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Everything You Need To Know: Food And Drink For The Proposal

You’ve spent weeks, if not months researching how to buy an engagement ring. And you’ve probably spent just as much time trying to figure out where and how to pop the question. All of this effort leads up to one magical moment…and then it’s over. That’s it? So what happens after she says yes? Well, there’s probably going to be some crying, some kissing, and some hugging. And then some parents calling, more crying and kissing, Instagramming, and then calming of the nervous. But this is one of life’s big moments, one that’s meant to be celebrated. And what do all celebrations need? Well, food and drinks, of course. Yes, there’s yet another planning proposal to your big ask and we’ve got the roadmap to take all of this knee bending up a notch. Now let’s go do this!

Know Your Audience

So, if you’ve settled on the classic restaurant proposal, well, you’ve pretty much got the whole food and drink thing covered. We might suggest trying to flip the script on this tried and true method of popping the question, but if it works for you, then go for it. Most likely, you’ll propose after the meal. Maybe a full stomach will keep all those nervous butterflies from floating around (or maybe you feel like you’re going to puke). Either way, once you get the yes, you can celebrate with dessert and some champagne. It always helps to let the waitstaff, the manager, or the maitre d’ know what you’re up to so they can aid in your engagement agenda. One suggestion (and it’s just a suggestion), don’t hide the ring in any of the food and drink. Once that ring is out of your possession who knows what could happen to it. Plus, it’s kind of gross to have to dig a diamond ring out of the branzino and then put it on someone’s finger. Just think about that.

Now, if a restaurant proposal isn’t the thing for you, a restaurant, would of course, make a great option for where to go after the big ask. Obviously, you’ll want to go to a place that is a little nicer than Chili’s or to a place that has some deep, sentimental connection (because nothing says ‘I love you’ like queso dip). You’ll want to make a reservation ahead of time, because waiting for a table is a celebration killer. Go crazy on that menu, order whatever you want. Just make sure you’re in proper shape to get home under the legal limit. Seriously, a DUI would be an astonishingly awful capper to this amazing day. And no, it won’t make for a good story, ever.

The Best Thing To Happen On A Grassy Knoll

Another popular proposal option is the picnic in the park (or beach, or forest, or hell, even in a nice parking lot). Whether it’s a surprise, spur-of-the-moment picnic or a pre-planned one, food and drink a pretty much a prerequisite. Picnic fare will have to be simple, after all you’ve only got limited space to carry so much grub. It would be great to bring some bubbly but you’re going to have to convincingly hide it because that’s going to be an instant giveaway to your plan. Speaking of plans, you’re really going to want to scout out this location beforehand. Are there going to be a lot of people around? Will there be much privacy? Will there be any shade (from the sun, not from annoying onlookers)? Most importantly, check that weather report. Rain is only romantic in movies.  

Booze Traveler

A destination proposal (aka the vacation proposal) is another common way to pop the question. The only difference here is that you probably don’t know your way around the area as well as you do back home. So if you’re planning a restaurant or picnic-type proposal in a foreign land (even if that land is only two-hours away) you’re going to have to employ some extra planning. Getting that picnic basket assembled could pose some difficulties. As for restaurants, get that reservation way in advance and check in with your plan. You’ve traveled this far to make this amazing moment, so make sure everything else is on lock.

Family Ties

OK, so we’ve run you through some of the basic proposals that involve the following factors: you, your significant other, food, and drink. Maybe you’re a private couple or perhaps you just want this moment for yourselves. That’s perfectly normal. Some proposals, however, are public displays and an often take place in front of family and close friends. Three people is a party and a party means celebrating with food and drink, lest all your guests get very hangry.  

This Isn’t A Holiday Special

Any family gathering can present an opportunity to pop the question but we recommend that you don’t upstage someone else’s celebration (C’mon, nanna only turns 90 once!). It’s also a good rule of thumb to stay away from big holidays. Who wants to share their engagement with the Easter Bunny? The upside to the family gathering is that the food and drink will be covered and everyone gets to share in the celebration. We highly recommend spilling the beans to some trusted (re: knows how to keep their mouths shut) family members so they help facilitate the big moment.

Booze is the News

If you’re going for a slightly smaller audience of friends and family, there’s always the option of a backyard BBQ (if you happen to have a backyard/rooftop and a grill). Just a casual little get-together that, again, is based around people wanted to be fed and lubricated with booze. Also, this event should be ambiguous enough to not raise suspicions about any ulterior motives. Just be sure to hide any champagne in a secret cooler (upside: you get to go out and buy a secret cooler).

OK, here’s where we come full circle. If you’re planning a proposal with friends and family, a restaurant might actually be the easiest way to celebrate. It’s the least amount of work and stress, and allows you to focus on the person you just asked to spend your whole life with.

Again, make some reservations well in advance. Honestly, if you don’t know how to make reservations, maybe wait a bit on this whole proposal thing.

Bottom Line

Think past getting “the yes” and make sure you plan a proper celebration with plenty of food and drink, be it just for you and your new fiance or the whole damn family.

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