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Groomsmen Gifts: What to Buy Outdoorsy Guys

Signing checks to pay for an upcoming wedding will test even the most cool-headed among us. But there’s one area that all grooms readily open their wallets for: spreading some love among groomsmen.

When it comes to buying gifts for your best friends, finding a gift that strikes the right chord and honors your actual relationship is more important than a price tag. You want your gifts to showcase where your friendship has been in the past and where you want it to be in the future. Your dudes are supporting you on one of the biggest days of your life, so you might as well show them how much you appreciate their effort.

Whether you guys have spent two decades going on camping or biking trips, or you just hiked the PCT after college together, you can impress your outdoorsy best friends with gifts they can actually use on the trail. The gifts we’ve included on this list are curated for the kinds of guys who like figuring shit out for themselves. They might harbor a pipe dream of living off the grid, or they might just appreciate the freedom of the great outdoors more than most. No matter who your friends are, if their tastes lean even the tiniest bit rustic, you’ll find something for them here.

For the friend who demands koozies at the bachelor party

drink koozie

Upgrade those cheesy bachelor party koozies to something more fitting of a married man with this Puffin Beverage Jacket. It keeps a 12oz bevy cool for hours, but onlooker’s envy will last much longer. Plus, they’re just funny to look at.

$19 at Puffin Coolers

For the longterm backpacker friend who brews his own beer

growler keg

Inject new meaning into the idea of fireside beers with the GrowlerWerks uKeg. This stunning contraption is vacuum-insulated and serves frosty pours just like a full-size keg. And that’s not all; its unrivaled design will keep contents ice cold for up to two weeks.

$169 at REI

For the van life enthusiast whose vehicle could use some sprucing up

camping blanket

If you could only (for some reason) own one blanket in your life, the Faribault Utility Wool Blanket would be your best choice. Made in the USA from 75% recycled wool, this workhorse is soft enough for the bedroom and sturdy enough to keep your dudes warm as they explore the wide world.

$110 at Faribault Mill

For the party animal who loves to BYOB

wood six pack

It’s not that you can’t put lite beer in this carrier, it’s just that you shouldn’t. Mix and match your craft beer like an adult with this sustainable, on-the-go BYOB carrier. Plus, you can have the company burn your wedding details into the side! If you get one for each groomsman, you can fill each with that guy’s favorite brews.

$39.95 at Wood Thumb

For the friend who's only half-kidding about the zombie apocalypse

survival axe

While we don’t think the Survival Axe requires any explanation, its appeal falls broadly between your buddy who genuinely believes there is going to be a zombie apocalypse and anyone who spends their summers wandering national parks.

$35.44 at Home Depot

For the hiker who could use a style boost

eagle rock socks

Eagle Rock Crew Socks, which are made in the USA by Pendelton, are the gift most guys want to buy for themselves, but don’t. Do your friends a solid and put a pair of these classic flat knit socks in their groomsmen bag. Good on the dance floor, but great in hiking boots, too.

$14.50 at Pendleton

For the hipster who needs a haircut

wool cap

Adjustable wool cap anyone? The Pennington Cap by Picture Organic Clothing is built to keep heads toasty for many, many years to come.

$40 at REI

For the urban hiker who wants one backpack for life

backpack brown

For the friend who always has your back, try the simple dependability of the Duluth Pack Scout. Made in Duluth, Minnesota, this handcrafted bag only gets better with age. And even though you won’t need it, the stylish pack comes with a lifetime guarantee.

$145 at Duluth Pack

For the golfer who's allergic to country clubs

flask tartan

Yeah, yeah, we know. Everyone buys their groomsmen flasks. But hear us out: the Seamus 5 oz, which comes with a sharp tartan drawstring pouch, is the prince of flasks. Seamus Golf are makers of premium, handmade golf accessories in Portland, Oregon. You won’t regret kicking in for the monogrammed option, whether it’s intended for your friend’s golf bag or desk drawer.

$67 at Seamus Golf

For the classic DIY dude who probably knows how to hot wire a car


Leatherman has long been a milestone gift shared between men of utility. The slimmed-down Free T-4 Pocket Knife Multi Tool carries on this tradition by packing everything you need for the campsite into a tool that also works for your commute. And, as always, it’s Made in the USA.

$59.95 at REI

For the health nut who could use a new hobby

fermentation kit

It’s good to pick up new hobbies as you get older, and fermenting your food should be high on that list. Plus, just like fermented pickles, friendship gets better with age. This gift is a game changer for DIY dudes, not to mention this particular Fermentation Kit reminds us of a homemade bong!

$24.99 at Amazon

For the frequent flyer who doesn't want to check his toolbox

multitool gerber

For something that passes TSA guidelines as easily as it passes the friendship test (we just made that up), check out Gerber’s 7-in-1 Keychain Tool. A great utility gift whose exact shape and function is hard to define…kind of like some relationships. Plus, it’s dirt cheap, so you can throw one of these in with another great outdoorsy gift to make a set!

$6.99 at Amazon

For the gym rat who'd rather be rock climbing

filter bottle

The Bobble Water Bottle uses a carbon filter to remove the taste and odor of chlorine from tap water. Even when you’re stuck in the city, you can taste clean spring water using this unassuming, resilient bottle.

$13.15 at Amazon

For the lumberjack who cleaned himself up to watch you get married

wood tie

Wood Thumb strikes again—put a spin on the rat race by gifting the brand’s signature skinny tie. Each tie is handmade in San Francisco using antique hardwood that’s been recycled from cool old objects like bourbon barrels. Now, that’s a tie with a backstory.

$68.95 at Wood Thumb

For the whitewater rafting enthusiast

yeti bag

For friends you can always rely on, the Yeti SideKick dry bag makes a compelling gesture of gratitude. Take solace knowing that as they go over the falls, their essentials will stay bone dry,  and the Yeti label will be the last thing they see on any number of high-velocity water sends.

$49.99 at Yeti

For the handy man who appreciates a note of irony

pocket knife

Kershaw’s reputation for peerless craftsmanship is on full display with the pocket-friendly Antic foldable knife. Note the screwdriver, prybar, bottle opener and ring design, the latter meant either for a lanyard or finger—hey, it’s a wedding isn’t it? Show your dudes you love them.

$32.99 at Kershaw

For the environmental activist who even protests in the snow

beanie patagonia

Nobody beats Patagonia for quality and conscience. The outdoor leader protects public lands, while innovating manufacturing practices to offer instant-classics like this Cuff Beanie, made from 95% recycled cashmere collected from factory floors and spun anew!

$69 at Patagonia

For the sportsman who can never find anything in his car

zipper pouch

The historic colors of this Zippered Pouch honor Glacier National Park and American craftsmanship. What’s more, the company weaves all their products on Pacific Northwest mills. This particular bag can be used for golf or travel, and you can personalize it with a custom leather label.

$65 at Seamus Golf

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