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Groomsmen Gifts: Stylish Ties, Bow Ties, and Pocket Squares

As a gesture of gratitude, you should get your groomsmen a gift they’ll love. Whether it’s timeless or rooted in today’s pop culture, the gift should be an expression of your camaraderie through the years.

It’s not always easy trying to pick out the right gift for your friends, especially if they all have different personalities. You want to get them something that the whole group can appreciate but at the same time, doesn’t come off as generic and thoughtless.

Of course, if you’re buying ties and pocket squares for your groomsmen with the hope that they’ll all wear them on your wedding day, you’ll have to coordinate by color. If you’re simply giving out accessories as gifts, allow yourself the freedom of choosing a certain look for each guy.

Fortunately, ties and pocket squares are no longer something to give Dad when you don’t know what else to get him. They come in all sorts of fabrics and styles, and are perfect for any occasion. Match the pattern to their personality or get your friends something to help them break free of their comfort zone. Either way, a gift like this is a surefire victory.

For the guy who's seen 'Braveheart' a million times

The Wool Black Watch Tartan Tie boasts a classic pattern beloved by menswear aficionados — all you need is a little hint of it to take your outfit to the next level. 

$88 at J. Crew

For your European friend...or your friend who wishes he was European

This jaunty silk accessory perfectly encapsulates the Italian concept of “sprezzatura” — a sort of happenstance stylishness. Basically, the Italian Silk Classic Dot Pocket Square makes you like you’re naturally cool (which, we’re guessing, you are).

$39.50 at J. Crew

For the winter wedding groomsman who's not afraid to stand out

A knit tie can add some texture to an outfit, and these rich colors add some warmth and depth to the look. 

$90 at Rubinacci

For the Bond fan who loves saying 'shaken, not stirred'

Oh, you like martinis? Prove it with this tie. But also, expect to drink martinis all night when you’re wearing it. 

$59.50 at Banana Republic

For any fan of the classics

A rich burgundy with white dots goes with practically anything — especially suiting go-tos like navy blue and charcoal gray. It’s a versatile, keeps-on-giving gift that any guy will make use of. 

$98 at Bonobos

For the whimsical guy in your spring wedding

The rare one-two punch, this bow tie and matching pocket square are perfect for guys who like to dress up.

$19.99 at Goodfellow & Co.

For the preppy who wants to mix it up in the board room

It’s harder to get more classic than a navy and white polka dot textile, and this tie is a staple for any man, regardless of age.

$25 at The Tie Bar

For the friend who was definitely in Scroll and Key in college

With its silk fabric and time-honored design, this tie practically screams, “I went to an Ivy League school!”

$125 at Polo Ralph Lauren

For the romantic who's asking a lot of questions about the bridesmaids

Subtle and pretty, with just the right amount of personality. 

$45 at Mungai

For any fan of simple luxury

For those classic, understated guys who want to fly below the radar but still look good. 

$14.90 at Uniqlo

For the dependable guy who sticks to certain patterns

Made in the USA from fabric woven in England, this tie has some serious pedigree. 

$89.50 at Brooks Brothers

For the best man, or any guy who deserves options

Get more bang for your buck with this coordinating gift set, that gets you a tie, a monogrammed pocket square and a pair of socks. 

$49 at Mark & Graham

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