Maldives Honeymoon Getaway Guide Maldives Honeymoon Getaway Guide

Maldives Honeymoon Getaway Guide

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You’ll meet a lot of couples in The Maldives.

About 80% of the Maldives’ tourism comes from couples. The Maldives are consistently reported as the top sought-after/bucket-list destination for honeymooners, who are drawn to its remote, exotic location.

Getting to the Maldives can take a full 24 hours.

Plan for at least 20 hours to get here from the US (with the time difference, you will lose two days flying, just as you would flying to Asia or Australia).

Some resorts are harder to get to than others.

There are more than 150 island resorts, and they are staggered throughout the Indian Ocean, so some may require more effort to reach.

For instance, to reach Park Hyatt Maldives from Male International Airport, you would have to take up to three flights (with layovers) and a boat ride, all of which can eat up a day. On the other end of the spectrum, One & Only Maldives is a mere twenty-minute speedboat ride away from the airport.

But there is no “bad” location.

The scenery of resorts close to Male is no different than those further away; they all have the same setting. The resorts further away can possibly double the cost of your transportation (you could spend upwards to $1000 just one way on seaplanes). For deep-pocketed visitors, this isn’t a problem, but more budget minded should keep it in mind.

The main island, Male, is under Sharia Law.

The law does not apply to island resorts, which are run by expats (mostly from Europe, UK, US and Asia). You probably won’t spend much time in Male, it’s just where your flight happens to land. From here, tourists are generally whisked away to the islands. Most resorts have designated airport “lounges” where you can have cocktails and get massages (no extra charge).

You are six degrees away from the equator.

This means it will be hot, hot, hot (but the kind of vacation hot you want.) Pack accordingly.

Reconsider that overwater villa.

While the overwater villas are definitely romantic and exotic, the beach villas are more popular. This is because they are actually on the beach, with less than twenty steps to the water. There is no strict zoning laws here, so it’s one of few places in the world you can wake up, walk across a stretch of sand and be in the sea in a matter of seconds (no elevators, no streets, no resort grounds to cross).

You will never get bored.

From watersports to beach activities to educational centers to amazing dining and spas, you will never get bored in the Maldives. The resorts know how to keep people busy, though it’s perfectly fine to do absolutely nothing at all.

You are on a secluded island the entire time.

This is not Tahiti or Oahu, where there’s a main shopping center or nightlife scene. Every island resort is essentially just that: a resort on an island, and nothing more. Don’t expect a CVS or TGI Friday’s to stroll into at 10 pm.

You can visit other islands by ferry.

Couples need to check schedules with the resort.

Summertime is monsoon season,

yet the rains are short and usually happen in the morning. Due to its proximity to the equator, the temperature is consistently in the high ‘80s F.

Resorts generally offer all-inclusive plans.

It’s recommended you take a look at options. Many couples opt out, so they can experience dining at other properties.

You’re surrounded by rich folk.

It’s true. The Maldives is one of the most expensive places in the world, so you’ll be vacationing with CEOs, oil tycoons, and the like.

  • Honeymoon Packages

    Milaidhoo, Maldives
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    The Maldives is a legendary honeymoon destination, so virtually all resorts will offer honeymoon packages. This can include: airport transfer, bottle of champagne upon check-in, romantic, private dinner on the beach and spa treatments. See Milaidhoo Resort’s honeymoon package as an example.

    Most honeymoons here take place at one island resort (though couples sometimes split their time between two.) Because most resorts can arrange seaplanes and other transfers, it’s best to arrange your honeymoon package directly with the resort, rather than a third-party operator.

    Cost of a Maldives honeymoon

    A honeymoon in the Maldives is not cheap. It’s one of the most exclusive (and far-flung) destinations in the world. One-night accommodation at a five-star resort can typically range from $1,000-$3,000 per couple, though there are cheaper options at both modern and classic resorts. Couples should also consider the cost of airfare (average $2,000 round-trip in economy), food (about $100-150 per person per day, excluding alcohol) and any additional activities (spa, yacht cruise, private dinner on a deserted island, etc).


  • Resorts by Island

    One & Only Reethi Rah, Malé, Maldives
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    All resorts are on their own “private” islands on 26 atolls that surround the main island of Male in the Indian Ocean. Some of them are bite-size and intimate, like Jumeirah Vittaveli , where you can see both sides of the island by standing in the middle. Some may be large, like One & Only Reethi Rah, which has a three-mile coastline and eight beaches, many tucked away in a private oasis.

    Many resorts are known for exceptional, mind-blowing villas, and these are among the best in the destination.

  • Best attractions and Activities in Maldives

    Maldive Islands, Maldives
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    It’s common for honeymooners to arrive at their beach or overwater villa and practice the art of doing nothing at all. They relax at white-sand beaches with crystal-clear, bath-warm water, at their private en-suite pool, or in the resort spa.

    But there are dozens of exciting activities to lure couples away from the comfort of their villa. The Maldives offers a wealth of island and water activities, from snorkeling and kayaking to SeaBobs and X JetBlades. And, of course, surfing and diving, which your resort can set up for you. Most couples will take out a catamaran or yacht to set sail during the sunset or for a day trip to small private islands.

    The Maldives is also known for it’s one-of-a-kind attractions. From underwater spas and underwater restaurants, the destination knows how to seduce. Read our list of all the exceptional activities for honeymooners here.

  • Top Restaurants in the Maldives

    The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort, Vommuli, Maldives
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    In addition to pampering villas and breathtaking scenery, Maldives is known for memorable, high-end dining, with authentic Indian and Asian cuisine. Several notable chefs from the UK, Europe and the US (many who have Michelin or five-star resort backgrounds) deliver international flavors and comfort food with island twists.

    Some resort restaurants are destinations unto themselves, whether touting excellent fine dining or wowing honeymooners with avant-garde design. See our list of the best restaurants to make reservations. 


    Less than a million visitors travel to the Maldives every year. Among them, an average ten percent are Americans. If you visit, you will be part of the 1 percent (figuratively and statistically) of vacationers in this exclusive destination. Honeymooners feel worlds away here. They’re wined and dined, surrounded by natural beauty and treated like royalty—and they have the Instagram to prove it.

    With trademark sugary white beaches, crystal-clear water, five-star resorts with beach or overwater villas and the perfect year-round temperature, the Maldives is a perennial favorite for honeymooners. It’s exotic, romantic, remote and drenched with privilege, and it’s the epitome of “dream honeymoon.” If you can afford to spend lot, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in the Maldives.