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Losing Fat Before The Wedding – The Groombuilder Speaks: Part 4

 In Part 4 of this series on losing weight for your big day, Anthony of fills you in on the behaviors you’ll need to embrace to really make that weight loss workout stick.

Fat Loss: Everything Else

Let’s review the steps we’ve covered so far:

Eating the right foods. Check.

Eating the right amount. Check.

Training the right way. Check.

But there are still a few more things you can do to REALLY jumpstart your fat loss.

This is where guys struggle the most. You see, some dudes are willing to do two-a-days to lose those last 5lbs… but they only sleep 5 hours a night and start each morning with a Red Bull.

To avoid plateaus, shed that body fat, and transform your body in time for the big day, follow these two strategies outside the gym:

1. Get 8 hours of sleep a night

Skimping on sleep will limit your fat loss. It’s a scientific fact: lack of sleep increases your cortisol levels; is associated with higher BMI levels and larger waistlines in men; it wrecks your muscle gains, and it hurts your hormone production and recovery. (Worse, a lack of sleep has been linked to an increase in almost every type of major health problem.)

Okay, enough scary stuff.

Follow these tips to get great, restful sleep night after night:

  • Stop drinking caffeine after mid-day (if you have to, switch to decaf). Caffeine can stay in your system longer than you think.

  • Drink less alcohol because it hurts sleep quality and makes you wake up and pee.

  • Stop using electronics an hour before bedtime. The light from your phone can throw off your circadian rhythm.

  • Create a pre-bed ritual to get your body and mind ready for sleep.

2. Spend 10 minutes each day to distress

Too much stress hurts your muscle growth, fat loss, and fitness improvements.

Worse, running yourself into the ground can lead to more illnesses and injuries. (Nothing will ruin your wedding preparations more than a poorly timed injury or illness.)

Instead, tap into your inner Buddha to keep the stress at bay. Take 10 minutes in the middle of your day to relax and meditate. Now, I’m not an expert on meditation, but there’s a wide array of guided mediation options to help you with your practice. Just pick something you enjoy and stick with it.

Oh, and doing more meditation can really help you sleep faster and deeper, which will help you accomplish the previous suggestion.


Let’s round this all up, shall we?

First, understand that fat loss comes down to “calories in minus calories out.” As long as you have a caloric deficit, you’ll lose weight. Then, focus on good nutritional habits, which will accelerate your fat loss and ensure you can give it your all in the gym. Next, add strength training and cardiovascular work so you can lose fat AND build muscle underneath. Finally, make sure to “sweat the small stuff:” get a good night of sleep every night AND take some time to destress every day.

What’s the payoff for all this work?

Well, imagine all your friends and family from around the world are in the same place for one beautiful moment in time and imagine you looking and feeling your absolute best for the love of your life.

You’ll remember that day with fondness and look back on your wedding photos with pride. And you’ll remember all the hard work that got you there.

Then you’ll smile and feel like a total badass.

Want to learn how to ACTUALLY put all this info together for great, ready-for-you workouts and easy-to-follow meal plans that get the great results you want? Sign up for our fitness e-course at The Plunge and get started on your body transformation today.

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