Groomsmen Gifts: Best Socks

Socks may seem downmarket in the groomsmen gift arena, but they can be just as fancy, expertly crafted and expensive as cufflinks or ties. We’ve rounded up socks that run the gamut from cheerful to austere — in polka dot, plaid, and solids. These can be part of a larger grab bag of groomsmen gifts (one pair is customizable) or the sole (ahem) focus. And you can be sure that none of your groomsmen already have the pair of $95 Dolce & Gabbana socks.

Personalized Wedding Socks

Any customized groomsmen gift shows that you went the extra mile. In this case: a utilitarian pair of black dress socks featuring their name and their role in the wedding, (say “Paul, Groomsman” or “Ringo, Best Man”). They’re silly of course, but what fun is a wedding if it can’t be a little bit silly. Plus, we’re guessing at least two of your groomsmen will forget to pack black dress socks.

Champ Calf Socks

Championship style for your feet, in homage to the best champion that ever was or will be. These Bombas feature the comfort and technology the NYC-based brand is known for, while honoring the legacy of Muhammad Ali. And like the Greatest himself, these socks help to better the world at large—with each pair of Bombas purchased, a pair is donated to those in need.

Melange Dot Socks

These Italian-made socks tread the line between casual and dressy with a fun polka-dot motif that wouldn’t look out of place at a seaside cafe on the coast of the RIviera. Needless to say, they’ll handsome up your wedding party with the same continental ease.

Short Crest Socks

Give a touch of easy class with these abbreviated dress socks from Swiss luxury house Bally. The socks are woven from a fine jersey material and feature a modern spin on the iconic Bally crest. If the look you want your wedding party to have is “semi-formal, but stylish,” these will hit the nail on the head.

Patterned Socks

Good socks are like good friends: a man can really never have too many. A three-pack of these patterned crew socks from Calvin Klein (an always dependable brand when it comes to staples) will always be welcomed as a gift. These will have your groomsmen covered from the rehearsal dinner through Sunday brunch.

Nautical Gift Box

Joy comes in many forms, but this Swedish brand is the first company we know of dedicated to spreading it in the form of socks. If your wedding is being held somewhere with “Cape,” “Harbor” or “Tucket” in the name, might we suggest you stock up your groomsmen with this nautical-themed gift box.

Plaid Socks

If your wedding party is wearing black tie (or just keeping within a black-and-white color scheme), these knee-length numbers from D&G will help jazz everyone up a bit. And unlike some bridesmaids’ dresses these will definitely be worn many times after the fact.