Groom Your Groomsmen With These Shaving and Hair Care Gifts

There’s only one reaction you want your guests to have when they see your groomsmen: “Wow, those guys clean up nice.” Give them the gift of taking care of themselves for once, with these personal grooming gifts that will help them realize their clean-cut Adonis potential.

Maison Lambert Beard Grooming Kit

This list is full of shaving gear, but the babyface look isn’t for everyone. If your groomsmen’s facial hair style skews lumberjack, this beard grooming kit might be more their speed.

Merkur Safety Razor Shaving Set

By their very nature, shaving sets were meant to be classy. By that standard, this Merkur kit is living up to its true nature. Time to let your groomsmen live up to theirs.

Suavecito Men's Hair Kit

If your groomsmen take haircare seriously (or if you think they should start taking it seriously) the Suavecito kit has everything they’ll need to keep their mane in order.

J Crew Abingdon Dopp Kit

To stay looking good while they travel, your groomsmen will need a toiletry bag. And there’s no point in having a toiletry bag unless it looks amazing too. Hence the Abingdon Dopp. This cotton-lined, leather bag is “just the thing.”

The Clean Shave Crate

The days of the classic old barber shop–the place where a man could go to get a hot towel and a straight razor shave–are largely gone, but you can give your groomsmen a taste of what it was like with this full on shave kit from Man Crate.

Smooth Face Mini Crate

If your groomsmen’s stubble problems are already a local scandal, this mini crate of shaving products might be in order. It includes everything they’ll need to keep themselves looking presentable.

Men's Grooming Basin Kit

A basin kit pretty much covers everything (aside from shaving) that your groomsmen need to do at the sink: hair, teeth, etc. This kit from Uppercut will help them finish off their daily prep in deluxe, power player style.

Sandalwood Shave Kit w/ Pure Badger Brush

This kit has everything that your groomsmen will need to keep their faces looking fresh, and down the road, their spouses might thank you more than they do.