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Groomsmen Gifts: Unique Socks For Every Occasion

When it comes to buying groomsmen gifts, you want to get your friends something meaningful that reflects your bond. They’ve had your back on one of the most important days of your life and now it’s time to show some gratitude.

You also want your gifts to be unique without breaking the bank. But more importantly, you want to get your friends something that won’t end up at the back of the closet in a couple of months. So what can you get your groomsmen that’s both practical and kind of fun at the same time?

They say the mark of adulthood is when you start getting excited for a pair of socks. Cue the eye rolls and general disdain. Surely there’s something else you can get your friends. But these aren’t just any kind of socks like the ones you wear to the gym. These are stylish, one-of-a-kind, and definitely something your groomsmen will be able to use for a long while. Getting your friends stuff is one thing, but helping them look and feel their best is priceless.

For the James Bond fan

Shaken? Stirred? Who cares! Channel your inner 007 with these thirst-quenching socks made from a cotton-nylon-elastane blend that has just the right amount of give.

$14.50 at J. Crew

For the alpine skier

Like a Fair Isle sweater, but for your feet. Plus the ribbing at the top will keep them in place and the toe and heel have extra reinforcement to ensure they stay intact for as long as possible.

$9.95 at Gap

For the goofball who's not afraid of a little color

Add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise buttoned-up outfit with these bold, silly socks. They’ll work as an eye-catching pop of color on the big day, too.

$14 at Happy Socks

For the party animal who doesn't take himself too seriously

Take a walk on the wild side with these feline-inspired prints. It’s the perfect way to show you’re a (secret) party animal. Meanwhile, the elastane-cotton blend helps give these the perfect amount of stretch.

$14.95 at Sock Genius

For the friend who's first in line for the wedding cake

While the notched toe seam was made for comfort and practicality, it’s the subtle heart print that makes these festive and worth a spot in your sock drawer. 

$5.99 at Old Navy

For the recovering preppy to put in his boat shoes

The classic menswear motif — dapper herringbone — isn’t just reserved for topcoats or blazers anymore. Consider it a hint of higher education for your outfit. And check out the glowing reviews if you need anymore convincing. 

$45 (for 3) at Nice Laundry

For the environmentalist

What these socks lack in pizzazz, they make up for in quality material. The woven bamboo is breathable and sustainable and super comfy. Great for a master of minimalism.

$20 at CDLP

For the guy who refuses to wear anything that isn't comfortable

You like cashmere sweaters, right? Well, just take that same idea but apply it below the knee. The double-fiber weave and seamless toe and heel mean it’ll keep its shape. 

$68 at Mack Weldon

For the world traveler who appreciates great craftsmanship

Thick and plush with a traditional wintertime pattern that’s been filtered through the lens of the iconic heritage-inspired Japanese label, Beams Plus. If your friends have heard of it, consider them style masters.

$20 at Mr. Porter

Tie-Dye Smiles Socks

Strength lock seams make them durable, built-in arch support make them comfortable, and the tie-dye and happy faces make them a far out trip, man. 

$14 at Richer Poorer

For the guy who wishes he was sailing the world

Some things — like the sailor stripe — are perfect the way they are. Muji knows it, and keeps it in tact, and even makes it from organic cotton. 

$4.90 (3 for $9.90) at Muji

For the snowboarder who prefers powder to ice

Fracap has been around for more than 100 years, which means they know how to make socks. Not only are these stylish, they’re made from a wool-blend, meaning they’ll keep warmth in while still allowing air flow.

$15 at Alex Mill

With additional item curation by Max Berlinger

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