Wedding Day Gifting From the Experts at Tiffany & Co.

What is it about giving the bride a wedding day gift?

Your bride has surely been working hard to make your wedding day perfect.  It is the biggest moment in her life (to date), and she can’t wait to share her life with you.  So, it’s the perfect occasion to remind her how happy you are that she said “yes!”  This is a gift that will always remind her of your wedding day and the love you share.

And what gifts are typically given?

Jewelry is often the go-to wedding day gift for a bride because jewelry is as timeless as the love you share.  It can be as simplistic as a pair of Tiffany Victoria® diamond stud earrings or as classic as a  Diamond Line Bracelet to complement the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band. In selecting the perfect wedding day gift, it’s most important to look for timeless designs of the highest quality; standards that have made Tiffany the world’s premier jeweler.  Anticipating their desire for uniquely beautiful jewelry on their wedding day, Tiffany fashions exquisite diamonds and pearls in stylish and contemporary designs that, like eternal love, will last a lifetime.


How crazy am I expected to go with this thing? I want to make her feel like Beyoncé for a day, but I don’t have Jay-Z’s bank account.

What’s more important than any price tag, is selecting a piece of jewelry that’s personal to your bride.  If she is looking for some extra sparkle on the big day, a Tiffany Diamond Pendant would be the perfect gift.  Whether it’s the classic yet understated Elsa Peretti® Diamonds by the Yard® necklace or Tiffany Victoria® Mixed Cluster Pendant, Tiffany has a variety of pieces at every price point that are sure to suite your bride-to-be’s style!

If I am buying jewelry, is it necessary to stay in the same style as the engagement and wedding rings, so they can be worn together?

It is not necessary for the wedding day gift to be the same style as your bride’s rings.  The best advice is to keep this gift classic and personal.  You truly can’t go wrong with diamonds or pearls.  If you want to do something extra special, find a piece of jewelry that can be engraved with your wedding date or a special message. Tiffany offers a variety of customization services on an array of its products to accomplish this added touch.

What is the proper groomsman gift? Should it be practical, sentimental or funny?

Much like the wedding day gift for the bride, the best groomsmen’s gifts are also personal.  Tiffany & Co. cuff links and money clips are always a favorite gift for the groomsmen.  They come in a variety of different metals and designs, many of which can be engraved for that extra layer of personalization.  For something simplistic yet practical, consider the art-deco inspired Engine-Turned Bottle Opener.  With such thought being put into it, these gifts are sure to be a hit.  Leave the funny stuff for another occasion.

My groomsmen are very different. Do I buy individual gifts for each guy? Or the same thing for all of them?

When it comes to your friend’s birthday, it’s nice to buy something that reflects his individual taste and interests. When it comes to a groomsmen gift, your friends appreciate a nice gesture with a little thought, but are not expecting unique gifts. After all, it’s you big day, not theirs.

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