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The Best Wedding Memes To Help You Get Through Planning

In this day and age, memes have become an essential part of life. Facebook steals them from Reddit, Instagram steals them from Twitter, and you steal them from your friends. They take up half your camera roll. You screenshot the silly, you double-tap the dank; you spend way too much time sitting on the toilet laughing at how amazingly accurate they are.

Is this you?

Confused girl meme: little girl gives a highly confused expression when asked "how's the wedding planning going?"

First of all, you have us, so don’t panic. But your wedding journey probably won’t be one long laugh riot.

It’s not all Leo Dicaprio Gatsby Cheers.

Leonardo Dicaprio in "The Great Gatsby" raises his glass and says "Lets drink and dance on tables"

You could go from Success Kid…

success kid meme says "about to marry best friend - don't have cold feet"

… to Confused Mr. Krabs, real quick.

Mr. Krabs is shocked and in trouble; "when she says daddy lets dance and you and her father both grab her hand"

You’re already seeing targeted ads for ring dishes and floral centerpieces, so allow us to hit you with some targeted memes. Take a break from the stress of groom duties and lmao for a minute. These are the funniest wedding memes to help you get through the planning process.


Depending on how much your bride wants you to participate, you will be presented with everything from the calligraphy style on the invitations, and which which napkin holders coordinate best with the bridesmaids’ dresses, to whether or not the reception centerpieces should include calla lilies.

Mr. Incredible says he can't, not again - he's not strong enough, when she wants round 2 of engagement photos.

You will probably feel bored, confused and maybe even a little resentful.

Fortunately for you we’re always here to help. You’ll be smart, you’ll choose your battles, and you’ll survive with the help of memes like these.

Childish Gambino making a funny face "when she asks "what floral pattern do you like?"" “For the love of god, don’t meme Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ music video.”
Us: Yeah, nah. More wedding planning memes please.

Woody from "Toy Story" is dismayed as Buzz Lightyear makes him envision "Mason Jars. Mason Jars everywhere."

Kevin Hart, being so extra, has an assistant holding his super long coat tails to reinforce that this is his wedding day too.

You tell ‘em Kev! This is your day too!

On Kevin Hart's wedding day he's standing 10 feet in the foreground on the altar just to appear as tall as his wife.

Not for nothing, but he’s a pretty tall dude when he stands on his money.


In the 1700s, we fought a war to get them out and declare our independence from them. In 2018, we fought a meme war to make them as hilarious as possible. We’ll never be royals, but we’ll always have royal wedding memes.

Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe from "Friends" are all in wedding dresses, on the couch watching the Royal Wedding.

Clickbait article headline: One weird trick to getting universal healthcare - is Megan Markle marrying into the Royal Family.

Brilliant. Why didn’t we think of that?

Prince Harry at the altar professing how lucky he is - not to getting married to Megan Markle - but to having the waiter finally arrive with his food.

Spoil your bride with the same affection you give your 16-ounce steak.

Side by side of the Royal Wedding and a very similar-looking scene from a Disney cartoon, captioned "can I copy your homework? Yeah just change it a little so it doesn't look like you copied"

Sure, if it makes her this happy, go ahead and copy a damn cartoon.


There’s that magical part of the journey where your insecurities come out because she’s out of your league and you don’t know how you got her. But you’re sure she’s the one, right?

You vs the guy she told you not to worry about: 90s dweeb Dwayne Johnson vs 2012 Fast and Furious badass Dwayne Johnson.

If she’s the one for you, you’re the one for her. Even if you look like early 90s Dwayne Johnson.

Malicious Patrick meme: "When the groom is already wasted and you start chanting SHOT SHOT SHOT!"

Malicious Patrick, you dick! Groomsmen misbehaving, alcohol being swallowed like its water, and you dealing with the consequences when you get back to reality are all to be expected for your bachelor party. While everyone’s getting off-topic and disorganized in your road trip group chat, you can send these painfully spot-on bachelor party memes.

Newspaper headline: best man hit in head by a flying sex toy.

Hmm, sure, that’s the unmistakable sign of a super lit wedding or bachelor party. Just a reminder: choose your best man and your party planner wisely.

Woman with same dress pattern as the carpet lies on the floor, badly camouflaged, captioned "me at my future husband's bachelor party"

Have fun, go wild. But never, ever take the repercussions of your actions lightly just because its your night to party. As far as bachelor party behavior goes, how far is too far?

Captain America, ever wiser than you, knew your fiancee would find out about the strippers at your bachelor party.

Cap knows best, and so does your fiancée. Don’t do anything that makes her want to disintegrate you into dust. Oh, sorry, spoiler alert…


We haven’t even touched the stress of finances yet.

Man points to his head and smartly reminds you that you can't exceed your wedding budget if you don't make one.

Listen, you need a budget. Wedding expenses are a slippery slope, and you may end up regretting not tracking your slide.

Is this a butterfly meme: Your mother-in-law asks if your wedding is a day to make all about herself.

And don’t get us started on in-laws. These are obstacles that can bring down even the most relaxed, organized and well-prepared man. But just keep calm and wedding meme on.

Person's hand hitting the "nap" button as a response to having too many wedding responsibilities.

Don’t you worry, there are no problems that can’t be solved with a little bit of napping, passive-aggressiveness, and memes.

Woman in wedding dress holding shotgun says "Til death do us part? I'm on it."

It’s one of the most important vows. It’s the vow, really. It’s the reason you spent astronomical amounts of money and inconvenienced all your closest friends and family for a whole weekend. But it’s one of your responsibilities to make sure the stress level doesn’t get her to take it this literally.

This couple changed the game: they had a slideshow of their favorite memes played at their wedding.

Be this couple. Your wedding should be an expression of who you two are as a pair. And for all the stressful items on your to-do list, you deserve to plan some fun stuff along the way.


At weddings you get to see people you haven’t seen in a while. This could be a great thing, or a kind of awful thing.

Caricature of Donald Trump saying "we've ran out of cake. Sad."

Kim Jong Un is not sure if he's looking at a cake or a tank.

You wouldn’t want either of these guys at your wedding right? You’re probably either going to have too much cake, or not enough cake to serve (even if its a kick-ass one like these). Are your guests still going to make rude comments? Of course they are, it’s a wedding.

Friendly, smiling man and woman are blissfully ignorant to your "no small children at the wedding" rule, and were sure it didn't apply to their own kids

And they might just completely disregard your rules too. Oh, you had a kid? Two kids? Thanks so much for being too cheap to hire a babysitter.

Woman on ecard is thankful to judge every detail of the wedding she was invited to.

Figures this person would still be using those old ecard memes.

Husband and wife to-be on an ecard exclaiming that they're throwing an open bar! Oh, and a wedding.

Okay, this one’s good though. And your guests will love it.

ecard of a man and woman with woman saying she's throwing two different weddings: the wedding inspired by Pinterest, and the one she can actually afford.

Alright, this one too. Social media paints a perfect picture of what your wedding should be like. But memes, ever our honest friends, are here to snap us back into reality.

Leonardo Dicaprio in "The Great Gatsby" raises his glass and laughs off the idea of bringing a wedding gift; he just came for the food.

Damn it, Leo! But hey, someone grubbing after the free food is better than your Uncle Sal getting sloppy and inappropriate off the free drinks.

But always remember: if a guest has the audacity to not bring you a gift, there certainly are ways to get back at them:

A joke from Conan O'Brien's late night monologue: Hilary Clinton didn't get Donald Trump a wedding gift, so just for that she is not invited to his next three weddings.


After its all said and done, and you return to real life after having the most serene, perfect day with the love of your life…

Hang on, put it into perspective. You’re probably close to, if not just as bonkers yourself. But if she has any sense of humor, we’re sure she’d agree about her own level of cuckoo, too. Thanks for your help Margot.

Shrek begins to disintegrate after hearing that his new wife wants to have kids already.

Hey now, you’re an all-star. Get your game on, and, well you know the rest.
Wait, didn’t they have kids in the third movie? And go on their honeymoon in the second? Whatever; when the time comes, you can handle the kid talk.

Memes are nothing if not relatable. How else do you think these grainy, low-res pictures are able to fill in the blanks and provide you with all sorts of context you can project onto your own life? Basically, it means others have experienced exactly what you are. Memes, like your wedding, are an experience to be shared. And there should always be more smiles and chuckles than anything else. So go tag your friends, send them to bae, and fire out those crying laughing emojis for the best wedding memes to get you through it all.

Bottom Line

In some ways, the wedding adventure will be one of the most hilarious, outrageous, and surreal experiences of your life. Perfect meme material if you ask us.

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