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The 5 Best Tuxedos For Your Black-Tie Wedding

The Plunge’s official position on tuxedos is as follows: if you can afford it, you should buy rather than rent. Your bride-to-be is probably dropping some serious cash on a dress she’ll never wear again, so why shouldn’t you drop some on something you will wear again?

We’re not suggesting you go out and buy a straight-from-the-runway bespoke number. What we are suggesting is that you consider buying a high quality tux that you can wear to formal occasions for years to come.

These five styles of tuxedos are both classic and modern, and with the help of a tailor, promise to be around a long time.  

The Notch Lapel Tuxedo

Calvin Klein Black Solid Modern Fit Tuxedo

Jacket $425, Pants, $175

Ah, the good ole’ notch lapel. Who doesn’t love a classic? If you are going to go with a modern interpretation of a black tuxedo, who better to turn to than Calvin Klein, one of the forefathers of the “slim black suit.” This clean and classic option is the perfect tuxedo, and will serve you well until you get too fat to fit in it.

The Shawl Collar Tuxedo

Capstone Italian Wool Tuxedo, $900

The shawl collar may have originated in the Victorian-era as a smoking jacket, but you’ll be the one smokin’ when you wear it on your tux. The shawl collar is a bold, but elegant choice for a tuxedo. This one in all black from Bonobos is understated enough to fit in with any black-tie affair, yet strong enough to stand at the front of the aisle on your wedding day.

The Double Breasted Tuxedo

Crew Ludlow Double-Breasted Tuxedo

Jacket: $525, Pants: $265

Channel Gatsby-era elegance with this throwback to a time when black-tie was more of a rule and less of an exception. The look may be vintage-inspired, but the fit is most certainly for the man of today. The key to pulling off a double-breasted tuxedo, like this one from J. Crew, is to keep the shoulders soft and the jacket short. Keep the pants trim with little to no break (if you dare) and you’ll look debonair on your big day.

The Peak Lapel Tuxedo

Suitsupply Lazio Plain Black Tuxedo, $569

It doesn’t get more iconic than this. Most suit-and-tie guys rarely you get the chance to rock this classic style lapel, which is normally reserved for formal occasions. This particular one from Suitsupply has a softly-padded shoulder and a trim mid-waist (where the button hits) to create a masculine shape without being tight. In addition, the wide stance of the peak lapel accentuates your broad shoulders (or at least helps create the illusion that you have broad shoulders, should that be where you might be lacking).


The New Navy

Midnight Blue Custom Tuxedo, $599

The navy tuxedo was once sartorial sacrilege. Now, the midnight blue tuxedo has become a mainstay, probably because Daniel Craig wore one in Skyfall. Whether or not you agree, it is now one of the most popular tux colors, and this one from Black Lapel helps you deliver your best James Bond on the big day. Whereas 007’s midnight blue tux was probably a bit more than the $599 price tag of this guy, he also drank martinis all day and drove an Aston Martin, so, try not to be too hard on yourself.


Bottom Line

Your wedding is the perfect time to spend your hard-earned cash on a tuxedo. With some research and good advice, you’ll find one you can wear on repeat.

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