The Best Getaway Deals Available This Week

The summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the door is closing on your chance for some well-deserved time-off. In fact, the door may be open wider than you think (ie. there’s no need to resort to a weekend road trip and call it “vacation” quite yet). In the midst of your wedding planning, taking a break from the organized chaos of it all to live in the moment with your fiance is crucial. With these great deals, you’re headed for the airport, out of the country and then to a hotel for some much needed alone time. You’ll be happier, she’ll be happier, and your wallet will be happier. Bon Voyage.

By Greer Pollock



San Juan for $633 Per Person, Via Orbitz

San Juan - Resort with a pool

Set off for the capital of Puerto Rico and enjoy not only the beautiful beaches but the culturally-rich city life. By day your fiance and you can lay by the water and by night you can grab a romantic dinner in the heart of San Juan’s nightlife.

Las Vegas for $475 Per Person, Via Orbitz

Las Vegas - the strip

Viva Las Break-from-Wedding-Planning, or something like that. Take off for the glitz and glam of the Vegas lifestyle and you won’t regret it.

Paris for $783 Per Person, Via Expedia

Paris - Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, Jardin des Tuileries, and cruises along the Seine will surely amp up the romance if you’re having any wedding planning blues. Don’t wait until your honeymoon to visit the City of Love. Instead, go now, and return home a refreshed man full of love and chocolate croissants. You know, the better version of yourself.

Cancun for $496 Per Person, Via Expedia

Cancun - birds eye view of resort and beach

We’re giving you the excuse you need to take a much needed (and early) spring break. Cancun is famous for allowing its visitors to let loose, so there’s no better place to blow off some steam and enjoy some much needed R&R with your fiance.

Orlando for $287 Per Person, Via Travelocity

Orlando - Flamingo Resort with view of colorful waterslides

Pack your bags and head to Orlando’s notorious “Flamingo Waterpark Resort” and enjoy some good fashioned water-slide fun with your fiance. It’s a small price to pay to unleash your inner child with the person you love.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re beach-goers or cultural site-seers, this week’s getaway deals will be sure to get you away from the wedding planning and focused on the much needed one-on-one time.

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