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Groomsmen Gifts: Unique Sunglasses for Every Man

When considering what to get your groomsmen as a thank you gift, it’s always a good idea to pick something special. You want a gift that’s meaningful and is a testament to your friendship. It’s hard to find a gift with more of a cool factor than a pair of sweet sunglasses.

You want to get your groomsmen a gift that they might not necessarily get for themselves. It could be anything from something they could use day-to-day or even something that’s a bit flashier. We’ve got groomsmen gift recommendations for all kinds of accessories, but everyone knows sunglasses are way more fun than, say, cufflinks or socks.

That’s why a pair of new sunglasses is a great middle ground. Your friends will definitely get a lot of use out of them and a pair of good quality sunglasses will last them much longer than ones from the corner store. You can dole them out before the bachelor party, at the wedding, or afterward—it’s up to you.

There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from, so there’s no need to worry about finding the right pair for everybody. It’s just wins all around.

For the groomsman who likes to keep people guessing

Clear frames and dark lenses is the inverse swap of the usual eyewear formula — and we like it on these Dick Moby Hannover Acetate Aviators.

$225 at Mr. Porter

Clubmaster Classics

There’s a reason why they’re called classics. These shades could belong on Buddy Holly or Pharrell.

$153 at Ray Ban

For the groomsman who's worried about a flattering shape

The slightly rounded shape and sizes ranging from narrow to large make these incredibly versatile for a variety of face shapes. 

$300 from Moscot

For the guy who likes inspiring double takes

Wire frames aren’t for everyone, but if you’re feeling bold (and blue), these Georgio frames are the ones for you. 

€150 at Sun Buddies

For the guy who owns a bomber jacket

An affordable version of the much beloved aviator glasses, these lightweight, sleek shades are great for everyone. 

$78 at Banana Republic

For the guy who spends a few days every summer on a yacht

Opaque frames and green lenses are a perfect modern update to this retro-inspired shape. 

$340 at Garrett Leight

For the groomsmen with the best cheekbones

The rounded shape is a perfect contrast for dudes with angular features (think cheekbones and strong jawlines) and they fold up, making them perfect for guys on the go. 

£125 at Cubitts

For the guy who's most likely to throw a themed party

Tortoise is a “never goes out of style” look and the oversize silhouette is great for guys looking to stand out.

$98 at NEED

For the trendsetter

With its slightly narrower, oval shape, these glasses great for a guy who’s chasing the latest trends. 

$255 at NEED

For the groomsmen who has a bit of a baby face

These aren’t just notable for their distinctive blue lenses but also their striking square shape — perfect for people with rounder features. 

$20 at Urban Outfitters

For the groomsman who's a college professor by day

A mix between round and rectangular, with elements of gold wire and tortoise, these glasses are a mix of all the good things in glasses. 

$145 at Warby Parker

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