

  • Grand Hotel Quisisana

    Via Camerelle, 2, 80073 Capri NA, Italy
    View Map

    It’s impossible to visit Capri without walking by the Grand Hotel Quisisana at least once. Just steps from the Piazzetta, the hotel stands out thanks to its timeless and classic beauty. It was over 150 years ago when the English physician George Clark decided to transform his wife’s holiday villa, first into a sanatorium — the word quisisana means “here one heals” — then into a luxury hotel that has become a landmark for both locals and visitors over the past century. Many of its rooms boast a private terrace with a view over the Faraglioni and the Charterhouse of San Giacomo. Rooms start from $444 (400 euros) per night. (Photo by @visitcapriofficial)

  • Hotel Punta Tragara

    Via Tragara, 57, 80073 Capri NA, Italy
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    You can almost reach out and touch the Faraglioni rocks from this magnificent five-star hotel. Hotel Punta Tragara is a masterpiece of million-dollar views and 1920s sophistication and holds a special place in Capri’s illustrious and storied past. From Capri town’s main square, a 15-minute walk along panoramic Via Tragara ends at the spectacular Belvedere, which opens to reveal endless seascapes and the hotel’s entrance. Getting here is really half the fun. The 38 rooms and six suites are scattered across a charming labyrinth on three levels. No two rooms are alike, and all come with balconies, terraces, or patios fronting the garden or the sea. Rooms start from $755 (680 euros) per night. (Photo by @puntatragarahotel)

  • JK Place Capri

    Via Marina Grande, 225, 80076 Capri NA, Italy
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    A triumph of peerless refinement and Italian high design, JK Place Capri is an easy yet sophisticated hotel with sumptuous interiors, a gorgeous swimming pool terrace, relaxed wellness spa, magnificent sea views, and one of the island’s most celebrated restaurants, JKitchen. Prices start at $944 (850 euros) per night. (Photo by @jkplacecapri)

  • Capri Palace

    Isola di Capri NA IT, Via Capodimonte, 14, 80071 Anacapri NA, Italy
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    If you love pop and contemporary art, Capri Palace is the place for you. Arches, vaults, and chunky columns dominate the all-white and cream interiors aiming to recall an 18th-century Neapolitan palazzo. Contemporary works of art dot the entire property, adding a pinch of fun and color: think huge bronze helmets, neon art, and quirky pop art pieces. Interiors are bright with stylish common areas featuring plump sofas. The hotel is ideally located in the heart of Anacapri so you can explore the island’s major sights, including the summit of Monte Solaro — the chairlift is right outside the hotel — and the Blue Grotto. The hotel’s excellent medical spa has won lots of awards, while its two restaurants lay claim to all three of Capri’s Michelin stars. Rooms start at $477 (430 euros) a night. (Photo by @capripalace)

  • Hotel Caesar Augustus

    Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 4, 80071 Anacapri NA, Italy
    View Map

    Few hotels in the world can boast a position as spectacular as that of Hotel Caesar Augustus. Perched on the cliff’s edge and, at first glance, perilously close to the 300-meter-high sheer drop to the sea below, this magnificent 5-star hotel gazes out across the entire Bay of Naples, offering stunning views of Capri, the island of Ischia, and Mount Vesuvius from its iconic,Roman statue-decorated terrace. This is the perfect place for a private aperitivo with an astonishing sunset view. La Terrazza di Lucullo, the hotel’s gourmet restaurant, is one of those culinary experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime. For special occasions — and your honeymoon is obviously one of those — book a table on the pensatoio, a small private terrace with just one table, which gives you the feeling of being suspended above the seascape while you dine. Rooms start at $644 (580 euros) a night. (Photo by @hotel_caesar_augustus)

  • Reputedly the birthplace of limoncello, the island’s famous lemon liqueur, Casa Mariantonia enjoys a beautiful location in a quiet pedestrian area of Anacapri. It’s set in a beautifully preserved building that dates back to 1800 and has welcomed illustrious visitors like writers Alberto Moravia and Jean-Paul Sartre. Standing in a spectacular garden with lemon and orange trees and a large swimming pool, this boutique hotel offers comfortable accommodation in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with incredibly affordable prices. Rooms start at $122 (110 euros) per night. (Photo by @casa_mariantonia)

  • Best Restaurants & Bars in Capri

  • Mammà

    Via Madre Serafina, 6, 80073 Capri NA, Italy
    View Map

    At Mammà (about $155 or 140 euros for two), the menus draw inspiration from local and regional traditions and ingredients, but the chef’s touches of genius raise dishes — like lemon-scented gnocchetti with clams and broccoletti and roast suckling pig with local annurca apples and sweet green peppers — to another level. If you fancy something a bit more traditional, pop across the alleyway to Pizzeria Mammà and order a puffy Neapolitan pizza or a mozzarella in carrozza. (Photo courtesy of Mammà)

  • Aurora Capri

    Via Fuorlovado, 18, 80073 Capri NA, Italy
    View Map

    The see-and-be-seen restaurant of Capri — the paparazzi are a dead giveaway — is Aurora, where tables spill onto the street and the prices are as high as the celebrity presence (about $178 or 160 euros for two). The food is not always consistent — pezzogna, a local bream in a crisp potato crust, is delicious — but you’ll be so busy spotting the bold and beautiful crowd that food would fall to second place anyway. (Photo by @auroracapri)

  • E'Divino

    Via Sella Orta, 10/A, 80076 Capri NA, Italy
    View Map

    Quirky E’Divino (about $55 or 50 euros for two, with many veggie options) is one of the few places in town where locals almost outnumber the tourists. It’s set up to look and feel like a private home and although you can eat at a proper table, it’s more fun to balance on the arm of a sofa or sit in an armchair or a bed surrounded by a collection of mismatched domestic clutter. The food is good, too, and a bit different: pasta with monkfish and pistachios, and aubergine parmigiana should not be missed. (Photo by @edivino_capri)

  • Ristorante Le Grottelle

    Via Arco Naturale, 3, 80073 Capri NA, Italy
    View Map

    Off the beaten track, on the path for the Natural Arch, Ristorante Le Grottelle (about $100 or 90 euros for two), has views from the terrace that extend to the Sorrentine Peninsula and are so impressive that the simple, authentic food — spaghetti with tomato and basil, fritto misto di pesce — is almost incidental. (Photo by @estilovictoria_)

  • Il Riccio

    Via Gradola, 4, 80071 Anacapri NA, Italy
    View Map

    For an informal, lazy lunch on the rocks, it’s hard to beat the Capri Palace’s beach club, Il Riccio (about $178 or 160 euros for two), proof that Michelin stars are not only awarded for handbag hooks. Fresh fish and seafood from the Bay of Naples — paccheri pasta with squid, artichokes, and mint is a standout dish — are served under a wide pergola right over the water. For a postprandial snooze, there are sunbathing platforms carved out of the rock. (Photo by @ilriccioanacapri)

  • Da Gelsomina

    Via Migliara, 72, 80076 Anacapri NA, Italy
    View Map

    Finally, a delightful get-away-from-it-all spot, set among terraces planted with vines and neat rows of vegetables, is the family-run Da Gelsomina (about $89 or 80 euros for two), a reassuring reminder that Capri isn’t all about showing off. Tables are laid out on a shady veranda with a view and products from the garden go into dishes like pasta with prawns and asparagus tips, and coniglio alla cacciatora (a rosemary-spiked rabbit stew). If you drink too much of the homemade falanghina, you can crash out by the pool or even stay the night in one of six simple rooms.

    Just outside the restaurant, explore the peaceful paths of Capri Philosophical Park, where each of the three paths up the hillside is dedicated to a different philosophical theme and lined with ceramic plaques quoting philosophers and writers from the past 13 centuries. (Photo by @dagelsomina)

  • Quisi Bar

    Via Camerelle, 2, 80073 Capri NA, Italy
    View Map

    Don’t miss the Grand Hotel Quisisana’s fabulous Quisi Bar, located along Via Camerelle, the shopping street, with a view of passersby and an excellent wine and cocktail list for a relaxing drink. Strike a pose with your spouse and expensive glass of Champagne for the paparazzi — and realize that a real Hollywood star is sitting by your side. (Photo by @quisisianacapri)

  • Taverna Anema e Core

    Via Sella Orta, 1, 80076 Capri NA, Italy
    View Map

    There is no dress code or selection at Taverna Anema e Core. Anyone who wants to have fun can enter this historic realm of music, which for more than 20 years has attracted tourists, islanders, and Italian and international stars. With no pre-established schedule, everything is left to improvisation and spontaneity, the keys to success of this historic tavern that has become a symbol of the island with its tarantella dances and Neapolitan classics. Be aware that the experience comes at a price — you’ll be charged $44 (40 euros) at the entrance, which includes a free drink, though each additional drink costs about $22 (20 euros). For many, it’s a real ripoff. Getting food here? Definitely not a good idea. But it is your honeymoon, so maybe a drink or two during the trip of a lifetime isn’t all that extravagant. (Photo by @tavernaanemaecore)

  • Pasticceria Ferraro

    Pasticceria Ferraro, Anacapri
    View Map

    Before leaving the island, don’t forget to try a bite of torta caprese, a flourless cake made with almonds and chocolate that is light, rich, moist, and heavenly. For one of the best, head to Pasticceria Ferraro in Anacapri. (Photo by @lebellezzedicapri)

  • Bottom Line

    “Capri, the queen of rock / in your dress colored lily and amaranth / I lived to play pain and joy / vineyard clusters of dazzling conquered the world / tremble il Tesoro aroma and hair / lamp overhead, pink expanded, hive of my planet …”

    Pablo Neruda’s ode to Capri captured its essence. Now, you’re ready to live your own experience.