Bridal Gift Guides: Gifts That Will Help Get Her In The Honeymoon Mood

The honeymoon is a time for you and your bride to fully relax and enjoy each other’s company, in both public and extremely private settings. This group of bridal gifts is for the second one.  Make the trip even more romantic with these titillating tokens of your affection.

Dark Moss Ivy Slip Dress

Help your wife pack light with this 100% silk charmeuse slip. She can wear it as a dress to a sexy, dinner date or as a nightgown (though she might not be wearing it long once it works its magic on you.)

Noia Off-Shoulder Tunic

The wedding day might be over but she’ll always be your bride. Reinforce that sentiment with a white dress she’ll be able to wear more than once. This versatile cotton tunic can be worn as a day dress, beach cover up, or tucked into jean shorts as a blouse.

Champagne Marabou Lamu

If you’re going to give your wife a gift, it might as well be one with some Hollywood glamour. These feather-tufted sandals combine a 1940s movie starlet look with a practical footwear feel. Just as at home at a luxury hotel as on a beach, they’ll serve your wife well during the honeymoon and long after.

Happily Ever After Gift Set

We’re not sure we remember feather ticklers, satin pasties, handcuffs and garters in the fairy tales we read as kids. But, then again, you’re not kids anymore. Time for you and your wife to start designing your own fantasy endings.

Constellation Bralette

What better time than right before the honeymoon to give the gift of lingerie? This sexy combination of lace and straps will have the two of you running back to the hotel room before you strictly have to.

Constellation Bikini

Don’t get this piece of lingerie for your new wife if you are worried about your resting heart rate: the sight of her wearing it might very well kill you. (Although death-by-sexy is not a bad way to go.)

Nirvana Black Body Oil

Whether you’re just giving your fiancée a nice platonic massage, or buttering her up for something a bit more exciting, this body oil will have her feeling relaxed and in the mood.

Luz De La Riva Mask De Luxe

A Game Of Hide And Seek


Use this black lace and silk mask to cover your wife’s eyes for some 50 Shades of Grey-style sexual escapades. (Either that, or you’ll discover she has blind-ninja fighting powers, like Daredevil. Either way, it’s a win.)

Boulevard Earrings

Your wife’s ring finger isn’t the only part of her that deserves nice jewelry. These resin and rhinestone statement earrings will dress up any of her travel looks.

Mr. & Mrs Personalized Beach Towels

Aside from rip tides, shark attacks and sand up your hoo-ha, nothing can harsh your beach mellow quicker than a lost towel. With this personalized set, the two of you will always know where you stand (or sit, or lay down to spread sunblock on each other’s backs).