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The Rock: Real Ring Stories | Jeremy and Betheny: A Modern Fairy Tale

The Couple
California love

Jeremy, an advertising sales exec, and Betheny, a voice over artist, met in the traditional way of young LA-based professionals–running up the side of a mountain during a session for Sonki Fitness, the Santa Monica-based “beach boot camp.” If this sounds like the beginning of a modern day fairy tale–“Jack and Jill jogged up the hill/to stretch and have a workout”– it did indeed provide a fairy tale ending for the two people in question. Both seemed to have liked what they saw once they reached the top (and we’re not talking about the view, ladies and gentlemen). Soon Jeremy was asking Betheny out on a date and she was saying yes. Six years of relationship bliss followed, until Jeremy popped the question.

The Ring
What’s your story?

Like any man about to ask a woman for her hand in marriage, Jeremy knew the engagement ring had to make the right impression. Fortunately, he also knew just the right person to go to for help– artist Sofia Kaman, who had already designed a necklace for the couple, a beautiful setting for a diamond left to Betheny by her grandmother. Jeremy knew that Sofia could help him create a design that epitomized what he loved about Betheny, a quality they both describe as “feminine with an edge.”

“I sourced the diamond myself,” says Jeremy, “then went in with a rough sketch of what I wanted the setting to look like. Then Sofia added her magic touch.” The ring mixes vintage and contemporary elements: its central diamond is surrounded by a halo star, while white gold accents and smaller diamonds on the band itself make for a ring of unusual brilliance.

The Ring: Decoded

The Proposal
Popping the question

Jeremy picked the couple’s sixth anniversary as the perfect moment to initiate the next stage of their lives together. He scheduled an itinerary for that day that touched on every major milestone of his time with Betheny: the mountain where he first saw her, the spot overlooking Santa Monica beach where he first asked her out on a date, and the restaurant where that date took place. The high point of the evening was an evening row on the Venice canals (the ones in California, not Italy), in a boat called “Sealed With A Kiss.” As they watched the sunset from one of the arched bridges that span the canals, Jeremy made his proposal. The evening finished off with a surprise reception for family and friends at their house in order to celebrate their engagement–an indication of how confident Jeremy was that Betheny would say yes.

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