Should Your Propose In Front Of Her Family?

OK. So you’ve gotten to the point in your relationship where you know you’re going to pop the question. Now it’s just a matter of when and where.

One option is to do it in front of her family. This seems like it would be awesome, especially if you think life is like a 1970s family sitcom. You may think that if you propose to your girlfriend in front of her fam, it will be like an episode of The Brady Bunch, all warm and groovy.

Everyone there loves you (or, at the very least, tolerates you) and will wish you well. Also, it’s extremely flattering to be included in this moment, so your audience will be well disposed towards whatever form your proposal takes.

On the other hand, it could be horribly awkward. You never really know if there are hidden family dynamics you’re stepping on–like a jealous sister, or a brother who gets a kick out of spoiling nice moments by belching loudly. Since this approach has some steep benefits and risks, you should take our quiz before you do anything else.

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