Bridal Gift Guide: Gifts for Getting Lost with Your Bride

After all the planning and rehearsing and rituals of the wedding, your honeymoon is a chance to just get lost with your favorite person in the world. Get her a bridal gift that will make this trip and future ones all the more awesome.

City Guide

With all that branded luggage, Louis Vuitton probably knows a thing or two about travel. In its city guides, the luxury label gives exclusive insights into over twenty different destinations. Find curated itineraries, hotels, nightclubs, shopping and restaurants tip for your next vacation.

Silhouette Arthur Arbesser Sunglasses

Your wife will be hitting the beachside shops with maximum swag when she dons these retro cool shades. She’ll silently thank you when the other shoppers do a doubletake as she walks by.

Gilda Short Slip

Regardless of the temperature at your honeymoon destination, things will heat up when your wife slips on this little black dress.

Carry-on Champagne Cocktail Kit

Don’t want to wait until landing to start with the honeymoon extravagance? These TSA-approved cocktail kits will have you sipping luxurious cocktails as soon as you lift off.

Two Of A Kind Luggage Tags

A little corny, a little romantic, perfect for the honeymoon. Your wife will like the practical usefulness of this gift, even as she appreciates such a quietly romantic gesture right after the wedding.

Catnap Travel Set

The plane flight is probably the least romantic part of your honeymoon, so why not sleep through as much of it as you can? This elegant travel nap set will help her catch some Zs with class.

Sakura Earrings

It’s a happy, festive time in your bride’s life, so why not give her these colorful, festive earrings to let her show the world how she’s feeling. The perfect getaway accessories.

Power Card

Whether you’re making room for that final outfit she needs to bring, or those snacks you need to have for the flight, you won’t have to leave your portable device charger at home. Triple C has you covered with this tiny, effective option.

Kransen Headphones

Ergonomically engineered to stay in place, these earbuds will help your wife enjoy all the in-flight rom-coms she wants–even when the turbulence is so bad you’re curled up in a ball crying like a two-year old.