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Celebrity Engagement Rings: What Stephen Curry Gave Ayesha Alexander

Warriors MVP Steph Curry seems like the kind of down-to-earth, relatable guy that could hang with anyone — even though he’s one of the most famous basketball players in the game. Curry’s relationship with his wife, chef and actress Ayesha Alexander, is just further proof that this is a man who appreciates regular civilian life. Curry and Alexander first met as kids, in the church youth group in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. There may have been some schoolyard crushing but the two didn’t really connect until years later, as adults living in Los Angeles.

Instead of going to a club or Michelin-starred hotspot, the couple had their first date on tourist-ridden Hollywood Boulevard. Ever the gentleman, Curry didn’t get his first kiss that night — it was months later, in the driveway of his parent’s home in Charlotte. And it was that same location where, a couple years later, Curry popped the question. Naturally, the ceremony was held at the church where they’d first met.

The ring Curry chose exemplifies the couple’s childhood sweetheart wholesomeness: a round-brilliant solitaire, the most traditional choice for engagement rings, simply set on a diamond pavé band. Clean, classic and unpretentious, it’s a picture-perfect choice for the Curry and Alexander romance. Below, a few of our picks for equally timeless round-brilliant engagement rings.



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