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Groomsmen Gifts: The Best Gifts for World Travelers

There’s one of them in every group of groomsmen: the guy afflicted with wanderlust. You know, the one who can’t stop pronouncing Ibiza the “correct way,” who has more stamps on his passport than actual stamps in his desk, or the one who’s always talking about his gold status on American. For that world-traveler, the experience is what he craves. And while it might be difficult to gift him the gift of travel, you can help that journey be a little easier with some good gifts.

If a travel-friendly gift is smart enough, even your homebody groomsmen will appreciate it for making their lives easier. Chances are, you’re asking your groomsmen to travel to your wedding, they’ll get a kick out of anything that makes the trek less of a slog.

In honor of the road warrior in your life, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best gifts for the world traveler groomsmen in your life. With options to help him feel more refreshed, travel more efficiently, or something to just pass the time—there’s something for everyone. Below, our picks.

For the guy who can't sleep on a plane

sleep mask

If the rattle and hum of flying doubles as a sedative for the groomsman in your life, perhaps a sleep mask to fully block out any annoying light is in order. This soft and supple silk sleep mask from Slip for Beauty Sleep was tested for a decade (!) to ensure the perfect combinations of thickness and durability. And, yes, it is made entirely from silk, so it won’t mess up anybody’s hair.

$50 at Nordstrom

For the guy who still uses a bar of soap on his face

skincare line aesop

Whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile, traveling can take a toll on the skin. Having a handy kit, like this one from premium skincare brand Aesop, can make all the difference. An assorted collection of classic products from the brand, in handy travel sizes of course, provides the foundation to get someone back to looking and feeling their best. Included in the kit are toothpaste, mouthwash, face wash, facial moisture, and much more.

$53 at Neiman Marcus

For the guy who squinted through the rehearsal dinner

There are few things worse than traveling and realizing that a pair of sunglasses were left behind—which is why it makes sense to invest in a pair that can easily be packed, and kept, in a travel kit without worry. These shades from Le Specs are a cat-eye style that will fit the majority of face shapes, while also providing a real sense of style and panache. And since they’re offered in a variety of different hues, there’s a shade that will work for every groomsman in your life, no matter how subtle or loud their personal style.

$69 at Le Specs

For the guy who misunderstood "winter wedding"

Second to leaving a pair of sunglasses behind is getting to a locale and realizing the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Socking away a down coat of some kind is a quick and often lightweight solution to ensure cold conditions don’t stand in the way of a good trip. Japanese retailer Uniqlo just happens to make some of the best—and most affordable—down jackets around. For well under $100, the quality and warmth rival that of heritage outdoor brands like The North Face or Patagonia. Oh, and they also collapse down into a bag that’s easy to toss in a backpack or carry-on bag.

$79.90 at Uniqlo

For the guy whose bag is always over the weight limit

If you groomsman in your life who is a voracious reader that somehow doesn’t already have a Kindle, you owe to them to gift one immediately. While there’s certainly a case to be made for the tangibility of a good airport paperback, the sheer space and weight that a Kindle saves is worth its weight in gold. With a stunning battery life that lasts for weeks and a backlight that won’t tire out their eyes like other smart readers, it’s a must-own for any book lover in your life.

$69.99 at Amazon

For the guy who still wears college sweats

We’re not joking when we say that the ABC in these ABC Joggers from lululemon stands for anti-ball crushing. Described by the brand as “moving from a cramped studio apartment to a house with a yard,” they’re the ultimate travel pant. Yes, there’s plenty of room for the family jewels, while also just generally being comfortable as hell to wear for extended periods of time thanks to the brand’s Warpstreme fabric (it’s stretchy and sweat-wicking, which is great for planes where the temps can go from cold to unbearably hot in an instant). Additionally, the back pocket is affixed with a zipper to securely lock down a wallet or any other valuable items, so they’ll quickly become your buddy’s new favorite travel pant.

$128 at lululemon

For the guy whose dopp kit is falling apart

There’s a more than likely a chance the dopp kit that your groomsman has is in dire need of replacement. So why not upgrade them to something that will last them quite a long time? This pebble-grain leather kit from Polo Ralph Lauren is durable enough to withstand all the bumps and bruises that come with travel, while also managing to look sleek and sophisticated at the same time.

$170 at Mr Porter

For the briefcase-toting guy

Speaking of quality leather items, a good leather passport holder will age gracefully. Which is why it’ll make for a great gift for the groomsman in your life that doesn’t seem to stay in the same country for more than a few days at a time. This version from British designer Paul Smith is done in a soft and smooth calfskin leather that will keep a passport nice and crisp for whatever journey awaits next. There are even a few slots inside to organize important cards for quick access.

$156 at Amazon

For the guy who still packs his suit in a backpack

Away’s travel bags have become beloved among the millennial set for a good reason. At an affordable price point, each bag is engineered and designed to fit inside the overhead bin of most airlines, which takes the hassle of trying to measure bags at home. Since this is the larger version, there’s plenty of interior storage (while still ensuring it’ll fit in those pesky overhead bins) and a tough as nails clam-shell exterior, this rolling bag will have roll through security in no time.

$245 at Away

For the nerd who hates iPhone games

Nintendo’s primary gaming console has quickly proven itself as the travel companion for gamers on the go. The system was designed from the ground up to be taken on the go, while still maintaining a high-end and robust gaming experience. Yes, that means gamers can play an in-depth game like The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart or Pokemon in-between connecting flights. Plus, the controllers on either side of the system can be separated to provide a split-screen experience, which means you might get something out of this purchase too.

$324 at Amazon

For the audiophile who needs to chill out

Every group of groomsmen is more than likely to have a guy that’s totally obsessed with the latest and greatest music. For that person, investing in a pair of quality noise-canceling headphones like the WH1000XM3 is a perfect gift. Universally hailed as the best noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones on the market, they even cancel out that annoying buzzing on airplanes, allowing users to focus on what really matters: that latest catching earworm they can’t get enough of.

$278 at Amazon

For the guy who shot all your skate videos in middle school

For the groomsman in your life that often doubles a documentarian, gifting him a GoPro is an easy way to make sure your adventures are captured in stunning quality. Capable of capturing every single active moment in stunning clarity, this particular bundle comes included with a 64 gig memory card to provide plenty of storage from the get-go. Additionally, the newly streamlined design is easier to carry around and faster to charge, meaning that there won’t be a minute that’s not captured for the record.

$399 at Amazon

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