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Groomsmen Gifts: Best Barware and Mixology Tools

Chances are, the road of your friendship was paved with many (many) rounds of drinks. Repay the favor by giving your groomsmen the tools of the trade—from personalized bottle openers and kits to help them craft their own mixologist-quality cocktails to fine glassware for enjoying the end result. Maybe they’ll even invite you over for a little drink-fueled quality inspection sometime.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to gift actual liquor bottles at your wedding in order to please friends who love a stiff drink. You can furnish them with accessories that they might not have bought themselves—the element of surprise is an integral part of great gift-giving, after all.

From stylish bottle openers to a sleek cocktail kit your pal can take on the flight home—provided he’s not extremely hungover after your reception—we’ve curated the best in groomsmen barware. Mix and match your favorite items with a memorable bottle for a statement gift they won’t forget.

W&P Design Carry-On Cocktail Kit

This is a mini-pack of all you need to make a first-rate drink on the plane—which means your groomsmen can enjoy a little hair of the dog on the flight home.

$24 at W&P

Monti Beer Glasses

Each glass in this set is shaped specifically for certain types of beer, and is made from hand-blown crystal. Because your groomsmen’s IPAs deserve the very best, too.

$100 at Sempli

Corkcicle Cigar Glass

A celebration without a cigar is like a martini without an olive: Technically possible, but why? This glass lets your groomsmen enjoy a righteous smoke alongside a fine glass of scotch, thanks to its handy resting spot for a cigar.

$25 at Corkcicle

Virtreluxe Stump Cocktail Set

This set of glassware is made by hand in Portland, Oregon, and patterned after oak branches (which is often used to add critical smoke flavor to your favorite whiskies). The glasses are also made using renewable energy. Maybe most importantly to your groomsmen, they just look cool.

$170 at Uncrate

Cocktail Kingdom Essential Cocktail Set

You probably wouldn’t get your friends, say, a stirrer for standing up for you on your wedding day. But this set includes one, and everything else they need to make a perfect cocktail. It also sends the subtle message that while, yes, you’re married now, they should still have you over for drinks some time.

$100 at Cocktail Kingdom

Tokens & Icons Sports Openers

Sports and adult beverages bring us together, and that’s the idea here. Each of these openers is made from game-used equipment like baseball bats, hockey sticks or a tennis racquet. Bonus: One of these is a lot cheaper than season tickets.

Buy at Tokens & Icons

Mark & Graham Leather Coasters

Rugged and handsome, these coasters are exactly the kind of thing you wouldn’t get for yourself but would love getting as a gift. Go the extra mile and get them monogrammed.

$49 at Mark & Graham

Whiskey Leatherworks Fork Copper Flask

There are flasks and then there are flasks. This is the latter—hand-wrapped in supple Horween leather by a craftsman in Missoula, Montana. Conveniently, this is a gift that can be used during the wedding.

$85 at Huckberry

Rob Englert Custom-Etched Stoneware Growler

If you still think of growlers as glorified glass jugs, think again: This stoneware growler will keep your groomsmen’s to-go draft beer cold and fresh long after purchase. Plus, you can get it custom engraved by hand, so they know which one is theirs.

$89 at UncommonGoods

Beer Foaming Stones

If your groomsmen love draft beer but don’t want to install a home keg system (which is pretty much everyone), this is an easy solve: You put these in your beer, and your beer will foam like beer on tap.

$28 at UncommonGoods

Drinkworks Drinkmaker

This is basically a Keurig for cocktails, which is an idea we’ve all had at one time or another. There’s very limited availability at the moment, which only adds to the appeal of scoring one for the guys.

$200 at Drinkworks

Opinel Folding Knife Corkscrew

So, this is basically a badass knife… with a corkscrew in the handle. It’s like some unholy concoction from Crocodile Dundee and Paul Giamatti circa Sideways. (A buddy movie you should see with your groomsmen, by the way.) Just remind your friends to check this for their flight home.

$33 at Huckberry

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