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A Superior Commitment to Ethical Sourcing + Sustainability

Sure, you want to buy your bride-to-be a beautiful ring. But how about one that’s easy on the eyes and ethically sound? At Tiffany & Co., the utmost attention is paid to maintaining the integrity of the diamond and metal supply chains. Ethical sourcing and corporate responsibility make the company a long-time leader in the jewelry industry. The highest ethical standards are upheld every step of the way while crafting your bride-to-be’s stunning ring. Tiffany’s superior commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability is one of the key differentiators that set this legendary jeweler one cut above the rest.

High standards in the diamond crafting process begin with responsible mining. That’s right, Tiffany’s work begins before the diamonds are even extracted from the earth. Tiffany & Co. mines for diamonds solely in countries that follow the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. While this guarantees tightly controlled import and export of rough diamonds, Tiffany advocates for even stronger standards within the diamond supply chain. Placing great significance on traceability, direct sourcing relationships are maintained with mines around the world, utilizing only those that are up to par with the company’s rigorous standards for social and environmental responsibility. Tiffany refuses to utilize places of high ecological or cultural value for mining, such as Alaska’s Bristol Bay. With standards clearly a cut above, the company continuously works with industry colleagues, nongovernmental organizations and civil society to improve the standards for responsible mining. Tiffany has your back and the environment’s in areas we bet you didn’t even think about until now. So let Tiffany focus on its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability while you focus on the commitment you’re about to make: marriage.

Tiffany puts even more attention into crafting a beautiful and ethically-made ring. After the mining process, Tiffany’s own manufacturing and diamond cutting and polishing facilities are often used to ensure high standards for safety, cleanliness, and fair wages. The Social Accountability Program and Vendor Code of Conduct ensure that suppliers along the entirety of the jewelry supply chain protect human rights. Great emphasis is placed on local manufacturing, paying a living wage, and providing its workers with both craft and management skills, improving not just the jewelry supply chain, but also the communities in which Tiffany is present. Who knew the making of your bride-to-be’s ring could affect so much more than just her (and your) happiness.

Minimizing the impact on the natural world in turn maximizes the impact the ring you purchase will have on your bride-to-be. From a rough diamond being mined, to the ring on her finger, you can both rest assured that her ring was responsibly crafted and held to the highest of standards: Tiffany standards.

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