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The Rock: Real Ring Stories | Munesh and Prianka: From Middle School to Matrimony

The Couple
Middle school sweethearts

Financier Munesh and legal consultant Prianka first met up in the middle school cafeteria, when he offered her the last serving of french fries. This gallant gesture charmed Prianka, but the two were just friends for years: “I refused to date him because he was SUPER skinny. I was almost certain that his waist size was smaller than mine.”

Still, he was persistent, and persistence pays off–the two eventually became a couple, engaging in couple-ish activities like arguing over which one of them is a bigger fan of the TV show “Friends.” “We even joke about having the Friends theme song as our first dance,” says Prianka. These days they indulge in more adult activities, like traveling to Asia to visit all the family that Munesh has there.

The Ring
Casting a wide net

Though one of the things that Munesh loves about Prianka is that she’s “not flashy…and she isn’t really into expensive things,” he knew he had to go all out on the ring. “I knew she wanted something really traditional and really nice.” Munesh did what a lot of guys do–he started talking to a wide range of jewelers–and like a lot of guys he ended up feeling overwhelmed. “It was a pretty intimidating process,” he says. “It bothered me that all the rings and diamonds felt the same, almost undifferentiated.”

But when he spoke to Zameer, things just clicked. “I was 100% sold.”

The ring that Zameer helped him design has both the classic look that Prianka wanted and the personal, unique touches that Munesh thought were essential.

The Details

“Zameer is extremely creative,” says Munesh. “He brought elements of our relationship to life in several ways… ”

(1) The bridge of the ring takes the form of a lotus, to reflect the couple’s shared Indian heritage.

(2) Thirty tiny diamonds along the band (15 on each side) celebrates the couple’s birthdays, both of which fall on the 30th day of the month.

(3) “The stone is there so we can constantly be reminded of how lucky we are to have each other,” says Prianka. “It’s cheesy, but in the best way possible.”

(4) In between the 3 gemstones, Zameer placed a quote from the couple’s favorite “romantic” song growing up:  “Pehli Nazar Mein”, which is Hindi for “At First Sight”.

The Ring: Decoded

The Proposal
Elaborate plans

Everybody, including the bride-to-be, knew that Munesh was going to propose at some point. But he still wanted to surprise her. This called for elaborate plans. Months ahead of time, he enlisted his friend Rajiv. They came up with an excuse to lure Prianka to the proposal site: Rajiv told Prianka “that he had a work event coming up in May that he was stressed about finding a date for.” She volunteered to go with him, little knowing that it was all a setup for a dramatic proposal on the cliffs of Newport Rhode Island, with the ocean as a backdrop.

But this was just the beginning. After Prianka said yes, she and Munesh spent the night at Newport’s Castle Hill Inn. The next day, Munesh surprised his fiancé with a late-afternoon sail boat ride–accompanied by a large group of their family and friends. The ride led into an all-night celebration of the couple’s new status as almost-marrieds.

Her Reaction

Prianka had always been upfront about the kind of ring she wanted, but she was still blown away by what Munesh gave her. “I thought it was stunning! I had always been pretty vocal about the ring style I preferred, but Munesh (and Zameer) added such thoughtful and amazing touches to the ring completely on their own.” Having all their loved ones join them the day after the proposal only made things that much more special, though it came with a small drawback: she couldn’t surprise her friends with the story. “I wanted to tell them all of the details of the proposal, all of the details of the ring. But, it turns out that everyone knew everything already.”

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