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Do Wedding Bands Need To Match?

Remember how much time, thought, money, and effort you put into buying an engagement ring? You should, because it wasn’t that long ago: you (and your wallet) might still have some PTSD. But it’s time to face reality: you’ve got another ring to buy—two in fact: the wedding bands.  Breathe…breathe…stay with us. It’s going to be OK, because this round of ring buying is easier. The rings are considerably less expensive and buying them will be a team effort. Plus, you get to buy one for yourself as well.

Now there are two important things to consider. First, if you’re like most men, your wedding band will probably be the only piece of jewelry you wear day in and day out (remember pinky rings and Cuban chains are for special occasions only). Make sure your wedding band fits who you are. Second, what does your fiancée want and how does it match up with your own style?

Traditionally, couples have chosen to match their bands as a set to symbolize that they now have become “one” and that they have similar tastes. As warm and fuzzy as that may sound, these days wedding bands are trending in different directions. But no matter what route you take, we’ve got you (and your ring fingers) covered.  

The Traditional Route

Going the traditional route makes choosing your bands a lot easier. If you do decide to get ones that match, make sure you both agree on the style. The simpler the better, unless you’re comfortable with sporting a few diamonds or fancy scrolls. In most cases were going to suggest sticking to the basics. Go for something solid—either in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum—that your fiancé can also wear with her engagement ring. Another nice touch to enhance a simpler band is engraving something sentimental on the inside of your rings, your wedding date being a good choice. Don’t get too creative though, remember that its a ring: how much could you possibly fit?  

The Heirloom Route

Whether it’s your father’s, grandfather’s, or your favorite uncle’s wedding band, incorporating a cherished family heirloom into the big day is a huge sentimental score. Your bride may even be game to customizing her band to have a similar design to your family’s treasure. But feel her out before you make any moves. If you’re going to use a family member’s band as your own, make it known that this is something special to you and there is no pressure for the rings to match. A family heirloom can come with some unique qualities and not every bride-to-be will be into styling her’s up to match. You may be down with some of the ornate characteristics, but your bride has probably had her ideal band nailed to her Pinterest board since the proposal.

The Ecological Route

Eco-friendly weddings can go beyond the decor and invitations, so why not sport something sustainable on your hand? There are endless options to eco-friendly wedding bands and the price tags are more reasonable than a lot of traditional choices. Whether you choose a recycled metal or polished wood, jewelry artisans are doing some impressive things to keep costs low and the environment protected. Then there’s always the tattoo route. Hey, it’s your journey:  if getting inked is a thing you and your new old lady are into, then by all means. Go for some skin art of a traditional band, your wedding date, or something symbolic for the both of you. After all, what says “forever” better than a tattoo?

The Matchy-Matchy Route  

Matching the wedding band to the engagement ring has become very popular. It makes sense. If you know your bride, then you know she most likely has had the ideal wedding ring and band set seared into her mind since junior high. Often, a bride will want the two pieces of jewelry to compliment one another or perfectly fit into each other. But where does that leave you? Typically in these scenarios you will have free range, but lots of guys today are leaning towards titanium, tungsten, and even silicone bands. All of them are durable and won’t break the bank. These types of bands are functional, stylish, light, and super durable making them ideal for guys that aren’t used to wearing hand decor on the reg.

Bottom Line

You actually have a lot of say in your wedding band—after all you’re going to be wearing it every single day—but, like so many aspects of your wedding, this is a team effort.

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