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What Wedding Band Is Right For You?

If only grooms spent as much time thinking about their wedding bands as they do about their bride’s engagement ring. Though a man will wear this piece of jewelry every day for the rest of their life, choosing the right one can be foreign territory for guys.

There are metal options, size variety, styles and quirks to choose from. Do you want your ring engraved? Are you looking for something flashy? Maybe you’re interested in exploring sustainable options. Grooms deserve to find the wedding band of their dreams, even if they have never actually dreamed of a wedding band. For every type of groom, there is a band.

Why You Want a Platinum Band

If you want a premium band made from one of the most coveted metals in jewelry, you’ll want to look at a platinum band. Platinum is a durable metal that will withstand years of wear. It’s also hypoallergenic; meaning it rarely causes skin reactions. With a price tag that ranges anywhere from $1,000 up to $10,000, a platinum wedding band represents luxury style in a subtle way. You won’t have the obvious sparkle and twinkle of a diamond-encrusted band, so you’ll have quality. So, for a man who works with his hands often, either in the kitchen or in the backyard, a platinum wedding band is the way to go.

Why You Want a Silicone Band

If you’re the type of guy who likes to climb rocks, jump out of planes, or kayak over a waterfall, you might want to look into a silicone wedding band. These bands are comfortable, flexible, and capable of withstand your thrill-seeking lifestyle. Also, if you’re not comfortable wearing jewelry, the more casual aesthetic of a silicone wedding band is ideal: it’s more playful and down to earth, but still represents the proper romantic sentiment. For a blend between traditional and new age, shop at Qalo Rings, a brand that offers a silicone ring infused with precious metals such as gold, silver or pearl, giving the appearance of a metal ring, but maintaining the ease of silicone.

Why You Want a Narrow Band

There are a few reasons why you might opt for a narrow wedding band. “Narrow” bands typically measure between 2mm and 6mm, and are ideal for smaller, slender hands. Narrow bands are less intrusive on movement, so this type of ring is also a great option for anyone that works with his hands, be it typing at a keyboard all day or a musician playing guitar.

The average men’s wedding band ranges between 4 and 6mm, depending on the size of a man’s fingers. If you are considering a much thinner, more delicate ring, you might be unfamiliar with wearing jewelry and want to ease your way into wearing a ring every day.

Why You Want a Wider Band

Some grooms want smaller and narrower, other will be impressed by width. A wider wedding band typically ranges anywhere from 7mm to 10mm: more suitable for broader, big-boned men. Remember: you want to wear jewelry that fits your entire body type, not just your hands and fingers.

Wider is also the go-to style for guys that are already accustomed to wearing jewelry like signet rings or a school ring. If you decide to select a wider wedding band, you can guarantee that all eyes will be on your hands, so it’s perfect if you are seeking attention.

Why You Want an Engraved Band

Engraving is an easy way to make your bands uniquely meaningful to you and your partner. There are a few different ways to engrave your wedding band. Some people put the date of the wedding (a good way to ensure you never forget your anniversary), some their partner’s name or a line of poetry. We’ve even heard of couples engraving rings with a print-out of each other’s heartbeats.

You can choose the metal of your choice from platinum to gold or silver, and continue the elegant trend by engraving the inside of your band. This specific design idea is best suited for the romantic groom-to-be who doesn’t necessarily want a flashy band that screams, “I love you” to the entire world.

Why You Want an Eco-Friendly Band

As more and more people start voicing a preference for sustainability, new companies are developing to serve this part of the wedding band market. Brilliant Earth has made it part of their mission statement to avoid materials that are mined in environmentally destructive ways or through exploitative, inhumane labor practices. Brilliant Earth creates wedding bands from recycled materials such as existing jewelry and precious metals, electronic components and more.

Why You Want a Handcrafted Band

Handcrafted bands are the most unique option, as no two bands are exactly the same. But, it’s important to keep in mind that this wedding band should be timeless rather than trendy. You can go for the jeweler route, where high-end makers will craft something special for you, though it can often mean shelling out a certain amount of money too. Otherwise, outlets like Etsy or other more individual marketplaces work well for the custom-made ring. Opt for a one-of-a-kind wedding band made with the metals of your choice, the finish of your choice and any added touches you desire.

Bottom Line

The differences in ring shapes and sizes and materials aren’t merely for show. Finding the right ring takes work and each difference could make a perfect ring for you.


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