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Bachelor Party Games and Gaming

There are many stereotypical (but perfectly acceptable) bachelor party activities out there, like playing 18 holes at your favorite course or leaving paintball-shaped welts over the bodies of your best friends. Then there’s the more adventurous outings like skydiving or fight clubbing.  

But what if you just want to play the game? What game is that? Well, any game! There’s a ton of options that don’t require special outfits, spending a bunch of money, or even going outside. With any group of guys, there’s bound to be competition, so whether you’re betting on cards, settling into Catan, or destroying your friends at Call of Duty, here are some recommendations for out-of-the-box bachelor party games.

Escaping Games

There are multiple Escape Room options nationwide for this kind of live-action survival adventure, where you’ll have to try to put your heads together to solve a bunch of puzzles and riddles within a certain amount of time. It’s not competitive within your group, unless you want to make the most useless member of the team pay for the whole shabang. If you’re into a longer, more immersive experience, you can set up a or attend a murder mystery dinner, or see if your locale has one of these terrifying serial killer games. These are obviously not recommended for grooms-to-be who are already panicking.

Gambling Games

If you’re not heading to Vegas or AC, fret not—you can always play some classic casino games wherever you are. There are multiple, easily portable options for in-house gambling out there, such as this $35 pack of tiny versions of roulette, blackjack, craps, and poker tables. You’ll have to figure out who’s the most honest dealer, how to dole up the bank, and who’s sober enough to work the odds, but that only adds to the joy. It’s also a good starter kit for any underground gambling ring.

Drinking Games

Yes, we already mentioned blackjack and poker, but with a deck of cards, some cups, some pocket change, maybe a few ping-pong balls, you can spend a night playing Kings, Asshole, Acey Deucey, 7-11 Doubles, Chandeliers, Caps, or just make up your own game with a name that makes little to no sense. At worst, a solid round of rocks, paper, scissor can provide hours of fun at a low, low cost.

Settling Games

If you have a small group with the appropriate attention span and a general aversion to sunlight and polite society, Settlers of Catan (as seen on Parks and Recreation) might be the game of choice for you. It’s a great way to pass an afternoon or evening while forming alliances, screwing over your friends, or just trying to win without any deception (but there’s no fun in that). If you don’t have the attention span, a speed-round tournament of Connect Four will always work, too.

Raging Games

Tempers might flare what with all the competition and booze being mixed together. Go take your rage out by smashing a bunch of stuff with a sledgehammer or baseball bat…in a completely controlled environment. Anger Rooms—a combination fitness/stress-relief/fun activity—can be found around the nation. You’ll be given some safety gear and a choice of weapons, and then you can go to town, destroying set-up living rooms, offices, and so on. This isn’t so much a game, come to think of it, but we’re sure you can make it into one.  

Video Gaming Games

So what’s it going to be? Madden? Call of Duty? Mario Kart? Overwatch? For the hardcore gamers out there, this could be the ideal bachelor party. You can have a one-on-one bracketed tourney at your game of choice or, given the right equipment, have a multiplayer match that can even include your friends who couldn’t make it to the party via the online mode. As with anything related to bachelor outings, there should be severe consequences for losing. Immunity should be granted to anyone with a working N64 and four controllers for GoldenEye.

Scavenging Games

Is there a friend in your bachelor party group who’s super organized, pays attention to every detail, and loves planning things? OK, you’re going to put that guy in charge of creating a scavenger hunt. The key to any good scavenger hunt is that all the items on the list have some sort of significance (if only for a good laugh) and that they all ramp up to something big at the end. Don’t have that guy? Don’t worry, try Watson Adventures, they’re located all over the country and will cater to all of your scavenging needs.

Bottom Line

Have fun, don’t take winning or losing too seriously or even seriously for that matter. Be a good sport and a contributor even if this particular game isn’t your jam (Trust us,  Mahjong can be a lot of fun). And remember, it’s just a game.

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