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Groomsmen Gifts: The Best Gifts for Grilling and Barbecues

Let’s face it, most guys secretly want to be known as “king of the grill,” but they need a little help getting there. These gifts will help your groomsmen become peak pitmasters without having to put in too much work.

As with our other themed groomsmen gift guides, the items we’ve listed here are intended to work as a package deal. You can mix and match smart thermometers with grill accessories, for instance, and give each groomsmen a collection of things he’ll actually appreciate.

Who knows? If you set your friends up with a full grilling package, one of them might get confident enough to hold your wedding afterparty at their place.

For the grillmaster who could use some precision

smart thermometer

Save your groomsmen the embarrassment of serving undercooked meat, and get them Meater’s smart thermometer. Its sensors will detect when meat is perfectly cooked, and wirelessly send a notification to your groomsman’s phone when it’s done. It even factors in the time it takes meat to properly rest.

$99 at Amazon

For the groomsman who prefers burgers over dogs


It’s safe to say your groomsmen have flipped a few burgers, so they’re probably looking for a way to kick things up a notch. This three-piece press will help them make perfectly portioned burgers and sliders stuffed with their favorite ingredients.

$12.99 at Amazon

For the guy who could use a droid assistant


Isn’t it funny how your friend quickly covers the grill and walks away once he’s done cooking? Grillbot is basically a roomba for the grill: push a button, and it’ll scrub the grates clean without any effort. It works on a timer to save battery, and its brushes are machine washable.

$83.89 at Amazon

For the chef who's got a big family to feed


A griddle is an essential tool for making eggs, pancakes, homefries, bacon, smashburgers, and sauteed vegetables on the grill. You’re essentially giving your groomsmen the tool they need to make a world-class brunch.


For the groomsman who most often grills while camping


Is a cooler that keeps drinks cold for hours, and can withstand a bear attack a great gift for your groomsmen? Yeah, we thought so.

$249.99 at Amazon

For your friend who's a little bit of a pyro


Nobody wants to take wedding pictures with a groomsman without eyebrows. Give this electric firestarter to the groomsman with a charcoal grill, and tell him to put the matches and lighter fluid down.

$42.99 at Amazon

For the grill-hungry novice who needs a starter kit

grill tools

This all-in-one kit will give your groomsmen everything they need to flip, poke, skewer, clean, and serve the food they’ve grilled. Plus, the tools’ stainless steel and wooden construction is timeless and classy.

$33 at Amazon

For the urban griller who doesn't have a big porch


If you want to go all out, Char Griller’s charcoal grill is a small, portable unit that’s designed for convenience. Its handles make it easy to carry around — especially useful for winter storage — and a charcoal trap on the bottom makes it easy to clean. If you gift your groomsmen this grill, they’ll serve you dinner for a lifetime.

$149 at Amazon

For the chef who also likes to serve charcuterie

cutting board

Whether they’re looking for a place to rest a juicy steak, or a rustic serving platter, this large, two-sided wooden cutting board will get the job done. The flat side is the perfect appetizer or cheese board, and the flip side has a small groove around the side to keep accumulated juices from dripping on the floor.

$49.95 at Amazon

For the burgeoning chef who doesn't have a secret recipe yet

bbq sauce

Your groomsmen likely use a “secret sauce” when they grill, but it’s probably unknown for a reason. Dinosaur BBQs Wango Tango sauce is an exception; its perfect blend of spice and smokiness will enhance the taste of perfectly cooked meat, or cover up a burnt mistake.

$17.72 at Amazon

For the foodie who wants to learn from the best

franklin barbecue

The recipes in Franklin Barbeque’s cookbook are legendary, and cover staples like brisket, ribs, chicken, and steak. They may take your groomsmen time to master, but it’ll be time well spent.

$18.15 at Amazon

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