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Should You Take Her Ring Shopping With You?

There are three experiences in life that will cause you to be truly and deeply afraid. One is jumping out of a plane. One is going engagement ring shopping with your girlfriend. One is going engagement ring shopping without your girlfriend. Jumping out of a plane can–with a little effort–be avoided, but the choice between the other two cannot.

Do you give up the thrill of a surprise proposal in order to get a ring you know she’ll love? Or do you shop solo, and possible end up with an epic engagement ring fail?

Remember that U2 song “With or Without You?” Little known secret of rock history: the original lyric was, “I can’t go ring shopping, with or without you.” But nothing rhymes with ring shopping (other than “wing dropping” and “thing popping”) so they changed it. But the lesson is the same. Take it from Bono. Even through those wraparound yellow sunglasses, he sees clearly. There are pros and cons either way, so take this handy quiz to help determine whether she’s going to be part of the shopping party, or you’re going to be starring in your own one man show.

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